Best Waterproof Spray: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Dry

Top Waterproof Sprays for Your Gear

Whether you’re aiming to protect your outdoor equipment from rain, give your footwear a fighting chance against puddles, or ensure your camping gear stays dry in a downpour, a quality waterproof spray can make all the difference.

In the selection below, you’ll find the most effective and durable waterproof sprays on the market—each with its own strengths to suit various fabrics and uses. Your adventure shouldn’t end when the weather turns; with these products, you can confidently step out and embrace the elements, knowing your gear is safeguarded.

ProductBest ForProsCons
Star Brite Waterproofing SprayGeneral outdoor fabric use– Enhances waterproofing, UV, and stain resistance
– Maintains fabric breathability and appearance
– Easy application with included sprayer
– Slight chemical odor after application
– Coverage may vary
– Avoid skin contact when wet
Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-OnVersatility across gear– Improves garment water repellency
– Easy spray-on application
– Environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula
– May require multiple applications
– Leaves a temporary odor
– Possible white residue if not wiped
KIWI Boot WaterprooferFootwear– Effective water barrier on various materials
– Maintains material’s breathability
– User-friendly application
– May need frequent reapplication
– Not for complete submersion
– Can runs out quickly with heavy use
KIWI Camp Dry Water RepellentCamping gear– Effective silicone-based barrier
– Maintains material breathability
– Broad application range
– Requires time to cure
– May need reapplication
– Strong initial odor
Scotchgard Outdoor Water ShieldGeneral outdoor use– Highly effective at repelling water
– Maintains fabric breathability
– Odorless after drying
– Coverage varies with fabric weight
– Requires ventilation during use due to fumes
– Not suitable for all fabric types

Star Brite Waterproofing Spray-BEST CHOICE

image 23 scaled

If you’re looking to extend the life of your outdoor fabrics, this spray is a reliable choice thanks to its robust protection and user-friendly application.


  • Enhances your fabrics with waterproofing, UV, and stain resistance
  • Maintains fabric breathability and appearance
  • Application is straightforward with the included sprayer


  • Slight initial chemical odor post-application
  • Coverage may vary based on application density
  • Initial contact with the skin should be avoided

Whether it’s prepping your boat for the rough seas or ensuring your backpack survives a torrential downpour, Star Brite Waterproofing Spray stands up to the challenge. With just a few coats, I watched water bead off like mercury, and even after exposure to the elements, the canvas retained its original texture and hue.

Beyond marine gear, I’ve given an old tent new life and restored a leaky rain jacket to its former glory. The process is a cinch – give it a good shake, evenly mist over the material, and let it dry. The UV protection also means that colors stay vibrant, even under the harsh summer sun.

Yet, it’s not without its shortcomings. I noticed an immediate chemical aroma, though it dissipated quickly. It’s best to apply it in a well-ventilated space, so you’re not overwhelmed. It’s also wise to avoid handling the wet coating; you wouldn’t want to transfer any of that potent formula to your skin or eyes.

In conclusion, your search for the ultimate waterproofing solution may very well end with Star Brite’s offering. Your gear will thank you for the protection, and you’ll thank yourself the next time you face Mother Nature’s unpredictability.

Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On MOST VERSATILE

image 20

If you’re looking to revive your gear’s water-resistance, this is a product that delivers impressive results.


  • Elevates garment water repellency effectively
  • Easy spray-on application for convenience
  • Environmentally friendly with a biodegradable formula


  • May require multiple applications for optimal effectiveness
  • Leaves a temporary odor post-application
  • White residue can appear if not wiped after spraying

After putting the Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On to the test, I can confidently say it has brought new life to my old rain jacket. The process was straightforward: just make sure to cover every inch of the garment for a uniform finish. And while the smell was noticeable at first, it dissipated after a couple of days, a small price to pay for the revived waterproofing.

Despite some concerns about environmental harm, it was relieving to use a spray that’s PFAS-free and biodegradable. It’s a good feeling knowing an outdoor product isn’t harming the spaces you love to explore. Remember to shake the bottle well before use and be prepared for potential white marks that can easily be dabbed away with a damp cloth.

Another benefit of this waterproofing spray is its versatility. From jackets to synthetic sleeping bags, its efficacy isn’t limited to one type of gear. Worth noting is that its optimal performance comes with a proper foundation, meaning a clean surface—using a tech wash beforehand can maximize absorption. For your outerwear that’s lost its luster, the Nikwax TX.Direct provides a way to extend its lifespan, saving money and the hassle of searching for a replacement.


image 22 scaled

This product is a reliable choice to keep your boots shielded against water, delivering impressive protection while maintaining breathability.


  • Effectively creates a water barrier on various materials
  • Maintains the material’s breathability
  • User-friendly application process


  • May require frequent reapplications
  • Not suitable for complete submersion in water
  • Can runs out relatively quickly with heavy use

After a thorough test on my hiking boots, I found that the KIWI Boot Waterproofer lives up to its promises. With a quick spray, the silicone-based formula bonded well to both leather and fabric, giving a durable shield against moisture. Walking through dewy grass and puddles, my feet remained dry, and the boots were unscathed by the elements.

What stood out during the application was the ease of use. The spray nozzle distributed the product evenly, creating a fine mist that covered the boots without over-saturating any area. The result was a clear, uniform layer that didn’t alter the appearance of my boots. Plus, the notable absence of any strong odor was a pleasant surprise, as I was able to treat my footwear without the need for a gas mask.

Over time, however, I noticed the necessity of reapplying the spray after a few excursions. It’s important to keep in mind that although the initial layer acts as a staunch guard against water, the effectiveness can wane, particularly if your adventures are intense or frequent. My tip: always make sure to have an extra can on hand, as avid outdoor enthusiasts might find themselves running out quicker than expected, especially when treating multiple pairs of boots.

KIWI Camp Dry Water Repellent – BEST FOR CAMPING

image 21

With KIWI Camp Dry, gear up for confidence in complete water protection on your outdoor adventures.


  • Effective silicone-based barrier
  • Maintains material breathability
  • Broad application range


  • Requires time to cure
  • May require reapplication
  • Strong initial odor

When venturing into the great outdoors, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your gear can stand up to the elements. I recently treated my hiking boots and rain fly with KIWI Camp Dry and was impressed by how well they repelled water during a weekend downpour, without compromising breathability.

Application is a breeze; however, it’s vital to apply the spray in a well-ventilated area due to its strong odor. This dissipates after the item dries, leaving you with effectively waterproofed items. From my experience, a thorough coating keeps all your gear, from boots to boat covers, dry as a bone.

Admittedly, KIWI Camp Dry isn’t a lasting ‘spray once and forget’ solution. For items that endure regular drenching, you’ll need to reapply the spray periodically to preserve its water-repelling properties. Overall, it’s a dependable ally against moisture and the rigors of outdoor life.

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield – BEST GENERAL SPRAY

image 19 scaled

If you’re gearing up for unpredictable spring showers or planning summer outings, Scotchgard’s spray ensures your gear stays dry without a hitch.


  • Exceptionally effective at repelling water
  • Maintains fabric breathability for comfort
  • Completely odorless after drying


  • Coverage area may vary depending on fabric weight
  • Requires adequate ventilation during application due to initial fumes
  • Not suitable for all fabric types, check label before use

Imagine you’re dressed for a brisk spring hike, or you’ve just set up camp amid the whispering pine trees, knowing that your equipment is fortified against the elements. With Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield, this peace of mind is your reality. A go-to for savvy campers, this spray applies easily, clear, and odorless, forming a protective barrier that rain simply can’t penetrate.

Equipment longevity is another tick in the column of advantages. Patio furniture and gear treated with Scotchgard sustain their pristine condition, repelling water and damaging moisture. The versatility of the spray, safe for a variety of fabrics, is an added benefit. It’s as if you’ve applied an invisible shield to your beloved leather hiking boots or that trusty canvas tarp, all in preparation for the next downpour.

Mind the fumes when you’re unleashing this protective power; outdoor application is your best bet. And while one can is said to cover a sizable area, the dense material on your heavy backpack or sailcloth may demand more of the formula for complete coverage. Nevertheless, after use, the raindrops beading and rolling off your jacket testify to Scotchgard’s efficacy—your jacket, unscathed, and your adventures, uninterrupted.

Buying Guide

Understand the Types of Waterproofing Sprays

Different sprays are formulated for various materials and purposes. Familiarize yourself with the types available: silicone-based, fluoropolymer-based, and water-based sprays. Consider the items you wish to waterproof, such as outdoor gear, footwear, or fabrics, and match the spray type accordingly.

Evaluate the Level of Protection

Not all sprays offer the same level of waterproofing. Check the product specifications for resistance levels. If you need protection from light rain or splashes, a standard spray might suffice. For more extreme conditions, look for a high level of water repellency.

Consider Breathability

Especially for clothing and footwear, you want a spray that provides waterproofing without compromising the material’s breathability. This ensures continued comfort and prevents condensation build-up inside your gear.

Check for Versatility

A versatile spray that’s effective on multiple materials and products adds value. If you have an array of items to waterproof, a multi-use product can simplify your shopping and storage.

Assess Durability

Durability is a key factor. Some sprays need frequent reapplication, while others last several weeks or through multiple washes. Review the longevity of the spray’s effects before purchasing.

Type of SprayHigh
Level of ProtectionHigh

Read Instructions and Safety Warnings

Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for application and reapplication intervals. Also, consider any safety warnings, especially if you have sensitive skin or concerns about environmental impact.

By keeping these points in mind, you can choose a quality waterproof spray that meets your needs without compromising material integrity or functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right waterproof spray and applying it correctly ensures your items stay dry and protected. Find specific insights and method recommendations below.

What are the important factors to consider when choosing a waterproof spray for footwear?

When selecting a waterproof spray for your footwear, consider the material compatibility—it should clearly state if it’s suitable for leather, suede, or fabric. Also, check for breathability to maintain comfort and drying time for convenience.

How can I effectively apply waterproof spray to a jacket for long-lasting protection?

For effective application, clean your jacket thoroughly before applying the spray. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from the fabric, applying evenly. Allow ample drying time—ideally 24 hours before wearing the jacket.

Can I use waterproof sprays on materials like Uggs without damaging them?

Yes, waterproof sprays can be used on Uggs, but ensure the spray is labeled safe for sheepskin or suede. Test on a small, inconspicuous area first and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage.

What are the differences between waterproof sprays for indoor fabrics and outdoor fabrics?

Waterproof sprays for indoor fabrics are usually gentler and focus on repelling spills without heavy odor or residue. Outdoor fabric sprays are more robust, providing resistance against weather conditions and often contain UV protectants.

How do spray-on waterproofing products compare to professional waterproofing treatments?

Spray-on waterproofing provides a convenient DIY solution that’s cost-effective and accessible. Professional treatments can offer longer-lasting protection and specialized expertise but come at a higher cost and may require more frequent reapplication.

What are the most durable waterproofer solutions available for clothing?

The most durable waterproofers for clothing often contain silicone or fluoropolymer-based solutions. These create a strong barrier against water while preserving the breathability of the fabric. Look for products specifically designed for outdoor or performance wear.

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