11 Best Sewing Machines for Coverstitch

If you are in the market for a reliable and affordable or even just a basic coverstitch machine, this review will help you to make a choice, as I’ve selected the 11 best sewing machines for coverstitch to review. When getting into stitching, it is essential to select and buy the best cover stitch machine available in the market because after all, you are looking to use the most compatible machine – one that will make your stitching experience a breeze.

The perfect cover stitch machine depends on several factors, including what you want to use your machine for and whether or not your desired machine falls within your budget and interest.

Today, I have gone through the great mix of machines available in the marketplace and have put together a list of the top machines you should consider getting your hands on for the best stitching experience.

We hope to guide you through the decision-making process with comprehensive reviews that reveal the finest cover stitch machines’ top key features and performance.

No.Sewing Machine ModelKey Features
1Juki MF-7923Industrial type cover stitch machine with metal cover for looper thread and thread cutter
2Brother 2340CVIdeal for home-based projects, produces 3mm and 6mm cover stitches, capable of chain stitches
3Janome Cover Pro 1000CPXFast, heavy-duty cover stitch machine, longer sewing arm, dedicated to cover stitching
4Juki MCS-1500Compact finishing machine, perfect for chain stitches and cover stitches, adjustable differential feed
5SINGER Professional 5Combines serger functions and cover stitch features, multi-threaded capability, high speed of 1300 stitches per minute
6Singer 14CG754Advanced serger machine with color-coded threading, 6 built-in stitches, 2, 3, or 4 thread options
7Brother 2340CVSimple serger machine with color-coded threading, great price, adjustable cover stitch
8Juki Pearl Line MO-654DEProfessional quality machine with a long list of included accessories, 8 presser feet
9Janome CoverPro 900CPXBased on industrial machines, up to 1,100 stitches per minute, wider sewing area
10Janome MyLock 634DOffers more threading options, automatic threading for lower looper, high-quality machine
11Brother ST4031HDDetachable extended work area, heavy-duty motor, adjustable stitch width and length

Best Coverstitch Sewing Machines

ImageCoverstitch Sewing MachineRating
Juki-MF-7923-3-Needle-Coverstitch1. Juki MF-792399%
Brother-2340CV-Cover-Stitch-2. Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch94%
Janome-Cover-Pro-1000CPX-Coverstitch-Machine3. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine89%
Juki-MCS-1500-Cover-Stitch-and-Chain-Stitch-Machine 4. Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine82%

Here are our coverstitch sewing machine reviews.

1. Juki MF-7923 Coverstitch Sewing Machine

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Juki MF-7923 - 3 Needle Coverstitch

This current model used to be the MF-7823 and has now been updated to the MF-7923.

When I first look at this machine, I see a very complex-looking industrial type cover stitch sewing machine.

And that is exactly what it is.

The MF-7923 comes with an assembled table that has a clutch motor to operate it.

It seems that a common problem with cover stitch machines is the looper thread twining so two modifications have been done.

The first one has to do with the installation of a metal cover for the looper thread to prevent it from wrapping around the looper camshaft.

The second modification has to do with the installation of a thread cutter, which will cut the looper thread to prevent it from becoming wrapped around the metal cover.

The manufacturers describe this machine as a basic model with a broad range of purposes.

As such it is used to hem sleeves, covering knits and sportswear and also hemming the bottoms of T shirts.

A Needle Bar Stroke Conversion Mechanism adjusts the force with which the needle penetrates heavier fabrics.

This same mechanism also adjusts the thread tension to suit the fabric.

The Micro Lifter Mechanism allows for the sewing of lighter fabrics and elastic fabric with the presser foot barely raised off the fabric.

This reduces pressure on the fabric and prevents damage or warping.

Another improvement to this model is the Stitch Type Change Over, which allows you to change the path of the thread for loose soft seams or tighter tense seams.

While this machine has differential feed, it is different from the norm because of the micro adjustments which can be made.

It allows for fine tuning based on the fabric and even if you change the stitch length the differential ratio remains constant.

From the features you can see that this is a really high end machine and much that thought has gone into the design features.


The next cover stitch machine which steps things a couple of notches down is the…

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This machine looks more like what I am accustomed to seeing in a home setting.

It is definitely not as heavy-duty as the Juki but it is ideal for managing your home-based project loads and then some!

Its appearance is reminiscent of the Brother 1034D Overlock Machine because it uses the same color coding for the various threads.

The cover stitches it produces are 3mm and 6mm long and can be formed from 2, 3, or 4 threads.

The 2340CV is also capable of producing chain stitches and the differential feed produces even stitching.

An additional stitch which this machine does is the flatlock for which there 1, 2 or needle options.

Along with the standard presser foot, you will find included a gathering foot and a blind stitch foot along with the other accessories and manual.

Like many of its other Brother counterparts, the manufacturers do not recommend its use in countries that do not support 120 V AC.

Even if you decide to use a voltage adapter with your machine, it is still not recommended.

If you are looking for a cross between an industrial machine and a home-use machine, this next model deserves your attention.

It is the…

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This machine offers the best of both worlds from the industrial and the domestic side.

This fast, heavy-duty cover stitch machine looks more like a regular sewing machine rather than a traditional cover stitch one.

This is due to the fact that the sewing arm is longer than in other models.

It also works just like a regular sewing machine.

I think the appearance of it takes away a lot of the apprehension about using such a specialized machine.

This machine is dedicated to cover stitching and allows you to create these stitches on the hem of the garment and anywhere else on the fabric for that matter.

It does not cut fabric as it sews because it performs the sole function of making structural or decorative cover stitches.

The 1000CPX also comes with the Janome Seam Tightening System for secure stitching.

In the way of accessories, you’ll find in the package 13 needles, a needle threader, a seam guide, 2 spool caps, a cleaning brush, 2 screwdrivers, and an accessory box for storage.

One more Juki which merits our attention and is a great choice for a dual-purpose finishing machine is the…

4. Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine
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The Juki MCS-1500 compact finishing machine is perfect for sewing chain stitches and cover stitches.

The cover stitch is perfect for use on necklines, cuffs, and hems.

The chain stitch feature allows you to stitch the side seams of pants, waistbands and do decorative stitches on the necklines of garments.

Both stitches work beautifully on stretch fabrics since they are both stretch stitches.

The tip of the presser foot slopes upward for easy fabric placement and the presser foot lifter raises it high enough to easily accommodate thicker fabrics or layers of fabric.

Threading the looper is very easy because all you have to do is press a button to lower it.

Its adjustable differential feed allows you to make adjustments according to the fabric type so you can get a neat and professional-looking finish every time.

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Another smooth and sleek, professional cover stitch machine that works efficiently with its multi-thread capacities is the SINGER Professional 5 Serger, which comes with a whole range of amenities to utilize.

Singer Coverstitch Sewing Machine

A true combination of serger functions and cover stitch features, the SINGER Professional 5 Serger allows for a range of options and specializations that allow for dynamic uses. This stunning machine allows users to get their creative stitching and hemming juices flowing as they experiment and play along with using more than 4 threads at once, offering the complete cover stitch experience.

SINGER is a well-known name when it comes to multi-threader-equipped sergers and coverstitch machines. This stunning and superior quality multi-thread cover stitch machine allows users to take full advantage of 5 threads. SINGER’s professional sewing machine allows for a 2-3-4-5 thread capability providing a range of selection options for those looking for stitching projects, yielding professional and high-quality results every time.

The machine has a self-adjusting tension capacity that allows users to select their own value through a dial turn, and stitch tension is adjusted in a second.
Another striking capability that this machine has is enabled with is the wide-ranging options available, from stitching options that include sewing seams, hems, decorative ends, cover hems, and rolled hems to other options.

This SINGER cover stitch machine also comes with a superior speed of 1300 stitches per minute, much higher than most competing models in the market. The SINGER Professional 5 Serger also comes with 4 built-in rolled hems that allow easy accessibility into the mode, effortlessly hemming, and stitching, which is enabled just by moving a finger.

This model also comes with a warranty for usage in the US and Canada. However, for proper stitching purposes, users must apply tension consistently while using

Why do we like it

Light-weighted machine with a warranty for usage in the US and Canada

Sleek and easy to use the machine with a speed of 1300 stitches per minute

4 built-in rolled hems that allow for superior quality threading and hemming


6. Singer 14CG754 Serger

Singer ProFinish 14CG754 Serger

For the advanced seamstress, the Singer 14CG754 Coverstitch sewing machine offers all the features you need without a huge price. Color-coded threading with an easy-to-follow diagram eases you into a well-described tensioning system, with the included manual assisting for new users. This model also offers more stitches than most with six and comes with a few accessories to make using it even easier.

  • Color-coded threading
  • 6 built-in stitches
  • 2, 3, or 4 thread options

7. Brother 2340CV

Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch

Cheaper than most models, the Brother 2340CV machine is great for simple serger machine applications.

  • color-coded threading
  • Great price
  • Adjustable cover stitch

8. Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE

Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE Overlock Machine

This Juki machine, model MO-654DE, offers tons of accessories and a great machine built by a company known for quality sewing machines. 8 different and included presser feet give the option to do everything from gathering to a blind hem. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, this machine offers great reliability and unsurpassed versatility.

  • A long list of included accessories, including 8 presser feet
  • Though costing more than most, this professional quality machine is built to last
  • Instructional DVD included

9. Janome CoverPro 900CPX

Janome CoverPro Coverstitch Machine 900CPX

Janome offers the CoverPro 900CPX for home applications and based its design off of their industrial machines. With up to 1,100 stitches per minute and a built-in “Seam Tightening System”, this machine allows the crafter to step up their hems without the massive price of other Janome options. This machine also boasts a larger sewing platform than almost any other coverstitch machine and comes with gathering attachments to make your work even easier.

10. Janome MyLock 634D Overlock Serger

Janome MyLock 634D Overlock Serger

Offering more threading options than most sergers, the Janome 634D offers the option to use 2, 3, or 4 threads. This amazing machine also offers automatic threading for the bottom looper to make it even easier to use. It includes the basic essentials and, though more expensive than some models, offers the best and easiest user experience and a high-quality machine.

  • Great value for a quality brand
  • Automatically threading lower looper feature
  • 2,3, or 4 thread options, more than most

11. Brother ST4031HD Serger

Brother ST4031HD Overlocker

The detachable extended work area on the Brother ST4031HD is worth the price alone. A reliable machine and a heavy-duty motor produce up to 1300 stitches per minute and work with 3 or 4 different threads. With a wide range of included accessories, the highly affordable price offers a great value.

  • Extended sewing table
  • Adjustable stitch width and length, and adjustable tension
  • 3 or 4 thread sewing options

    Best Coverstitch Machines Buyers Guide

    A cover stitch machine is meant to be used in a way that makes sure that your hems are both secure and professional-looking. The best cover stitch machines ensure smoothness and finesse, be it simple necklines or tough and specific hems and cuffs to be stitched. Some of the things that must be looked at when choosing the perfect cover stitch machine for your stitching and hemming adventures.

    Attachments and Accessories

    Attachments and accessories accompanying a sewing machine or cover stitch machine are often one of the most important aspects you should look into when deciding which machine to use for your stitching and hemming purposes. The best sergers and cover stitch machines come with a comprehensive and valuable instruction guidance manual that can help you navigate the cover stitch machine’s threading specifics.

    Apart from a proper guidance manual, proper accessories include a repair and cleaning kit and a seaming guide. It is one of the most important operations and functions you will be applying when using your machine. A good quality cover stitch machine comes with a collection of special tools that allow the machine to work to its optimum performance. For a cover stitch machine, numerous tools allow for precision and the best products and results. These include the following.

    Needle threader
    Accessory screws
    Schmetz needles
    Thread spool caps
    Tweezers and Screwdrivers
    Thread spool nets

    Number of Needles

    Another key factor to look at before ordering your favorite cover stitch is the number of needles it can support. The number of needles that a cover stitch machine can hold determines and allows whether parallel stitching and multiple rows stitching are possible or not. The number of needles needed is always decided based on seam material which really affects which design works best.

    A single needle allows for a neat and simplistic look on your fabric, and seams and chain stitching are also made efficient and clear. One needle also allows for tape binding techniques that are used to sew together and weave fabrics. Similarly, two needles are used for hemming purposes that give the classic t-shirt hem look, which is utilized to hemming light fabrics and clothes and for binding purposes.

    Lastly, three needles are utilized for stitching three lines and decorative purposes, along with making elastic fabric such as swimwear. Hence, three needles are used for adding elasticity to fabric and hence, are more useful when using high tensile threads for threading and stitching purposes- requiring more strength and tension.

    Fabric Compatibility

    Compatibility with fabrics is also an essential part to consider when selecting your favorite cover stitch machines that are material-friendly. Different machines treat different fabrics in a specific way, and some are more suited for use with some fabrics than others. Thicker knitted fabrics require cover stitch machines equipped with adjustable differential feeds with a high setting.

    Similarly, for thinner fabrics, the presser foot must be adjustable to control the speed and stitching lengths to prevent any puckering, meshes, and other functioning problems. How material-friendly a machine is also depends much on the thickness and quality of different fabrics. This is due to the threading and needles that affect the way knitting purposes are affected.

Want to learn more about sewing machines? Check out our Best Sewing Machine Reviews.

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