Crinkle Satin: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Crinkle Satin

Crinkle Satin: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Crinkle Satin

Just like cotton, silk, and , Crinkle Satin is also a well-known fabric, and people have mostly heard of it. This soft and fine fabric is a great option for making fancy dresses. It is mostly made of polyester, cotton, or silk with a special weft tightening technique and specific heat setting.

Introduction to Crinkle SatinCrinkle Satin is a fabric made of polyester, cotton, or silk with a special weft tightening technique and specific heat setting. It is commonly used for making fancy dresses.
How we decide on what to buyThe article aims to help readers find the best sewing resource by consulting experts, reading customer reviews, and relying on accumulated expertise.
History of Crinkle SatinCrinkle Satin originated in China about 2000 years ago and spread throughout Europe in the middle ages. Its modern use became popular in the 1980s through bridal fashion and Madonna’s influence.
Properties of Crinkle SatinCrinkle Satin has flexible weaves, a shiny front and matte back, higher durability due to long filament fibers, excellent drape, and is slippery to stitch.
Common Uses of Crinkle SatinCrinkle Satin is commonly used in clothing, fashion accessories, bed sheets, and upholstery.
Caring for Crinkle SatinCare instructions include hand or delicate machine washing, avoiding hanging or wringing for drying, and using a towel to dry it flat.

How we decide on what to buy:

Our goal is to help you find the best sewing resource for your requirements. We’ll do the legwork to ensure you get the most for your money, whether you’re shopping for high-end gear or the bare essentials.

We consult experts, friends, and family members who are also sewists, teachers, and/or craftspeople; we scour the Internet for information on how sewing supplies are used; we read customer reviews by real users; and, of course, we rely on our own accumulated expertise as sewists, teachers, and/or craftspeople.

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Crinkle Satin is one of the old fabrics. It has a unique and beautiful texture, making it one of the favorite fabrics of textile designers and the overall textile industry.

History of Crinkle Satin

The history of Crinkle Satin relates to the history of Satin itself. It has its origin in China, and it is around 2000 years old. The name has also been derived from the Zayton town in China. Afterward, ancient Greece started exporting this fabric from China to Greece, which helped it spread throughout Europe in the middle ages.

The invention of modern Crinkle Satin started around the 1880s. During those days, people started associating it with wedding gowns and other bridal dresses after  Queen Victoria introduced it as a part of bridal fashion. Moreover, this fabric’s major success started in the 1980s when Madonna wore a dress made of Satin. After that, it became a major part of the fashion industry.

Properties of Crinkle Satin

Some major properties of Crinkle Satin are discussed below.

Flexible Weaves

Unlike other fabrics with plain weaves, Crinkle Satin has highly flexible weaves. It is because of the unique procedure used in the making of these fabrics.

Shiny Front

The crinkle satin has a shiny front and a matte and dull back. This is due to the wrap’s organization and the weft threads used in it.

Higher Durability

The long filament fibers used in this fabric enhances its durability and strength. It will resist tough use and still maintain its durability.

Excellent Drape

The Crinkle Satin has an amazing drape because of its concentrated fibers and its pliability.


The Crinkle Satin is extremely soft and is very slippery. This makes it hard to stitch, no matter how sophisticated you use.

Common Uses of Crinkle Satin

The use of Crinkle Satin is found in numerous items. In this article, we have listed some of the common uses of this fabric.


The major use of Crinkle Satin is found in clothing. You will find gowns, wedding dresses, and other casual dresses made of this fabric.

Fashion Accessories

Manufacturers and designers also use this fabric for making various fashion accessories like clutches and bags etc.

Bed Sheets

Though not very common like Satin itself, you will also find some manufacturers using this fabric for making bedsheets.


Another common use of Crinkle Satin is found in upholstery. If you visit a shop, you will surely find chair covers, pillow covers, other cushions, etc., made of this fabric.

Caring for Crinkle Satin

The care instructions apply differently to various types of crinkle satin. However, some general instructions suggest washing it by hand. You can also wash it in a washing machine, but make sure to use a delicate machine cycle. The use of detergent is also encouraged.

Moreover, you should not hang or wring it to dry; otherwise, it might lose its shape. Instead, use a towel for drying it and afterward lay it flat until it dries.


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