Bernina 790E Sewing Machine Review

Do you think it’s time to change your age-old granny-gifted sewing tool and switch to something like Bernina 790E? The variety of choices in the market can perplex any buyer. There are so many quality and feature-packed sewing machines in the market.
Bernina is one brand that you can trust for all your quality sewing and embroidery projects. Amongst the brand’s endless range lies Bernina 790E, which is a true gem. The features of the Bernina 790E will capture any sewist’s heart. 
We curated this review piece hoping to help all the buyers who are struggling to make a choice. Grab your needles because the exceptional Bernina 790E will take your sewing projects a notch higher! 
Without further delay, let’s sew our way to the review.
Key FeaturesProsCons
Precise and noiseless sewingEffortless hoopingLCD screen may freeze at times
Maximum space for embroidery and sewingPinpoint placementExpensive
Personal stitch designsMaximum sewing speed of 1,000 stitches per minute 
Works with leather and silkUser-friendly and intuitive color LCD screen 
On-screen support with tutorialsSemi-automatic needle threader 
 Achieve beautiful and perfect embroideries 
 Extended 13-inch free arm
Bernina 790E Sewing Machine Review

Precise And Noiseless 

Most sewists expect their tools to be precise and noiseless. After all, sewing is all about precision, and precision requires concentration. This model is a suitable choice for making decorative stitches. 
Also, the bobbins are 70% larger. It means that you do not have to frequently re-thread your unit. 

Maximum Space 

Bernina is all about convenience. With a ten-inch space to the needle’s right and a ten-inch extended free arm, you have plenty of room. You can enjoy a large embroidery and sewing area, which is otherwise not available in most machines. 
The Bernina 790E has a design for the maxi hoop. This spacious setup makes it easy to maneuver large embroidery projects. Also, you no longer have to ditch large-sized motif anymore. 

Personal Stitches 

Do you have a creative stitch in mind? One of the best features of the Bernina 790E is that you can create personal stitch designs. You can convert any of your creations to beautiful stitches on the fabrics. 

To do this, you have to draw the stitch pattern on the LCD screen of the tool. With dozens of personal stitches, your stitch library will constantly be expanding. 

Works With Leather And Silk 

There are very few sewing machines in the market that can handle heavy fabrics like leather. You’ll also agree that a delicate material like silk can give you a tough time. However, the one and all Bernina 790E can handle these unique fabrics with ease. 

Plus, the fabric feed is very superior.  

On-Screen Support 

Bernina makes the best use of technology for its sewing machines. You take help from the on-screen support to achieve perfect results. The on-screen support will help you to comprehend the correct stabilizer. 

You can also find the proper foot and needles with the on-screen support. Besides, there are in-built sewing and embroidery tutorials. If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot with this feature. 

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Bernina 790E Pros 

With so many features comes an endless list of advantages! The best thing about the Bernina 790E is that it makes embroidery and sewing easy-peasy. These advantages will convince you of the Bernina 790E’s superior performance. 

Here are the pros of purchasing Bernina 790E: 

  • Hooping on the Bernina 790E is effortless. The Bernina Midi Hoop comes with an ergonomic twist-lock system 
  • Like many other Bernina products, even this model has pinpoint placement
  • It has a maximum sewing speed of a whopping 1,000 stitches per minute 
  • The color LCD screen is user-friendly and intuitive 
  • With a semi-automatic needle threader, you don’t have to waste time threading your needles. 
  • The on-screen support is an exceptional feature for beginners. This unit will not burden you with choosing the stabilizer or the needle type. 
  • You can achieve beautiful and perfect embroideries with the machine
  • It also has an extended 13-inch free arm. 

Bernina 790E Cons 

The list of cons in the Bernina 790E is negligible in front of its valuable advantages. Nevertheless, it is essential to be aware of the drawbacks and loopholes of your sewing tools. Consider the Bernina 790E cons to check if this is the suitable one for you or not. 

This list will give you insights into the cons of the product: 

  • Some users report that the LCD screen freezes at times 
  • Most of the Bernina models are expensive, and this one is no exception. 

Bernina 790E Experience 

To start with, the Bernina 790E is one of a kind. Bernina has loaded the unit with some of the best features to offer a satisfying experience. Also, if you are a professional sewist, you’ll like the extended free arm and the ample working space. 

Thanks to the extra-large working space, you don’t have to limit your embroidery sizes. Although it can make 1,000 stitches per minute, the speed still feels slightly sluggish compared to the rivals. 

What’s the best part about owning the Bernina 790E? Well, once you are accustomed to its advanced features, you can buy more accessories. With extra accessories, you can take up more advanced sewing projects. 

Another feature that adds to the experience is the adaptive thread tension. This feature is beneficial when you want to accommodate various types of stitches. Also, it is a beginner-friendly feature. 

We love the 790E because it lets you draw, sketch, convert, and edit your designs on it. Consequently, you can create endless patterns and innovation with this tool. 

Also, the Bernina Stitch Regulator is a boost to this tool. It allows you to do some free motion stitching with a straight or zigzag stitch. Besides, if you are fond of using heavy-duty machines, you’ll appreciate the heavy-duty feature on this tool. 

The dual feed can handle complex tasks and stubborn fabrics with utmost precision. Additionally, this user-friendly machine will make your sewing tasks trouble-free. With its capability of being versatile, you have a lot to benefit from the Bernina 790E. 

How Does Bernina 790E Fare Against Rivals? 

The Bernina 790E is surrounded by a host of similar functioning sewing machines. But, there are a couple of features that help it to stay afloat in the competition. Also, understanding these edgy features will help you compare the 790E with other products. 

Therefore, let’s take a look at how Bernina 790E plans to take over its rivals: 

  • Firstly, the 790E has on-screen support. Now, this is one feature that is not available in a lot of machines in the market. Also, it makes the unit more beginner-friendly. 
  • With 70% larger bobbins, the unit is much less time-consuming and efficient than other units out there. Therefore, you don’t have to keep re-threading the unit. 
  • Despite being a non-commercial unit, it can deliver neat and clean stitches. Also, the pricing of the product might repel some buyers. 
  • Like the other Bernina models, this one too has the iconic stitch regulator. Well, BSR is a feature you’ll only find on Bernina models. Therefore, the 790E has an edge there. 

Why Should You Buy The Bernina 790E? 

To buy the Bernina 790E or not buy? Well, you can land a better decision once you know all the reasons to buy it. Here are the reasons why the 790E should be your sewing buddy: 

  • The first and foremost reason you should consider the Bernina 790E is because of its beginner-friendly features. 
  • Another reason is its intuitive features. The onboard support is an excellent touch to the unit. 
  • Also, there are about 506 decorative stitches in the tool. The variety will surely inspire you to take up frequent sewing tasks! 
  • There are also other helpful features such as automatic thread cutter, dual feed, BSR, and more. This combination of features might be limited to only the Bernina 790E! 
  • Lastly, the 790E comes from a reputable brand like Bernina. Therefore, the customer service, quality, and performance will be top-notch. 

Our Recommendation 

In our opinion, the Bernina 790E is a high-end premium sewing machine, which is a worthy investment. This tool is a suitable choice for a beginner’s and professional’s sewing kit. Anyone who demands perfection for their sewing projects will love the product. 

If you can expand your budget, Bernina 790E is a perfect buy! The thread away mode lets you enjoy a bundle of new designs and patterns. All in all, Bernina 790E is quality and performance at its best. 

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