Brushed Wool Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Don’t you just love getting wrapped up in your favorite wool sweatshirts, coats, and scarves? Other than the white snow piled up in your backyard and lawn, the best part about winters is staying cozy in your winter apparel and sweaters. And there is no match for wool when it comes to beating the chilling cold of winters.

But did you know that there is no one type of wool? People couldn’t get enough of it and developed several versions. One of the most popular highly acclaimed is Brushed wool. It is woven or can be knitted too, but a nap has been raised on this type of wool using a process that involves circular brushing.

History of Brushed WoolThe origin of brushed wool is unclear, but it has been used for a long time and is manufactured globally.
Properties of Brushed Wool– Breathable: Allows air flow in and out of the fabric.
– Warm: Provides insulation against cold weather.
– Soft: Velvety texture, comfortable against the skin.
– Strong: Durable and has great tensile strength.
– Flexible: Stretches easily.
– Drapes Well: Suitable for clothing and interior design.
Common Uses for Brushed Wool– Clothing: Jackets, overcoats, scarves, gloves, etc.
– Quilts: Soft and breathable fabric for blankets.
– Upholstery: Padded textile covering for furniture.
– Carpet: Luxurious and velvety touch for carpets.
Caring for Brushed WoolGentle machine wash with mild detergent, air-dry, avoid direct heat, refresh in a steamy bathroom.

History of Brushed Wool

The origination of Brushed Wool remains a mystery. But people have been using it for quite some time now, and this wool is manufactured and distributed all across the globe. But, how the concept of brushed wool came into existence is still unclear, and people cannot put their finger on it.

Properties of Brushed Wool

Like every other Wool, Brushed Wool is also loaded with distinct features that make it everyone’s favorite. We all know that wool can never grow and out of trend, and this why:


This wool is highly breathable and allows a convenient flow of air in and out of the fabric.



Brushed wool is super soft and comfortable as its texture is velvety. It feels great against bare skin and rarely itches.


This wool is sturdy and robust and can easily survive rough use. The fibers of wool have great tensile strength and are durable.


Brushed wool is flexible, and it doesn’t stick with skin. It isn’t rigid and easily stretches to great distances.

Drapes Well

The fall of brushed wool is amazing. It drapes very well; this is why it is used in clothing and interior designing items.

Common Uses for Brushed Wool

This wool, like all other kinds, is versatile in use and have numerous uses like:


Wool is popular in the making of warm jackets, overcoats, and scarves. It is a given choice when winter apparel is to be designed. Many fashionable gloves, scarves, sweatshirts, sweater vests, and hoodies are designed from brushed wool.


What better fabric than brushed wool shall be used when a blanket is to be made? This fabric is soft, breathable, and warm. All these qualities make it ideal to be used in the making of quilts and blankets. With Brushed wool blankets, you stay warm without feeling suffocated or uncomfortable.


This fabric is also used as a padded textile covering to make sofas, chairs, and padded seats.


Because of its soft, comfy, and velvety touch, this wool is used to make fine carpets. These are pretty expensive because of their luxurious look and fine quality.

Caring for Brushed Wool

Wool may just be your fabric care because of its distinct features, but with it comes great responsibility too. You have to be very careful and cautious when it comes to taking good care of wool. You have to be particular about your use, and you must be gentle when you are washing it.

Wash it in a gentle machine cycle without chemicals and harsh detergents. Air-dry it and hang it somewhere because machine drying can be harmful to wool. Keep it away from intense and direct heat. Hang them in a steamy bathroom to refresh them; this may also make it seamless and wrinkle-free. Take good care of this fabric; otherwise, you can consider yourself a fashion culprit.

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