5 Best Fabrics for Table Runners

A table runner is a great project to brighten or liven up just about any room. Table runners don’t always need to stand out. They can be made to blend in with décor as well. Many different styles and types of table runners can be made. Table runners can be quilted, embroidered, appliqued, pieced together, or can even be made from a single, long piece of fabric. The kind of fabric that can be used to make a table runner is varied, but quilting cotton is often the most popular choice.
Fabric TypeFeatures
Kaufman Artisan Batik Sorrento– Unique batik fabric with various patterns
– Easy to sew with
– Versatile for different projects
– Made from 100% cotton
– Lightweight and available in different colors and patterns
Camelot Turtle Cove– Quilting cotton fabric
– Versatile and durable
– Suitable for various projects
– Made from 100% cotton
– Lightweight and comes in beautiful patterns
Big Duck Windmill Linen– Linen or linen/cotton blend fabric
– Durable and versatile
– Can be laundered at home
– Available in different colors and patterns
– Medium to heavyweight
Telio Silk Charmeuse– Lightweight silk fabric
– Elegant and gorgeous
– Suitable for table runners and apparel items
– Made from 100% silk
– Hand wash only
Northcott Rod and Reel– Quilting cotton fabric with fish patterns
– Lightweight and easy to sew with
– Suitable for fishing enthusiasts
– Made from 100% cotton
– Comes in various patterns

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Best Fabric for Table Runners

Here are our fabric for table runners reviews.

1. Kaufman Artisan Batik Sorrento

Kaufman Artisan Batik Sorrento

Batik is one of those unique fabrics that almost immediately captures the eye. It comes in many different patterns and goes through a unique dying process. This batik quilting cotton is generally easy to sew with, as most cottons are. It is also very versatile and can be used for many different projects like apparel projects, quilting, crafting, and for making home décor accents.

  • Machine wash on cold, remove right after washing has finished
  • This fabric is made from 100% cotton and is lightweight
  • Comes in 44” width, and this line of fabric is available in over twenty different colors and patterns

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2. Camelot Turtle Cove

Camelot Turtle Cove

Quilting cotton can be used for many different projects. Cotton is a very versatile fabric and even though it is usually lighter weight, it is often durable and can be used for many different home décor projects, bedding, blankets, quilts, apparel, crafting, and more. This line of fabrics comes in beautiful patterns with complimentary colors.

  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
  • Fabric is lightweight and is 100% cotton
  • Come sin 44” width

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3. Big Duck Windmill Linen

Big Duck Windmill Linen

While quilting cotton is a popular choice for table runners, other fabrics like linen or linen/cotton blends can also be used. Linen is a natural fabric that has many great qualities. It is known to be very durable and generally can be laundered at home. Linen can add a touch of elegance or even modernity to any room, comes in many different colors and patterns, is very versatile, and is often affordable.

  • This fabric is medium to heavyweight and is a blend of 86% cotton and 14% linen
  • Machine wash on cold, air dry
  • This line of fabric is available in over fifteen different colors and patterns- comes in many neutral and muted colors for a “farmhouse” or more classic look
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4. Telio Silk Charmeuse

Telio Silk Charmeuse

For a very lightweight, elegant, or gorgeous table runner, consider a silk fabric. This line of silk offers some beautiful patterns that would make a gorgeous table runner. The fabric is also versatile and leftovers could be used for many different apparel items.

  • This silk charmeuse fabric is very lightweight and is 100% silk
  • Comes in 54” width
  • Hand wash, drip dry
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5. Northcott Rod and Reel

Northcott Rod and Reel

This quilting cotton comes in a variety of fish and fishing related patterns. The fabric is lightweight and has a soft hand. Like many quilting cottons, it is quite easy to sew with. The fabric would be a great addition to a cottage, cabin, or for any fishing enthusiast.

  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat
  • The fabric is 100% cotton and is lightweight
  • Comes in 43” width

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Fabric for Table Runners Buying Guide

Table runners can be made many different ways. Table runners can be a quick project, or can involve more intricate quilting or more complicated embroidery or applique. Table runners can be made with tassels or without. They can be longer and overhang a table or can be shorter and be placed on the center of the table. A table runner can also be made as a no-sew project. While they can be more complicated to make, a table runner is often a good project for beginner sewers.

Different Fabrics

Table runners can be made from many different fabrics. Generally the cost, ease of sewing, pattern on the fabric and color desired, and the durability and ease of washing can all play a role in deciding which fabric could work best for a table runner. Quilting cotton is generally the most popular choice because it is easy to work with, is often hardwearing and easy to launder, and because it comes in so many different colors and patterns. Table runners can also be made from linen, silk, polyester, faux-suede, velvet, satin, wool, or more. Personal preference, existing décor, and the function of the table runner (decorative versus utilitarian) will ultimately influence the decision of which fabric to purchase.

Styles of Table Runners

Table runners can be made quite small. They are generally longer and rectangular shaped (a narrow rectangle), but don’t have to be limited or constrained to a certain shape or length. A table runner can overhand the edges of a table, but it can also be shorter and smaller. Table runners can be made from many different fabrics  and materials, or can be made from one single piece of fabric. A table runner can have trim pieces added, like tassels or lace, or can even be appliqued. A table runner is often a project that allows the maker to be as creative and detailed as their skill level, time, and budget allows them to be.

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