5 Best Fabrics for Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs

Choosing the best fabrics for reupholstering dining room chairs is an important decision. A good quality fabric is a must when it comes to upholstery jobs for high-traffic areas. For most people, dining room chairs are in an area in the home that is going to see a lot of action. Fortunately, many different lines of upholstery fabric now come with the added bonus of being stain and water-resistant. There are many different weaves, materials, colors, and patterns to choose from when it comes to upholstery fabric.
No.Fabric NameDescriptionKey Points
1.Eroica Home Décor JacquardHeavy Jacquard fabric is woven on a special loom and can be made of different materials. It’s great for upholstery as it wears well over time.– Comes in various colors and patterns
– Upholstery-grade Jacquard is durable
– Great for accents like cushions and window treatments
2.Waverly Home DécorCotton duck, a tightly woven cotton fabric, is known for its durability and range of applications. It’s great for home accents like window treatments and upholstery.– Tough and can withstand a lot of action
– Some fabrics are waterproof due to their weaving process
– Comes in various trendy patterns and colors
3.Crypton HoneycombA type of Jacquard fabric from Crypton made of polyester. It’s durable, heavy but soft, and resistant to stains and odors.– Known to be extra-strong for high traffic materials
– Crypton offers other durable collections with different patterns
– Stain, water, and bacteria resistant
4.Faux Leather BuffaloVinyl is a popular fabric for upholstery because it’s less expensive than real leather, cruelty-free, and easy to clean. It gives a classy look similar to real leather.– Extremely heavyweight fabric
– Versatile with diverse uses
– Provides a high-quality finished look at a budget price
5.Swavelle/Mill Creek Style: GregoireThis line is an indoor/outdoor fabric that’s great for recovering dining room chairs. It’s fade-resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant.– Can withstand a lot and is easy to clean
– Trendy floral patterns available in different colors
– Incredibly versatile for matching accents

Dining Room Chair Reupholstery Fabric Buying Guide

  • Form vs. Function: Consider aesthetics vs function when choosing a fabric. The fabric should fit the shape of your chair, hold up to possible messes and spills, and fit with your overall décor.
  • Budget-Friendly Choices: Upholstery fabric can be expensive but measuring ahead for your project can help you decide. Vinyl fabrics can be classy without carrying a huge price tag.
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Best Fabrics for Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs

Here are our upholstery fabric reviews.

1. Eroica Home Décor Jacquard

Eroica Home Décor Jacquard


Jacquard fabric is woven on a special loom and can be made of different materials like wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester, or even silk. While there are varying uses for Jacquard depending on materials and weave. There can be many different patterns that have names, like damask. Heavier jacquard fabrics are great for upholstery because they wear well and stand up over time. This makes it one of the best fabrics for reupholstering dining room chairs.


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2. Waverly Home Décor

Waverly Home Décor


Cotton duck, also just called duck, is a tightly woven cotton fabric. Cotton duck is renowned for its durability and has a surprising range of applications. While it has been used to make boat sails, cotton duck is also perfect for home accents like window treatments and upholstery. The fabric is generally quite smooth and soft due to its high thread count.

  • The fabric is tough and can withstand a lot of action
  • Some of the fabrics are waterproof because of their weaving process
  • The fabrics come in a wide variety of trendy patterns and colors
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3. Crypton Honeycomb

Crypton Honeycomb


This particular type of Jacquard fabric from Crypton is made of polyester and is incredibly durable. The fabric is fairly heavy but doesn’t sacrifice softness. This particular line is perfect for dining room upholstery because it is designed to be resistant to stains and odors.

  • The fabric is known to be extra-strong if you need that high traffic material that lasts
  • Crypton makes many additional collections that are equally durable, with different patterns
  • Crypton fabric is patented and one of the only textiles in its category to be a stain, water, and bacteria resistant material


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4. Faux Leather Buffalo

Faux Leather Buffalo


Vinyl is a popular fabric to use in upholstery for many reasons. It’s far less expensive than real leather and it’s cruelty-free. Vinyl can give the furniture a classy look, especially on chairs, and this line has been touted to look very similar to real leather. Vinyl is generally great for high traffic areas as it’s tough, but also because it just wipes clean after a spill, making it virtually fuss-free.

  • Extremely heavyweight fabric
  • Diverse uses- try using leftover fabric for other projects, or order extra fabric to make matching accents like a pillow, footstool, or headboard
  • Provides a high quality finished look for a budget price


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5. Swavelle/Mill Creek Style: Gregoire

Swavelle Mill Creek Style Gregoire


Even though this line is considered an indoor/outdoor fabric, it’s still great for recovering dining room chairs. Chances are that your dining room and kitchen see a lot of sunlight. The polyester fabric is actually fade-resistant. Even better, it’s water-resistant and stain-resistant, which makes it perfect for use in potentially messy areas.

  • This polyester can stand up to a lot and can be cleaned by wiping down the fabric
  • Floral patterns are trendy and fun, and this one comes in different colors
  • The fabric is incredibly versatile- make a whole bunch of matching accents for your kitchen or living room


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Dining Room Chair Reupholstery Fabric Buying Guide

There are a wide variety of upholstery fabrics on the market now, from many different companies. If you’re not familiar with upholstery, taking a brief amount of time to familiarize yourself with different materials, different weaving styles, and even different companies can really help increase your chances of having a successful project. When reupholstering dining room chairs, the kind of fabric you want to use really should be carefully considered. Take into account your skill level and experience with upholstery, as some materials are easier to work with than others. Consider the needs of your family so you can choose the right fabric. Also, consider the shape of your chairs before choosing a fabric.

Form vs. Function

When picking out fabric, you might find one that you absolutely love, but try hard to consider aesthetics versus function. That fun, funky fabric that you’re dying to purchase might not be the right one for the job. Will it fit the shape of your chair? Will it hold up to possible messes and spills if you have younger children or pets? Also, does the fabric fit with your overall décor in your home? Many fabrics are incredibly versatile and you can save money and tie everything together by either using the scraps from your upholstery project to make accent items like toss cushions or by ordering extra to make things like window coverings. Ultimately, it’s your decision aesthetically. If you love something, go with your gut!

Budget-Friendly Choices

Upholstery fabric can be really fun and exciting, as it does come in some amazing patterns, but there can be a high price tag associated with some fabrics. Measuring ahead for your project and calculating the amount of fabric you need can really help you when it comes time to narrow down a final choice. Give yourself time to decide, as most upholstery projects do take a fair amount of work and you’re probably going to want to live with that fabric choice for a while. Also, be sure that the fabric is right for your lifestyle and can stand up to the job. That said, you can find some great fabrics that are going to be durable and not break the bank. If you have a limited budget, you can still get some excellent options. For example, vinyl fabrics can be quite classy and don’t often carry a huge price tag.

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