Carpet Wool Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you have ever traveled to Turkey and visited their Bazaar, you would know that it is nearly impossible to come out of there because they have the world’s best carpets there. And do you know why they are so special? This is because wool carpets are in abundance there. And there is nothing better than coming to your place after a hard day’s work and rest your bare feet on the soft, warm carpet.

Have you ever wondered why this fabric is so warm and comfy? Because it is made from premium quality carpet wool fabric, which is essentially made from harsh, coarse, and strong wool. So, let’s learn why and how this wool had made your life so much easier and made carpets the new, trendy item that everyone wants at their homes.

History of Carpet Wool

We are still unsure when carpet wool came into existence and how it garnered so much attention and popularity. But what we do know is that the carpet wool fabric goes a long way. Ever since wool was invented and carpets’ concept came into existence, carpet wool fabric became increasingly popular.

A type of wool, most durable, soft, and coarse, was woven so that it could only be used for carpets. And since then, Carpet wool has caught the eye of designers and manufacturers. It is the top choice of interior designers who intend on delivering class and comfort together.

Properties of Carpet Wool

Carpet wool is not like your ordinary wool. It has some unique characteristics that make it the perfect choice for its use and application:


Carpet wool doesn’t attract insects or dust mites. The growth of bacteria isn’t promoted through this fabric to live with peace of mind.


This fabric is highly luxurious and fine, so to remain intact and in shape, you must take good care of it. The carpet wool demands care and caution in use.

Common Uses for Carpet Wool

The uses of carpet wool are pretty limited. Because of its harsh texture and thick fibers, it becomes difficult to use it for clothing or any other items. So, its use is restricted to:


This wool is used to design luxurious carpets that are sold all around the globe. They have different designs, are dyed, and some even have embroidery.


Household rugs and mats are also made from carpet wool. Table mats and floor rugs are made using this fabric as it is comfortable and soft. However, because of its durable nature and strength, it is used for this purpose.

Caring for Carpet Wool

You may be under this false assumption that carpets do not need to be washed or taken care of as they are very durable, sturdy, and harsh. They can survive even the worst of conditions and will still last for years.

If you want to share your carpet wool with your generations, you must take good care of it. You have to was it with time; otherwise, it will lose its charm. Make sure you vacuum over the carpet often so you can get rid of the tiny deposits. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents. You can use those cleaning brushes, which are essentially made to wash wool carpets.

Don’t wear rough shoes or footwear with rugged soles while walking on carpet wool as it could tear the fibers and damage the carpet. If you end up taking good care of carpet wool, it will offer you more than what you invested!

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