Black Wool Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Black Wool Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy The creation of different wool fabrics is as old as human civilization. And no doubt, today wool plays a vital role in the textile industry and a big chunk of our products are made of wool. But if you have a little knowledge of textile, you will know that wool is made of different animals’ skin like sheep, goat, camelids and rabbits etc.

To make wool, manufacturers harvest animals’ hair and spin it into yarn. Afterwards, the yarn is weaved to make garments and other textile items. Black Wool is also obtained in the same way, but it has three methods. First, it can be naturally obtained like all other wools by harvesting hairs of black sheep. Second, manufacturers also use black dye to colour the wool using different manufacturing processes and recipes. And finally, producers can dye the Sheep and then harvest it and spin into yarn.

History of Black Wool Fabric

Sheep before domestication had more hair than wool, and their hair was not beneficial in textile. But around 11000 years back, when domestication of sheep started, sheep breeders selected some qualities in their herds, and eventually, sheep started becoming woollier.

The first garment made of sheep wool dates back to around 4000 BC. During the same time, there are shreds of evidence that indicate the introduction of woolly sheep in Europe. However, the first wool textile in Europe was around 1500 BC which was well-kept in a Danish bog.

In the Roman Empire, different types of wool, including Black Wool, like other leather and linen fabrics, was a significant textile. In the Middle Ages, the wool textile became even more critical in European life. In fact, by 1200 AD, the production of Black Wool and other types of wool became a major part of the Italian economy.

Properties of Black Wool Fabric

Flame Resistant:

The Black Wool is a very flame-resistant fabric. This fabric does not spread flame; rather, it scorches and self-extinguishes the flame. Therefore, the Black Wool fabric is a very useful textile for items where the desire is to reduce the flammability.


The Black Wool is a very warm fabric. It also has thermal insulation.

Moisture Wicking:

The Black Wool evaporates and absorbs moisture and keeps you dry. Its moisture-wicking quality makes it an ideal fabric for so many items.


This fabric has sturdy and thick fibres as compared to other fabrics.


The Black Wool is very durable and long-lasting fabric. It has a higher tensile strength than other fabrics like cotton.

Uses of Black Wool Fabric

Few uses of Black Wool are:


Because of its warm nature, Black Wool is used for making different clothing items like socks, gloves, jackets, sweaters and other items that keep you warm during winters.

Fire Fighter Uniforms:

Due to its flame-resistant nature, it is also used for making uniforms for firefighters. This fabric does not shrink, stick to skin or melt in high temperature or flame.

Carpets and Bedding:

The Black Wool is also a good fabric for making small rugs and carpets. It is used in crafting black aesthetic carpets. Moreover, the Black Wool is also used for making blankets, pillows, cushions and other bedding items.

Caring of Black Wool Fabric

As a user of Black Wool, you are bound to take good care of it. It would be best if you remembered that each wool garment and item has different care instruction. For example, some garments have “dry clean only” written on it; in such cases, you should take it to professional cleaners.

However, if you have a Black Wool fabric, you can use both washing methods. In case of hand wash, use lukewarm water using an approved detergent for wool. At the same time, washing in the machine, select wool/Woolmark cycle. As this fabric does not hold wrinkles, you do not need to worry about ironing it.

Where to buy Black Wool Fabric

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