Cottagora Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cottagora

Cottagora fabric is one of the unique ones. You have hardly heard of this fabric unless you are a textile designer or have good knowledge of fabrics. The Cottagora is manufactured using a combination of organic cotton and angora rabbit hair. That’s why the name shows the blend of both the materials used in its production.

Despite having both cotton and angora fibers, the cottagora is in no way similar to these two fabrics. To make cottagora, the manufacturers use weft and wrap threads. Afterward, they use the desired colors and dye them before weaving the fabric.

History of Cottagora

Cottagora does not have a fascinating history like wool and other ancient fabrics. The history related to the production of cottagora is a bit unclear. The traces of where this fabric was first manufactured, who gave the idea, and when is hard to find. That’s why most people associate it with the history of both cotton and angora.

However, though cotton usage for making clothes has an old history, the angora is one of the new fabrics, which means the cottagora is also not a very ancient fabric.

Properties of Cottagora

Cottagora has a combination of both angora and cotton. Some of the properties of this fabric are provided in the paragraphs below.


If you had the chance of seeing an Angora rabbit, you would have agreed that it has soft hair. Since this fabric also has a major portion of angora’s hair, cottagora is also extremely soft. You will feel smooth and comfortable while carrying it due to its softness.


Along with being soft, the cottagora is also very durable. The high-quality fibers of angora and cotton contribute to making it durable while maintaining its quality.


The cottagora has great breathability. This helps users maintain their body’s natural temperature, making it ideal, especially during long travels.

Wrinkle Free

This fabric saves you from the hectic task of ironing because of its wrinkle-free property. Unlike linenlinen and other fabrics, you don’t need to press it to make it wrinkle-free. So, it saves you both time and effort.

Common Uses for Cottagora

Some common uses of cottagora are described below.


The major use of cottagora is in making various apparel. Its nature’s warmness makes it the best suit for manufacturing winter clothing items like coats, jackets, sweatshirts, and much more. It also has a soft texture, which is a bonus because everybody wants this feature in their winter clothing.

Additionally, some manufacturers also use a comparatively less warm type of this fabric to manufacture other dresses and traditional sarees for party wear.

Other Accessories

Additionally, this fabric is also used in making various winter accessories like scarves, mufflers, caps, and more.

Caring for Cottagora

Cottagora is easy to take care of. Unlike some sensitive fabrics like leather, which demand great care, this fabric can be maintained by following simple steps. It can be washed both with hands and machine. Machine washing does not reduce its quality or durability. You can also use high-quality suitable detergent. However, you should use warm water while washing it. Using hot water will cause shrinkage or might even damage the fabric. So, you should be careful with the water.

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