Boucle Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

The textile industry is one of the most growing industries throughout the world. And why it shouldn’t be with all those useful fabrics that can never go out of fashion? Each fabric in this industry has its own importance and indispensable uses. And just like other fabrics, the Boucle Fabric also has its own significance in this industry.

Boucle is known for both fabric and yarn. The most famous fibre for the creation of Boucle is wool, cotton, silk and linen. The fibres are looped together to form the Boucle yarn and fabric. The Boucle is made from the similar-sized loop-lengths ranging from small circles to huge curls. To make Boucle, the producers have to combine at least two strands. While piling the stands, one strand must have looser tension than the other, with one strand (the loose one) forming the loops and the other anchor.

History of Boucle Fabric

The production of Boucle fabric started in the 1930s when the famous Coco Chanel, the fashion designer, discovered the cheap tweed fabric and began using unfinished and rough wool in her designs. After twenty years, Chanel began experimenting new form of this material and created Boucle. The men’s wear inspired her Boucle jacket design.

After so many years, the Boucle fabric is still used in the fashion industry for so many items.

Properties of Boucle Fabric


The Boucle fabric is very soft due to the fibres used in it like cotton and wool. Its softness makes it very comfortable and easy to wear fabric.

Loose and Flexible:

This fabric is often loosely woven. This extra flexibility and loose nature make it hard to process and sew as compare to other materials which are too stiff and stable. However, solid fabrics are easier for working while less comfortable for wearing.

Loose Thread and Waste of Fabric:

The Boucle fabric has loose threads, and while making anything out of it, you will have to cut most of the lines to have the right size and pattern. Therefore, when you buy Boucle fabric, you should buy a few centimetres extra because most of the fabric will be wasted.

Uses of Boucle Fabric

Some of the amazing uses for Boucle fabric are discussed follow:

Interior Design:

The Boucle fabric is majorly used for throws and upholstery. This fabric is highly suitable for blankets and throws pillows due to its softness and comfy nature. This fabric, especially with the medium weight, is also used for home decoration which adds an extra charm to your homes.

Coats and Couture:

This fabric is highly used for different kinds of clothing like shirts, coats, couture, suiting and other cloths for outerwear.


The Boucle is an excellent choice for various furniture items like chairs and sofas. Furniture made with this fabric is a very comfortable option. Moreover, this fabric is the best suit for furniture with curved edges with the edges complementing the soft fabric.

Caring of Boucle Fabric

No fabric in the textile industry is immune to trains, fading and dirt and users must take care of it to maintain its quality and make it long-lasting. The Boucle fabric also has some care instructions which are essential to follow.

While handwashing it, you should squeeze it gently (not harshly) for taking extra water out. On the other hand, when washing your items made with Boucle fabric, it is essential to set the machine cycle on gentle or delicate mode and use cold water. You can use both detergent or soap for washing it. While ironing it, select the wool setting option and iron gently.

Follow these easy instructions and have durable Boucle fabric articles.

Where to buy Boucle Fabric

We recommend buying Boucle fabric at

Best Boucle Fabrics

Here are our boucle fabric reviews.

1. Telio Curly Cue Boucle

Telio Curly Cue Boucle 1

This woven boucle fabric is a wool blend that features about 10% four-way stretch. The fabric has the signature boucle texture. Since the fabric is medium weight, it is a great choice for making jackets, coats, skirts, and even blankets as well.

  • Fabric is medium weight and is a blend of 46% polyester, 40% acrylic, and 14% wool.
  • Available in 62” width
  • Fabric is dry clean only
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2. International Designer Wool Sweater Knits

International Designer Wool Sweater Knits

This boucle fabric would be a great choice for making apparel items like sweaters, jackets, cardigans, or accessories like scarves. The fabric is medium to heavyweight, is thick, and has a fuzzy, signature boucle texture. The fabric also features 20% mechanical stretch across the grain as an added bonus for making apparel items.

  • This line of fabric is available in ten different prints and comes in 56” widths
  • Dry clean is recommended to launder this fabric
  • This medium to heavyweight fabric is a blend of 80% wool, 8% mohair, and 12% poly
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3. Boucle Sweater Knit

Boucle Sweater Knit

This knit wool fabric is heavyweight, which means that it’s thick, soft, and comfy. The fabric has some mechanical stretch across the grain, which makes it perfect for making apparel items. Use the fabric to make sweaters, cardigans, jackets, or even accessories like scarves.

  • Fabric is dry clean only
  • This heavyweight fabric is made form 100% wool
  • Comes in 58” widths
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4. International Designer Coating

International Designer Coating

This unique line of boucle fabrics doesn’t at first look like boucle, but it does have the soft, textured boucle feel. This fabric drapes beautifully, which makes it a good choice for many different apparel items. Since the fabric is medium weight, it can be used for coats, jackets, and even for skirts as well.

  • Fabric is a medium weight blend of 65% wool, 25% viscose, and 10% poly
  • Comes in 56” widths
  • Dry cleaning is recommended to clean the fabric
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5. Trend Style: 03858

Trend Style 03858

This unique boucle fabric is woven and actually features a more subtle textured herringbone pattern. Since the fabric is medium to heavyweight, it can be actually be used for projects around the house. The fabric could be used for window treatments, upholstery projects, and more.

  • Fabric features 10,000 double rubs
  • Dry clean only
  • This medium to heavyweight fabric is made from 100% polyester
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Boucle Fabric Buying Guide

Boucle fabrics come in many different colors and prints. Some feature quite a bit of texture, while others are smoother and flatter, but do still have a noticeable texture as well. Boucle fabric is often made with wool or a blend of wool, but can also be made from just synthetic fibers like polyester. Boucle fabrics are often medium to heavyweight and can be used for many different projects, both at home and for apparel.

Cost of Boucle Fabric

Some lines of boucle fabric can be purchased for under fifteen dollars a yard, while others are more costly. Boucle fabric can be quite heavyweight and upholstery grade fabrics are often more expensive than regular fabrics. Boucle can also be used for suiting, for jackets, skirts, and for thicker sweaters. When you weight the cost of purchasing the items from the store, the fabric, even at around twenty to thirty dollars a yard, could still be quite a budget friendly way to have some unique, tailored just for you, apparel items.


Boucle fabrics can be used to make both apparel items and items for around the house, depending on the weight of the fabric, the weave of the fabric, and what kind of fibers the fabric is made from. It might seem strange that some boucle fabric can be used to make window treatments or upholster a headboard or ottoman, and others can be used to make more formal jackets, coats, skirts, or comfy sweaters, but boucle is a versatile fabric and it can indeed by used to make many different items.

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