Juki MO644D Portable Serger Review

Juki MO644D Portable OverlockerThe Juki MO644D Portable Serger is a high-quality machine that’s brimming with features that can help you accomplish even crazy-tough projects at home — sounds like a dream? Well, with the Juki MO644D Portable Serger, it isn’t anymore. A great price and even better functionality, this machine is ideal for all your light-fabric stitching needs and is sure to be a machine that you’ll be proud to own, regardless of your level of sewing expertise.

Features of the Juki MO644D Portable Serger

Smooth operation, a 2/3/4 thread serger and an automatic rolled-hem feature are just a few of the excellent features this Juki MO644D portable serger comes with; add to this a jam-proof fabric-feeding process and a 30% increase in your productivity by simply switching to the MO644D from any other standard lightweight sewing machine and we’ve got a winner!

A Variety of Stitch Options

The Juki MO-644D portable serger comes with a 2-3-4 thread system and a wide range of stitch options, including 3 and 4-thread overlock stitches, a 3-thread narrow overlock, a 3-thread rolled hem, a 3-thread flatlock, a 2-thread overcast and a 2-thread rolled hem, to name a few.

The machine also has additional options such as blind stitching, beading, cording, piping, a curved pearl foot and adding elastic.

Juki MO-644D Serger Adjustment KnobExtremely Fast

The Juki MO-664D portable serger is capable of churning out an amazing 1500 stitches per minute, one of the fastest speeds in the market (at least 200 stitches higher than most other standard sergers). The stitches are even, consistent and high-quality, lending a professional finish to your projects.

Multi-Functional Foot

The MO644D comes with a multi-functional foot that lets you incorporate a variety of products, such as tape, sequins, elastic and the like, into your projects to get them looking runway-ready!

The Ability to Customize

Along with its default settings, the MO644D lets users customize various aspects of the machine, such as thread tension to ensure proper thread placement suiting the speed of the machine and the differential speed to accommodate various fabrics. You can also adjust fabric width via a dial to ensure perfect seams every time.

Sturdy Heavy-Duty Knife

The MO644D comes with a sturdy, reliable knife that can evenly cut through any material like a hot knife through butter, whether the fabric is light or heavy.

Range of Accessories

The MO644D also comes with the following accessories to better your sewing experience:

  • 4 spool caps
  • A multi-functional snap-on presser foot
  • 4 thread nets
  • A lint brush
  • A vinyl cover
  • A pack of needles and extra needles
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • A lightbulb
  • A looper threader
  • An instruction manual
  • A ⅔ thread converter


  • The rolled-hem feature is especially useful to beginners, enabling the easy creation of casual wear as well as more complex designs.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • The color-coded threading guides and marked thread parts make threading a breeze.
  • The machine has dials that let you easily adjust the tension (1-rotation thread tension dial). Additionally, the normal tension is highlighted so you always have a reference point.
  • Efficient guides keep threads in place and ensure consistent sewing tension throughout, regardless of the speed of operation.
  • A well-lit workspace makes working in dark places, late hours, focusing on details and spotting mistakes much easier.
  • The in-built seam guide eliminates any second-guessing when it comes to creating accurate seam allowances.
  • Many parts of the machine are customizable, making it highly user-friendly.


  • The lack of automatic threading, a standard feature in most other models, can be frustrating for some users; threading can be a highly time and effort-consuming process.
  • The manufacturer only offers a 60-day warranty against breakage of any parts; when compared to the warranty on other makes by the same company as well as competitors, this is a poor deal.
  • There is no free arm nor an on-board accessory storage case.
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The Juki MO644D Portable Serger is an amazing machine with a range of excellent features that strike the right balance between user friendliness and being advanced. The features are basic enough to let any beginner learn the ropes but also advanced enough to let any professional further explore their creativity. Durable, high-quality, and versatile — the Juki MO644D is a machine we definitely recommend! After all, it’s made by one of the best sewing machine brands, Juki!

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