Chino Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Chino Fabric

Looking for Chino fabric? The name may seem like China, but there is no proven or known relation between the two. You might have heard of it, but only if you are a big fan of the U.S army or study closely about what they wear and which fabrics they use in their uniform. 

Introduction to Chino FabricChino fabric is a sturdy cotton fabric used for U.S. army uniforms and civilian wear.
History of Chino FabricDeveloped in the mid-19th century for British and French armies, later used in civilian wear.
Properties of Chino Fabric– Highly breathable
– Soft and comfortable
– Absorbent
– Great strength
– Biodegradable
– Easily dyed
Common Uses for Chino Fabric– Garments and uniforms
– Outdoor sunblock
Caring for Chino FabricEasy to care for, machine washable with gentle treatment
Where to BuyAvailable at most fabric stores and online


  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Soft and comfortable texture
  • Absorbent and moisture-wicking
  • Great strength and abrasion resistance
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Easily dyed in various colors

If you are this curious, you must know that the fabric behind the making of dashing U.S army uniforms is Chino. This gorgeous fabric is a sturdy cotton fabric that is made using a steep twill construction. This fabric is purely made from cotton, and therefore it shares uncanny resemblances to cotton. 

chino fabric history uses where to buy
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History of Chino Fabric

Chino fabric was developed in the mid-19th century primarily to tailor uniforms for the British and French armies. From there, this fabric was incorporated into civilian wear and casual dresses. This durable and comfortable wear was perfect for soldiers and was used a lot during the last half of the 1800s. It was usually used in the hues of natural and neutral colors. 

The pure-cotton fabric was later integrated with other fabrics to form sturdier fabric and cloth. It gained a lot of popularity because of its softness and breathability. Its original color is also very well admired, but it can easily be dyed because it is pure cotton. 

Properties of Chino Fabric

Chino fabric has so many distinct and unique properties that make this fabric truly remarkable and different. This fabric rose to the top because of how different it is and how it is best suited to its uses. Some of its prominent properties are: 

Highly Breathable

The fibers of this fabric are arranged in such a way that they make the cloth breathable. The flow of air doesn’t stop, and it continuously passes in and out of the fabric. This allows you to feel free and not trapped. 

Soft and Comfortable

Chino is made purely from cotton, and that is why it is super easy to carry and wear because of its soft texture and comfortably soft surface. 


Like many cotton editions, Chino is also very absorbent. It can easily trap moisture and lock excess water without getting soaked up and drenched. 

Great Strength

This fabric was used to make army grade uniforms because it has great abrasion resistance, and this fabric can handle any rigor. 


Chino is made from cotton, and therefore, it doesn’t sit in the ground; rather, it decomposes and contributes to preserving the environment. 

Easily Dyed 

You can easily dye Chino in whatever color you like because it retains colors well and doesn’t let them fade away easily. 

Common Uses for Chino Fabric

Chino is a well-known and popular version of cotton that has been used a lot since its invention. Its common uses are:

Garments and Uniforms:

This fabric is used to make army uniforms, high-quality garments, and formal dresses. Mostly T-shirts and trousers are designed from this fabric. 


Outdoor sunblock

Chino is used for creating popular sunblocking awnings and outdoor furniture.

Caring for Chino Fabric

Chino is a cotton fabric, and it doesn’t require much in the way of care. You can toss this fabric into the laundry with the rest of your clothes and easily get them all washed. However, do make sure that you do not use harsh or reactive chemicals.

Do not use bleach or other such reactants, and try to air dry this fabric. Though the dryer wouldn’t inflict much harm, you must be on the safe side, and so, try to treat this fabric gently and carefully. Use a fabric freshener or a fabric softener to ensure that the Chino doesn’t lose its grace or charm.   

Where to Buy

Chino Fabric is available at most fabric stores and online.

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