Casement Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you are an interior designer, you will agree with me when I say that windows are like the house’s eyes. And just like when you give yourself a makeover, you focus mainly on eyes and enhance their look, just like you have to decorate the home windows. And what better way to do that than use beautiful curtains and place them.

So, if you love to shop for curtains, you would have come across thousands of curtains, mainly made from Casement Fabric. Let us learn more about this fabric!

Properties of CasementCommon Uses for CasementCaring for Casement
Thicker StrandsCurtainsOccasional washing required
HeavyMatsGentle machine wash or hand wash
Available in many colorsAir drying
Can Absorb Sound
Rustic Look and Texture


  • Thicker strands allow light to enter while maintaining privacy
  • Heavy fabric provides durability and quality
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Can absorb sound
  • Rustic look and texture adds vintage appeal


  • Limited versatility in use

Properties of Casement

This fabric is very well suited to its use. This is because it possesses certain unique attributes and distinct. These characteristics make the Casement Fabric popular and best suited to its function. So, you will rarely find any other fabric that designers will suggest you design curtains with.

Thicker Strands

The fibers of this fabric are significantly thick and have a large diameter. They allow the light to enter, so the room stays lit up but not too much that your privacy is invaded. This makes the casement fabric the ideal choice for the making of curtains.


This fabric is heavy, and this feature also accounts for the durability and premium quality of the material. This fabric is heavy because of its fibers. If you use this fabric to fashion curtains, then you can put them up with peace of mind because no one can see clearly through them.

Available in many colors

The Casement fabric is available in a wide array of colors so that you don’t have to worry about dying the fabric or curtains in your favorite colors. With such fabrics, you are never sure of the color’s integrity and the retention of material. But with Casement fabric, you wouldn’t have to be worried about it!

Can Absorb Sound

This fabric is thick and heavy, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about sound penetrating the curtains. You can avoid any excessive noise that will be created on the other side of the window. This feature particularly is not offered by any other fabric.

Rustic Look and Texture

The main look of this fabric is like it’s a vintage cloth or a little rustic. This enhances the fabric’s complete look as people love to incorporate this design and theme into their homes. It also compliments the casement windows very well too.

Common Uses for Casement

Though this fabric may not be versatile in its use, it is the perfect fabric for the following:


Casement is majorly used to make curtains and interior accessories. Because of its ability to block most of the light and let in a good amount that keeps the room lit up, this fabric is mainly used to design curtains.


Table and floor mats are also made from casement fabric as it is thick and woven.

Caring for Casement

Casement is a highly durable fabric that doesn’t require much cleaning, caution during use, and a lot of attention. But like every other fabric, you would have to clean it and wash it occasionally. Though it will survive excessive washing and harsh detergents, it is advised that you wash this fabric either with hands or in a gentle machine wash.

Make sure you are air drying it. You wouldn’t have to be concerned about any other nitty-gritty. Keep your home modern and chic by putting up the Casement fabric curtains!

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