Barathea Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Barathea Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to BuyNo matter how gorgeous the fabric or its design is, it won’t win your hearts until you are comfortable in it. The confidence that you exude when you wear comfortable clothes and, at that moment, you can be your true self. That is what fashion is trying to achieve. And Barathea Fabric is a fine and highly acclaimed fabric that has a soft, silky texture.

When you wear attire made from this fabric, it feels like you are in your mother’s embrace, in the prime of your life, feeling satiated and comfortable.

This soft fabric is made from a twill weave. It has a lustrous look that it gets from the different cloths woven together; either silk, rayon, or acetate. There are a short-broken ribs effect and a slight diagonal in the appearance of the weave. Due to this, the surface of the fabric may seem pebbled or granular, but it has smooth touch.

History of Barathea Fabric

In the mid-14th century, Barathea Fabric was launched in the textile world as a versatile fabric. It made its debut appearance in England, where the fabrics were typically used to tailor garments that were exclusively used in mourning.

It was because initially, the yarns used to make Barathea were stable and were available in few colors; brown, blue, and black. As the fashion industry grew, Barathea was woven in many colors.

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Properties of Barathea Fabric


Barathea Fabric is ideal for designing winter clothes as it is warm and good at thermal insulation. Who says you can’t look stylish in warm winter clothes? Barathea Fabric has changed the definition of winter fashion.


This fabric is exceptionally soft and has a silky, smooth touch that compliments all your dresses and does not itch at all. You will feel like the dress is cradling you.


This fabric exudes a certain finesse that is unmatched by any other Fabric. It has a luxurious appearance because of its high-quality fibers.

Uses of Barathea Fabric


Barathea Fabric is used to design military uniforms and even college uniforms for students due to its distinct qualities.

Men’s Evening-Wear Suits:

This fabric is trendy among men’s apparel, and it is tailored into ravishing formal suits for black tie affairs and office events.

Dinner Jackets:

Barathea Fabric is sed to design stylish jackets that enhance every outfit’s outlook.


This fabric is used to make suit accessories for men like neckties and bow ties. They can be of different colors and prints, all thanks to Barathea Fabric.

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Women’s Cocktail Dresses:

Gorgeous dresses and formal gowns are also designed from Barathea Fabric because of its luxurious and lustrous appearance.

Clothing Accessories:

Scarves, hats, headbands, and many other fashion accessories are made from this versatile fabric.

Caring for Barathea Fabric

When it comes to Barathea Fabric, you have to work with precision and accuracy. To take good care of this fabric, make sure you wash it gently with mild detergents. It is a good idea to get your suits, and formal dresses dry cleaned.

Try to shrink the fabric before use as there is a 10% shrinkage risk for all fabrics. Follow the instructions on the label attached to the garment. Dry it either in the dryer, or it is preferred to hang dry it. Now, if you have followed this set rules, then you are ready to show off your gorgeous and unique Barathea Fabric’s clothes!

Where to buy Barathea Fabric

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