Bernette 05 Academy Review Pros And Cons

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine
Sewers worldwide think of the Bernette 05 Academy as their best friend, and for good reasons. Sewing may seem like a simple activity on the surface. However, without the right tools, even the easiest projects can become challenging.
So a quality sewing machine is a must whether you’re a beginner or a pro sewer. The Bernette 05 Academy is just that. This machine may be impressive on paper. However, it is an absolute powerhouse while working. 
Bernette models feature a Swiss design, and the Swiss are notorious for their perfectionism. So does this machine reflect that eye for detail? This Bernette 05 Academy review will tackle that question and any others you may have.
Let’s find out whether this heavy-duty beauty could be the perfect addition to your sewing kit essentials!
Bernette 05 Academy FeaturesBernette 05 Academy ProsBernette 05 Academy Cons
Retractable Feed DogIt can handle a variety of sewing projects.Beginners may find this machine slightly confusing.
Large Extension TableThicker fabrics like vinyl, denim, canvas, and so on are easy to sew.It is not portable due to its weight.
Adjustable SpeedIt features two LED lights.It features a manual threader.
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureThe operation is relatively noiseless.
Versatile Stitch SelectionIt has a super-fast speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.
Multiple stitch options are available with this machine.
It has a heavy-duty frame for greater stability.
The power switch helps control the speed.
There is sufficient space to work due to the premium extension table.
Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine
Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus The Bernette 05 Academy comes with all the features you need and more! So this section will walk you through the most important ones. Here’s what our Bernette 05 Academy review identified as key features:

Retractable Feed Dog

You’ll adore the retractable feed dog feature if you’re a fan of free-motion sewing. Since you can adjust the feed dog height with a simple motion, no project is a challenge. In fact, working with tricky fabrics like velvet becomes a piece of cake as well.
When the feed dog is down, it loosens the machine’s grip on the fabric underside. So you will be in complete control of both the stitch length and position. For this reason, this feature is especially helpful when quilting or darning.

Large Extension Table

The Bernette  Academy features a top-notch extension table. So if you work on larger sewing projects, you’ll count this feature as a blessing. Despite its considerable size, this table is pretty easy to set up. Simply slide it on to attach it to the machine.

The rounded shape of the table makes guiding fabric over it super-easy. So quilters, in particular, will enjoy this feature. After all, it makes bulky projects entirely effortless.

Adjustable Speed 

First thing’s first, the Bernette 05 Academy is a super-fast sewing machine. Its maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute is notable in itself. However, what’s even better is that it features a speed limiter for optimal control.
If you’re going to create intricate designs, opt for half-speed at 650 stitches per minute. Or, switch to full speed if you want to produce long straight seams. The choice is yours.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

A knob on the Bernette 05 Academy adjusts the presser foot pressure. So you need not worry about a fabric feed that’s even slightly uneven. This feature makes working with fabrics of varying thickness a cinch. 

Increase the presser foot pressure if you find the fabric slipping out from under it. However, if it seems to be too tight to move, you need to decrease the pressure. A simple adjustment of the upper thread tension will ensure an ideal balance between it and the bobbin.

Versatile Stitch Selection

If there’s one thing the Bernette  Academy does right, it’s variety. The machine offers as many as 30 different stitch options! When you consider this, it’s hardly a surprise that it can support so many different projects. From seam stitching to quilting to embroidery, nothing is too complex for the Bernette  Academy.

Straight, zigzag, button stitches and backstitches may be sufficient for the novice sewer. However, if you want to enhance your capability, it’s best to go with a machine that offers variety.

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Bernette 05 Academy Pros

There’s a lot to love about the Bernette 05 Academy. For this reason, the machine has become a staple for many sewers. With so many advanced features, this hardly comes as a surprise. 

Here are the pros of the Bernette 05 Academy. Glance through these and decide for yourself whether this machine is worth it or not!

  • It can handle a variety of sewing projects.
  • Thicker fabrics like vinyl, denim, canvas, and so on are easy to sew.
  • It features two LED lights.
  • The operation is relatively noiseless.
  • It has a super-fast speed of 1,100 stitches per minute. 
  • Multiple stitch options are available with this machine.
  • It has a heavy-duty frame for greater stability.
  • The power switch helps control the speed.
  • There is sufficient space to work due to the premium extension table.

Bernette 05 Academy Cons

No matter how advanced a machine, it will have a few flaws. The same holds for the Bernette 05 Academy. Of course, these shortcomings are nothing to its long list of pros. Nevertheless, we will be taking a look at them.


  • Beginners may find this machine slightly confusing.
  • It is not portable due to its weight.
  • It features a manual threader.

Bernette 05 Academy Performance

The Bernette 05 Academy captures the hearts of sewers worldwide. Of course, this is largely due to its stellar performance. So in this section, we’ll go over the functioning of this Bernette model.


The Bernette 05 Academy’s Swiss influence means it looks quite aesthetic. Despite being a heavy-duty model, the machine screams elegance. Not only that but its dials and codes are easy to read. So even beginners shouldn’t have too much trouble using this appliance. 

However, there is one downside to this machine’s design. Since it is on the heavier side, portability is a struggle.


This model features a heavy-duty frame. So the Bernette 05 Academy can successfully handle rough usage. The body of the machine uses plastic, but this is equally sturdy. Not to mention, it comes with a robust and fast motor. 


Thanks to its powerful motor, the Bernette 05 Academy is relatively quiet. While that’s always a plus, you’re likely curious about the way it functions. Well, you can wave goodbye to jamming with this machine in your kit. A bit of oiling is always helpful for keeping operations smooth.


All aspects of the Bernette 05 Academy are relatively easy to use and understand. Of course, the overwhelming options can be a tad confusing to beginners. However, the appliance features simple, dedicated dials for each function. So it doesn’t take long for users to learn how they work.

The drop-in hook system makes the Bernette 05 Academy even easier to use. If you do have any trouble, though, you can always consult the simple manual.

How Does Bernette 05 Academy Stand Against Competition?

When it comes to competition, the Bernette 05 Academy knows how to hold its own. It provides several advanced features at a reasonable rate. However, is that enough to make it better than its competitors?

If not, these reasons sure do! Here’s why you should pick the Bernette 05 Academy over any other machine in the market!

  • Despite its low price tag, this machine offers many useful features.
  • It comes with a better accessory bundle than others.
  • Lower-priced models often can’t handle thicker fabrics. However, this machine is an exception to that rule.
  • This machine has a super simple setup, unlike others. The simple manual will clear any doubts users may have.
  • Heavy-duty machines often require a lot of maintenance. However, caring for this model is quite effortless.
  • Machines typically feature one LED light. On the other hand, this model has two.

Why Should You Choose Bernette 05 Academy?

There’s more than one reason why you should opt for the Bernette 05 Academy. Of course, it offers diverse features. However, it doesn’t stop there. Consider these additional benefits that come with this top-notch machine.

  • Cost-Effective: The Bernette 05 Academy is a heavy-duty machine with many advanced features. However, it still comes at a reasonable price. Anyone who’s on a budget will definitely appreciate this.
  • Diverse Projects: This machine can perform a variety of stitches and handle many different fabrics. So naturally, it is suitable for any number of projects. Whether you want to stitch a seam or sew a quilt, this appliance can do it.
  • Highly-Rated Brand: Bernette models come from Bernina, a powerhouse in the sewing industry. So performance is a priority in Bernette machines. Customer satisfaction comes in at a close second.
  • Ample Workspace: When working on larger projects, space often tends to be an issue. However, this model deals with that by providing a large extension table.    


Our Recommendation

Yes, the Bernette 05 Academy sewing machine is worth it! After considering its features, pros, and cons, we feel it is an ideal appliance. Our Bernette 05 Academy review believes that this machine can be the perfect companion to your sewing journeys.

So if you’re ready to get crafting, waste no time! Purchase the Bernette 05 Academy as soon as possible, and start sewing your dreams!

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