Best Top 7 Baby Lock Sergers Review Pros and Cons

Picking the best Top 7 Baby Lock sergers can feel like an overwhelming task because of the endless variety. Baby Lock was the first company to propagate the idea of Jet-Air Threading. Babylock Celebrate Serger

The brand has been dominating the serger market for more than 50 years now. 

One of the primary aims of Baby Lock was to introduce lightweight and portable sewing tools. The best Top 7 Baby Lock sergers depend on personal requirements. Despite being a comparatively younger brand in the market, Baby Lock has left no stone unturned. 
In this piece, we’ll explore some of the best-rated sergers from Baby Lock. We’ll also share some buyer’s guide tips so that you have a better grasp of serger functions. Let’s unstitch the reviews and see what Baby Lock products have to offer!

ImageProduct NameRecommendation
Babylock Celebrate Serger 1. Baby Lock Celebrate Best Reviewed
Baby Lock Accolade Serger 2. Baby Lock AccoladeBest for Beginners
Baby Lock Triumph Serger 3. Baby Lock TriumphBest Features
Baby Lock Victory Serger 4. Baby Lock VictoryBest Value

Babylock Celebrate Serger  Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Can you guess our favorite unit from the Baby Lock line-up? Yes, it’s the Baby Lock Celebrate! Sewing can seem like an intimidating affair for beginners. Moreover, the newbies might struggle with the advanced features of a high-end model. 
However, the Baby Lock Celebrate resonates with a beginner’s pain. The Celebrate variant will be a valuable boost to your sewing journey. It is a fine example of how effortlessly a budget model can carry out serger functions. 

Although it is affordable, it doesn’t compromise on its performance. Baby Lock Celebrate also allows you to work with various types of fabrics. You’ll also notice an incredible stitching speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. 

The low price of this serger has its negative consequences as well. Firstly, you might have to adjust the thread tension frequently. Furthermore, the single LED light incapable of illuminating the workstation completely. You might find working with Celebrate a tad tricky, especially with delicate sewing projects

Features Included

  • 1500 Stitches per minute
  • Adjustable presser foot height up to 6mm
  • Electronic foot control
  • Exclusive Fabric Support System
  • Jet-Air Threading
  • Micromatic Twin Cam Tension System
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Pure lighting with 1 LED light


  • Facilitates versatile operation 
  • Works smoothly with thick fabrics
  • Affordable price tag
  • Overwhelming stitching speed 
  • Convenient fabric support system 


  • Lighting might be insufficient 
  • Demands frequent adjustments while operation 
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  1. Baby Lock Victory 

Baby Lock Victory Serger Your hunt for the best Baby Lock sergers will come to an end with this model. If you are running on a shoestring budget, look no further. Baby Lock Victory defines a combination of affordability and performance. You’ll also receive a lot in terms of features. 

You’ll appreciate the fact that it is a no-tension adjustment serger. Baby Lock did a phenomenal job with the lighting. As a result, carrying out delicate projects will be easier. The effective serging on this unit leads to more finished seams. 

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The automatic needle threader is yet another feature that will help you beat the clock. However, you should know that some users report issues with the presser foot. Perhaps, the foot lacks complete sensitivity, which can be a concern. 

During our research for the best Baby Lock Sergers, we also spotted issues with the fabric support. Instead of saving up time, it comes on the way frequently and hinders the workflow. 

So, should you invest in the Baby Lock Victory? Considering all the features, pros, and cons, we would give a green signal for purchase. 

Features Included

  • Automatic thread delivery
  • Jet-Air threading 
  • 2 LED lights
  • Tubular loopers
  • Vertical needle penetration 
  • Fabric support system 


  • Effective dual light system for adequate illumination 
  • Convenient automatic needle threat for saving time
  • No efficient threat serging 
  • Requirement for adjusting thread tension
  • Cost-effective price tag 


  • Presser foot might be ineffective at times
  • Lacking fabric support system 
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  1. Baby Lock Acclaim

Baby Lock Acclaim Serger Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Our research tells us that the Baby Lock Acclaim has been the spotlight on the market. When you start getting into serious territory, that’s when you should consider Baby Lock Acclaim. Along with features, Acclaim holds the design to be equally important.  

The needle penetration feature in the serger is a thing of beauty as well. Baby lock Acclaim works with laser precision to offer the neatest stitches and precise results. You can also make some incredible fancy stitches with Acclaim. 

Wave stitch is one of the stitch designs which will give your projects a nice touch. You’ll notice that the Baby Lock Acclaim has a sturdy construction. This technology-driven serger has a wealth of time-saving features and functions. 

One thing that sets Acclaim apart from all the existing models in the market is the RevolutionAir threader. Besides, Baby Lock also grants a 25-year warranty to Acclaim buyers. 

Features Included

  • Jet-Air threading
  • Automatic thread delivery mechanism
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Single unit differential feed
  • One way clutch system to enhance knife driving 


  • Time and effort-saving needle threader
  • Multiple LED lights for ease
  • Wave switch 
  • Needle penetration is precise 
  • Adjusting stitch length is trouble-free


  • Pricing might be unjustified for the basic features 
  • Poot differential feed 
  1. Baby Lock Accolade 

Baby Lock Accolade Serger We can’t imagine a list of the best Baby Lock Sergers without having the Accolade model in it. If you are seeking a unit with top-notch performance, the Accolade might be perfect. It is one of the units that nails the essential functions and the advanced features like a pro. 

This unit also lets you get looper threading through several angles at the same time. By only pushing a button, you can get the automatic looper thread rushing to do its job. Even though this is a high-end appliance, it makes sure to take of the basics. 

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It feels like the unit equips everything from Baby Lock’s technological arsenal. However, you will see the great features of the Accolade affecting its price tag. There are 87-stitch options in the Accolade. Therefore, your projects will never feel mundane or typical. 

Features Included

  • One way clutch system
  • No tension adjustments
  • Looper drive system 
  • Full-featured differential feed
  • Fabric support system 
  • Adjustable presser foot height up to 6MM
  • An 87-stitch combination including the exclusive Wave Stitch


  • Easy button push for loop threading 
  • High-end model yet accessible Baby Lock serger
  • The tension adjustment process is smooth. 
  • Whopping 87 stitching combinations 
  • Constant multiple lopper threading 


  • Tricky multiple threads stitches 
  • It seems too pricey for beginners
  1. Baby Lock Triumph 

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Baby Lock Triumph Serger This one is a top-of-the-line home serging model, and it can diversify your sewing projects. It is a single-unit differential feed serger that delivers perfectly even stitches. Also, the 90-stitch options will indeed compel you to take up more sewing projects. 

Does your old machine vibrate too much and noisy too? Well, that won’t be a problem with the Baby Lock Triumph. Its premium-end features allow it to classify as one of the best Baby Lock sergers.

In particular, you’ll notice that most of the Baby Lock sergers don a 1,500 stitch speed. And this unit is no exception. The state-of-the-art tension dial revolutionizes the concept of a cover stitch. At the same time, the dial also lets you control three needles. 

By and large, the unit has all the top features and high-quality performance. Any professional sewist will find the functions to be extraordinary. 

Features Included

  • Dial adjustable built-in rolled hem
  • Bypass port and guide for a particular thread
  • Up to 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure dial
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Electronic foot control and separate power cord
  • Presser foot lever on the right


  • Incredible stitch speed and stitch varieties
  • RevolutionAir Looper Threading to avoid breakage and tangling
  • 25-year warranty backing the product and ensuring peace of mind 
  • Suitable for intricate sewing projects 


  • High-end unit at a costly price point
  • Advanced features not ideal for beginners
  1. Baby Lock Vibrant 

Baby Lock Vibrant Serger Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus When it comes to robust operation and versatility, not all Baby Lock sergers can offer that.  You’ll appreciate the compact size of the unit, especially if you travel with the serger. One thing that comes as a drawback for the appliance is the lack of advanced features. 

Nevertheless, Baby Lock vibrant is generous with stitch selections. There is also an option to buy an additional presser foot for more intricate projects. You can purchase blind hem beading foot, narrow feet, ruffling foot, and an elastic foot. 

Besides the various overlock stitch options, you can also find two and 3-thread rolled hem, flatlock stitches, and more. Do you frequently work with strength fabrics? In that case, you’ll adore the super stretch stitch option on this model. 

Similar to the other Baby Lock models, Vibrant too has a 1,500 stitch per minute capacity. Another thing the Baby Lock Vibrant boasts of is its 25-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

All in all, don’t judge this sewing beast by its small size. If your budget permits, we highly recommend you to go for the Baby Lock Vibrant. 

Features Included

  • Rolled hemming
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Electronic foot control
  • Snap-on, multi-purpose presser foot
  • Telescoping thread antennae
  • Lint tray
  • Easy color-coded threading


  • User-friendly features and easy to use
  • High-quality construction allows quiet operation
  • It comes with a load of extra accessories 
  • Helpful built-in seam guide 
  • Lint tray to keep area mess-free
  • Color-coded stitches for user convenience 


  • Cost is higher than the rest of the Baby Lock Line-up 
  • It doesn’t include any instructional DVD
  • It consists of a single presser foot only 
  1. Baby Lock Eclipse DX Serger 

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Seam Secrets Our list of the best Baby Lock sergers has a game-changer like the Eclipse DX Serger. The quiet and fast operation of the Eclipse DX serger will surprise you. Besides, it also features the patent Jet-Air system. The Jet-Air system is an automatic one-touch threading system. 

With this model, you’ll also have easy access to the control panel. There are push buttons on the unit to add to the user-friendliness of the product. What’s more, this beast can deliver 1,500 stitches per minute. 

Are you tired of your thread tangling? The tubular loop system makes sure that you do not have to struggle anymore. The protective tubes in the Eclipse DX Serger eliminate the need for thread guides.  

You’ll also love how the unit handles most materials. This unit here will sew up denim, cotton, polyester, or leather. We can imagine ourselves creating some unique textile crafts with Eclipse DX. 

You’ll also be happy to spot the variable stitch length feature. This attribute ensures that your rolled hemstitches are no longer a painful task. We love how the unit has color-coded guides for adding to the ease of use. 

Features Included

  • Vertical needle penetration
  • Rolled hemming with 3 or 2 threads
  • Full-featured differential feed
  • Exclusive fabric support system
  • Built-in needle threader
  • 4/3/2 thread serging
  • 10-year warranty 


  • Ultra-fast sewing speed on 1,500 stitches per minute
  • Color-coded guides facilitate east threading 
  • No tangling of threads with tubular looper system 
  • Differential feed adjusts from 2 to 1 ratio
  • Offers neat and high-quality outputs 
  • Comparatively quiet unit 


  • The automatic tension adjustment feature is missing.  

Best Baby Lock Sergers Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best Baby Lock serger includes a lot of homework and research. Each Baby Lock serger exists to serve a different purpose. 

You have to also take into account personal requirements while picking a Baby Lock model. 

Don’t rush yourself into making the wrong decision. This buyer’s guide outlines all the considerations of purchasing a Baby Lock serger. 

  • Sewing Skills

If you are new to the world of serging, you probably won’t be aware of using high-end models. For beginners, the serger model without any bells and whistles is the best option. Also, you shouldn’t be considering making a hefty investment at the initial learning stage.

Once you gain some skills and confidence, you can gradually shift to the high-end Baby lock sergers. Thankfully, the Baby Lock line-up consists of tools suitable for all experience levels. 

A starter model will offer you all the fundamental features to get started with the art of serging

  • Useful Features 

The best Baby Lock sergers will have the most advanced features. However, beyond the technology, you’ll also need the primary features and functions in your unit. These functions and features will make the serger more productive and user-friendly: 

  • Heavy-duty knife: A heavy-duty knife will ensure perfect finish cuts even with multiple layers of fabric. 
  • Comprehensive manual: The Baby Lock serger you choose should come with a complete user manual. 
  • Differential feed: This feature will help you feed dogs to avoid stretchy materials and knits from stretching or bunching. You can use it for ruffles and lettuce edges. 
  • Thread tension: Adjustable or automatic thread tension allows better control to the users. 
  • Color-coded threading: Not all the Baby Lock sergers come with color-coded threading. A lay-in threading and comprehensive threading guide are user-friendly features. 
  • Usage Frequency 

Sergers are not like stand-alone sewing machines. You should use the serger machines in concert with sewing tools. Your choice of Baby Lock serger should depend upon the usage frequency and type of use. 

For instance, if you want a serger to seams, hemming, and finishing edges, you can go with the overlock 2,3, or 4-thread sergers. On the contrary, if you want your serger to perform many cover stitch projects, you’ll want to invest in machines with a minimum of 5-threads. 

Therefore, when looking to buy the best Baby Lock sergers, don’t skip out on usage frequency

  • Price

Although not all the premium-end Baby Lock sergers turn out to be perfect, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on the price. We understand that everyone loves a good bargain. So, if you spot a Baby Lock serger on sale for only $100, you’ll rush to grab them.

You might be tempted to grab such a deal. However, the low-priced models might not be able to satisfy your serger requirements. Machines that use metal for their structure generally tend to be pricier. 

Not only metal structure machines are pricier, but they also have a long life span. Furthermore, a plastic employing machine might not serve you for longer. Remember, a second-hand Baby Lock serger might be a valuable investment than a low-priced and cheap model. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have more questions that you need answered? Worry not and simply check out a few of the most frequently asked questions right here!

1. How Often Should I Clean My Baby Lock Serger? 

Ideally, you should clean your Baby Lock Serger after every project. Large projects can result in a lot of lint buildup. Due to this reason, you can clean them up using an air compressor. Without adequate cleaning, your machine will be susceptible to noise and inconsistency. 

2. Is It Worth Buying A Baby Lock Serger? 

There are a host of features that come along with buying the best Baby Lock sergers. They are portable, lightweight, feature-packed. Depending on the model you buy, you can use the serger to complete a variety of projects. 

Compared to the other sergers in the market, Baby Lock is offering a better proposition

3. Where Can I Buy Baby Lock Serger? 

You can buy a Baby Lock serger from many online stores. Besides, you’ll also receive plenty of deals and discounts when you shop for Baby Lock serger online. Baby Lock sergers might also be available in your nearby sewing supply stores. 

Make sure to buy it from a verified dealer. Unverified entities might not uphold the warranty of Baby Lock sergers. 

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