5 Best Sergers for Beginners

For beginning sewers wanting to take their sewing skills to the next level and increase the range of projects they are able to complete, learning to use a serger is a great option.  The sergers in this buying guide are both affordable and have features that will help beginners easily set them up and complete their first projects on the serger.  Learning to use a serger will help you give a professional finish to garments and other sewing projects.


  • The Brother 1034D ¾ Thread Serger is an affordable option for beginners with easy threading and a brightly lit work space.
  • The Singer 14CG754 Serger offers color-coded threading, adjustable stitch length, and portable design for easy use.
  • The Janome 7933 Serger has a color-coded thread diagram, adjustable presser foot pressure, and multiple rolled hem styles for beginners to explore.

Best Sergers for Beginners

Here are our beginner serger reviews.

1. Brother 1034D ¾ Thread Serger

Brother 1034D 3_4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

The Brother 1034D model is a great affordable option for people who are new to using sergers. It has easy to follow, color-coded threading to make set-up a breeze. It uses standard sewing machine needles. The slide-off free arm makes it easy to access areas such as cuffs and hems and the work space is brightly lit, making accurate work simple.

  • 22 different stitch functions
  • Differential fabric feed
  • Three or four thread option

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2. Singer 14CG754 Serger

Singer 14CG754 Serger 2-3-4 Thread Capability Overlock with Blind

The Singer 14CG754 model has all the features which make it easy for beginning sewers to set up and use.  The color-coded thread diagram and lay-in thread system makes it easy to set up.  The extra high presser foot lift allows for work with many different types of material, and the free arm makes it easy to reach areas such as cuffs and hems. The feed is adjustable to create perfect seams on any type of fabric without pulling or puckering.

  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Portable
  • 4 styles of built-in rolled hems

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3. Brother 2340CV Advanced Serger

Brother, 2340CV, Cover, Advanced Serger, ColorCoded Threading Guide

The Brother 2340CV model is easy for beginners to set up and operate.  It is capable of working with 2, 3 or 4 threads and create cover stitches and chain stitches, with adjustable stitch length. The color-coded stitching guide and fast looper threading system makes this serger easy to set up. The stitch length can be adjusted using a convenient dial to find the perfect stitch length for any project.

  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Blind stitch foot included
  • 3mm to 6mm cover stitches

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4. Brother ST4031HD Strong and Tough Serger

Brother Serger, ST4031HD, Strong and Tough Serger, Durable Metal Frame Construction

The Brother ST4031HD model is a great choice for beginners because it is easy to set up and can be used with any type of fabric, from light to heavy weight. Color coded thread guides make this serger quick and easy to set up. The differential feed allows for smooth and even feeding of any type of material.  The included extension table also makes it easy to work with bulky projects or heavy duty fabrics.

  • Metal frame
  • Includes three interchangeable presser feet
  • Speeds of up to 1,300 stitches per minute

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5. Janome 7933 Serger

Janome 7933 Serger with Lay-In Threading, 3 and 4 Thread Convertible with Differential Feed

The Janome 7933 model is a great option for beginners wanting to take their sewing projects to the next level by learning how to use a serger. The color coded thread diagram is printed right on the machine, which makes it easy to follow, even for beginners. The threading area of the machine is also easy to access. The adjustable presser foot pressure makes it easy to use this serger with a range of materials, from light to heavy weight.

  • 3 or 4 thread option
  • Retractable upper knife
  • Multiple rolled hem styles

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Beginner Serger Buying Guide

best sergers for beginners review

There are several important features to consider for first time serger users.  One of the most important is to consider how easy it is to set the serger up and start using it.  All of the machines included in this buying guide have features which make them quick and easy to set up, even for someone who has never used a serger before. All of the sergers in this guide have a color coded threading guide printed right on the machine, so all you have to do is follow the guide to correctly thread the machine correctly every time.  Several of the sergers also feature lay-in or looper threading, which also makes them easy to set up correctly.  Easy access to the threading area is also helpful.

In addition to being quick and easy for a beginner to set up, the sergers in this buying guide are capable of working with a range of different materials, from heavy to light weight.  Some have adjustable presser foot pressure, to help the sewer find the perfect setting for feeding any type of material through the serger.  The sergers also feature three or four thread options and different cover stitch options so that beginners can find the perfect stitch type to use for the project they are creating.  Many can create rolled hems so that beginners can expand their options when using the serger to create ruffles to add to garments. Some of the sergers in this guide also allow stitch length to be adjusted so that the sewer can create the perfect stitch for any project.  Another feature to consider is what presser feet come with the serger.  Some of the sergers in this guide include specialized presser feet, such as blind hem feet, which expand the types of projects you can use the serger to complete.

By using this buying guide, any sewer can find the perfect serger which will be easy to set up and use for their first serger projects, but also include features they can use to expand their repertoire as they become more experienced with using the serger.

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