Top 5 Free DIY Baby Crochet Patterns

I am excited to share with you my top 5 free DIY baby crochet patterns from Hobbii. the Danish online yarn store that ships to the USA.

Here are my picks for the Top 5 Free DIY Baby Crochet Patterns.

Baby Bib Crochet Pattern

Top 5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns

This cute baby bib is the perfect project for those post-covid baby booms and adds a little touch of retro. The pattern is really easy and simple to do. I chose to make mine with Hobbii’s soft Baby Cotton yarn made of 100% certified organic cotton. They even have a non-dyed version!  It comes in packs too…see what I mean about a baby boom? I just couldn’t choose between these three cute buttons. 


Rhino Pram Chain for Babies, Free Crochet Pattern Design

rhino baby crochet toys

I couldn’t wait to rochet this adorable pram chain with 2 cute rhinos, Hollie and Herman for my niece. The Pram Chain is the perfect accessory for baby strollers and can be a unique homemade crochet gift for any newborn. I made mine with Rainbow Cotton 8/4, a superior quality cotton yarn. You can choose all the supplies you need to complete your pattern at Hobbii, your one-stop-shop for the best yarns.


Crochet Luxury Free DIY Baby Blanket Top 5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns

This super-soft baby blanket is made of Rainbow Bamboo, a 100% sustainable cotton yarn. The wrap is crocheted in a simple but beautiful design pattern. The baby blanket is breathable and regulates the baby’s temperature perfectly, which keeps the baby nice and comfortable while sleeping. 


Tumbler Duck Alfred Free Baby DIY Crochet Pattern 

Alfred the duck baby toy

Who wouldn’t want this adorable baby duck, every child’s best friend? Alfred has a wobble ball in the bottom. The wobble effect of Alfred will keep your baby entertained for hours. Alfred the Duck is the perfect present for any newborn or toddler. You’ll find everything you need to make this happy little duck on Make several in different sizes. After all, ducks are cuter by the dozen.


Dino Mobile, Baby Crib Crochet Design Top 5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns

These 4 cute dinos will hang perfectly above every baby crib. They are crocheted in Organic Baby Cotton yarn. There is no limit as to how creative you can be with the colors of this dino mobile. You could even make them all purple, like a famous dinosaur.


Do you need more inspiration for the perfect crochet project for babies? Hobbii currently has more than +100 free patterns for babies, toddlers, and children, which can be downloaded for free. Just search free patterns and look for what inspires you.


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