Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger Review

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger For the perfect finishing on hems and fabric edges, look no further than the Brother 1034D ¾ Thread Serger. Whether it’s linen, formal wear or stretchy fabrics and whether you’re looking to create a ruffled pattern or edges that are highly decorative, this thread serger is a worthy addition to any sewing room.

Additionally, it’s super simple to operate, features creative feet that are interchangeable, is highly reliable and comes with an amazing 22 stitch functions. With this thread serger, your stitching is sure to achieve a new level of quality!

Features of the Brother 1034D ¾ Thread Serger

Rich in a number of features that are designed to enhance the quality of stitching while keeping the user’s convenience in mind, the Brother 1034 D Thread Serger comes with a variety of features that will convince you of its efficiency and functionality.

Versatile Stitch Options

As mentioned, the 1034D comes with a variety of stitch options, such as 3 and 4-thread overlocks, rolled and narrow hems and ribbon-lock stitches.

Brother 1034D StitchesDifferential Fabric Feed

In order to ensure better stitching quality regardless of the fabric used, the differential fabric feed feature — with a feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0 — is especially helpful when you have to sew thin, knitted or stretch fabrics.

Easy Threading Facility

With different color codes for the lay-in threading and an efficient lower looper threading system to keep the thread in place, threading has never been easier to follow or achieve!

Extremely Fast

This thread serger can max out a whopping 1,300 stitcher per minute without compromising on the quality of each stitch. This ensures you get the work done twice as fast without sacrificing on the quality of the end product.

Brother 1034D Thread Settings

Stitch Width Is Adjustable

The stitching width on the 1034D ¾ Thread Serger can be adjusted between 5 to 7 mm from the left needle, ensuring that each stitch is the perfect, desired width.

Free Arm Is Removable

The removable free arm can be slid off when serging items that are cylindrical, such as sleeves.

Can Be Used with Standard Needles

The 1034D doesn’t require any special needles; it can be used with most standard sewing machine needles.

Brother 1034D Stitch WidthOther Features

The 1034D also has a ton of other features, such as:

  • A bilingual (English and Spanish) instruction manual and CD.
  • An adjustable on/off knife feature which is great for pintucks and flatlock; is operated using a simple lever.
  • The foot presser pressure can be fully adjusted as per the stitching required (loose for lightweight fabrics to sew curves more easily and prevent puckering and higher pressure for heavy fabrics).
  • The stitch finger is removable.
  • Well-lit workspace.
  • Optional feet are available.
  • A limited warranty of 25 years and free phone support throughout the product’s life.
  • Overall Dimensions: 11 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches.
  • Product Weight:05 pounds.


  • The removable stitch finger ensures that stitches are well formed, especially along the edges of the fabric.
  • The well-lit needle area negates the need for any exterior or task lights.
  • The product is backed by a great warranty that indicates the manufacturer’s faith in the product.
  • The adjustable pressure on the foot presser ensures high-quality stitching, regardless of the type and weight of the fabric.
  • Color-coded thread guides and lower looper threading system ensures that the thread is done easily; along with the 1,300 stitches per minute, this ensures quick completion of any project.
  • It comes with a ton of versatile stitching options that make it ideal for a variety of fabrics and finishes.
  • The differential fabric feed ensures that stitches are even and consistent in quality.


  • Though the product comes with a bilingual instruction manual and CD, many users have found the resolution of the video extremely low, making it difficult to watch and follow.
  • The rolled-hem feature can only be used on certain fabrics (those that are relatively thinner).
  • Owing to the location of all the controls on the machine’s left side, it may take some getting used to for right-handed users.
  • Some users also found the machine to be loud, though regular oiling might help improve this situation.
  • The sewing machine isn’t equipped with the facility to chain or cover stitch.
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With a ton of great features that strike the right balance between quality and user convenience, the Brother 1034D ¾ Thread Serger is a must consider for those who are looking to improve the quality of their stitching.

Even better, they can do so in half the time that other machines take, given the 1034D’s amazing stitch speed and user-friendly features. Overall, a machine engineered to give you the perfect stitches with the most convenience!

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