Angola Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Angola Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

You may have heard of Angola, the country, related to nations with massive oil reserves. But it may be one of the few countries whose culture and historical background grows richer and more popular with time. If you have had the pleasure of going to Angola for a vacation, you will agree with us that it is the more surreal and culturally dense nation in the world.

The fabric made in Angola is distinct and unique in many ways, like its origin country. So, it carried the name of origin country and is now traded worldwide as the gorgeous Angola Fabric. This twill fabric can be plain too, is made from the blend of Angola yarn weft and cotton warp. It is the pride of Angola and an item they are vastly famous for.

History of Angola FabricFabric made in Angola has a rich history and cultural significance.
Properties of Angola Fabric– Light-weight and breathable.
– Diverse prints in vibrant colors.
– Soft and sturdy, comfortable on the skin.
– Affordable yet high-quality fabric.
Uses of Angola Fabric– Clothing: formal and casual wear.
– Accessories: headbands, turbans, headscarves.
Caring for Angola FabricProper care can make the fabric last for years.
Where to buy Angola FabricRecommended retailer:
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History of Angola Fabric

The Angola Fabric has been created since the community of the residents lived together. It marked its definitive territory on the world map on 11th November 1975, as before that, it was just a colony. The fabric had been made here for a long time. Possible before the 1600s.

The women were and still are quite fond of the fabric’s material, texture, and properties that cannot be matched by its rivals.  The vibrant prints, intricate embroidery, skillful weaving, and knitting made it an asset to the textile industry, and the world adored this fabric.

This fabric was used in its raw and original form, but later people began blending it with cotton, wool, silk, worsted fabrics, and other textiles to make it more useful.

Properties of Angola Fabric:

Angola Fabric is the pride of the country and is recognized and bought globally. It has a certain cultural significance that tells people a beautiful story about the country, its history, and customs. It has many exclusive features because of which it is so popular like:


Even though this fabric is a blend of different fibers, it is easy to carry and not bulky at all. You can wear this fabric all day without feeling suffocated or contained uncomfortably in a dress. You can wear it casually or even for ceremonial occasions, as it is light and breathable.

Diverse prints:

The prints and mellow colors are, without a doubt, the incredible highlight of this fabric. They are vibrant and captivating. You can style them in any way you want, and it will look chic and trendy.

Soft and Sturdy:

The proportion of Angola and cotton material is significantly high, which makes it sturdy as well as soft. It touches with your skin and doesn’t itch or causes allergy. The material is silky smooth, and comfortable.


The best part about this fabric is its reasonable price. This may come as a shock to you, but this imported, vintage, and the culturally rich fabric is not at all expensive. Though, there is no compromise on the quality. The fabric is still high-end and fine.

Uses of Angola Fabric

Like all other Fabrics, Angola’s applications can be classified majorly into the following categories:


This fabric is used widely to tailor fashion dresses that are stylish and trendy. It is used to make formal and casual wear dresses like gowns, baggy shirts, and even skirts.


This fabric is used widely in making hair accessories like headbands, turbans, and headscarves.

Caring for Angola Fabric

It is important to take care of this fabric as it can last years. Make sure you wash it gently, with mild detergents, and fold it neatly. It can brighten up your wardrobe and the whole outfit. So, maintain this gorgeous fabric well!

Where to buy Angola Fabric

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