Bernette 340 Deco Review Pros And Cons

Bernette 340 Deco
Use your creativity to make custom designs with none other than Bernette 340 Deco sewing machine. Now, it has become handy to create and design apparel and accessories with this effective sewing machine.
Bernette 340 Deco Features– Simple Positioning With Drag And Drop
– Versatile Embroidery Options
– Free Arm
– Spacious Embroidery Area
– LCD Screen
Bernette 340 Deco Pros– Large bedplate
– Built-in design editor
– Built-in USB connection and memory
– Factory-installed fonts
– Included trolley for portability
– 2-year warranty
Bernette 340 Deco Cons– High price point
– May be challenging for beginners
Bernette 340 Deco Performance– Stylish, sleek white look
– Provides customization of designs
– Suitable for both beginners and professionals
How Does Bernette 340 Deco Stand Amongst Competition?– Offers large working space
– Provides 100 feed-dog drops and stitching speed of 750 per minute
– Front-located LED screen for easy access
– Thread color indicators and built-in charts for thread selection
– Automatic thread cutter for easy thread shift
– Free arm feature for sewing tubular items
– Better warranty than most models in the same price range
Why Should You Choose Bernette 340 Deco?– Trusted brand
– User-friendly features
– Highly efficient with 100 built-in designs and multiple editing features
Our RecommendationGiven its features and ease of use, Bernette 340 Deco stands out among its competitors. It is a reliable choice for projects that require tailor-made designs.
Bernette formed as an independent brand by combing the two names,  Bernina, the company, and its owner and founder, Odette Ueltschi. Moreover, Bernette is popular for over-locking machines, embroidery machines, sewing machines, and textile accessories. 
The article will discuss whether Bernette 340 Deco is worth purchasing or not. Should you buy the sewing machine or not? You will get your answers after reading the review.
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Bernette 340 Deco Features

The features section will help you understand how this super-advanced machine enables you to use your creative freedom. Without any further delay, let’s begin to discuss the features of this impressive sewing and embroidery machine.

Simple Positioning With Drag And Drop

Do you want to take complete control over the embroidery design? If yes, then this machine’s convenient drag and drop function allows you to create any embroidery design as you want. All you need to do is select the design from the screen and drag it where you want to make the design.

The machine will move the selected design over the embroidery area, and you get perfect, high-quality stitches. Additionally, the ease of handling has made it convenient to enjoy true creative pleasure. Thus, you get an intuitive and precise operation in a single machine.

Versatile Embroidery Options

The Swiss-made Bernette Sewing and Embroidery machine is one excellent computerized machine. It includes multiple features to make the sewing process easier and more fun. Moreover, the machine is digital and allows you to work with simple functions.

In terms of embroidery options, you will get the following from this machine:
  • 100 in-built embroidery designs
  • Two monograms and three font designs
  • Opportunity for editing and color modifications
  • Ten bobbin packs
The machine comes with a monochrome display to edit any design using the actions such as rescaling, mirroring, rotation, and flipping. Also, you can resize the font and make color changes as per your needs.

Free Arm 

Most machines don’t allow you to create stylish designs for pants, cuffs, or sleeves. With Bernette 340 Deco, you can create stylish and customized pant or sleeve finishes. How? The free arm will let you do that.

The free arm allows you to pull it easily over the fabric or any project you are working on for accurate guiding. Thus, you can use different embroidery for designs on the project at a time. Therefore, the machine makes an exceptional tool to keep your creative ideas running as you perform embroidery. 

Spacious Embroidery Area

The sewing machine features a wide embroidery area of 7.9″ X 5.5″ (200 X 140 mm). It allows you to embroider designs with ample space to make motif combinations and creative designs. Thus, you can embroider easily over the large fabric without any disruption.

Also, the versatility of the machine is hard to miss, with which you can make elaborate and complex designs. The larger area means you can finish more work in less time.

LCD Screen

The Bernette 340 Deco includes a built-in touchscreen at the front. The touchscreen operation allows you to position and alters any design while ensuring a smooth workflow and assured accuracy.

Apart from that, the machine features a time display. As soon as you begin to embroider, it will show how much time the machine will take to complete the design. Moreover, the screen will display the time left to complete the stitch while you are embroidering.

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Bernette 340 Deco Pros

Let’s discuss the pros of Bernette 340 Deco:

  • The large bedplate provides a spacious working space.
  • There is a built-in design editor.
  • You have access to a built-in USB connection and memory.
  • There are factory-installed fonts to customize according to the project.
  • You can carry the machine in a stylish and efficient trolley.
  • There is a two-year warranty on the product.

Bernette 340 Deco Cons

No product cannot be without any flaws. With advantages, there come the drawbacks. So, the cons of Bernette 340 Deco are as follows:

  • The price can be slightly costly.
  • The instructions and working with the computerized machine can be challenging for a beginner.

Bernette 340 Deco Performance

With many options for combining and editing designs and extra-large embroidery space, the machine can become your perfect sewing partner.

Let’s review how the machine performs on different traits such as design, customized designs, and ease of use.

Design and Physical Attributes

The Bernette 340 Deco Machine offers a stylish and sleek white look. The machine comes in a combo pack which includes the appliance along with a set of accessories. Moreover, you can start making the embroidery after unpacking right away.

The all-white look provides the machine an artistic style. Apart from that, the machine has a USB port where you can send your own designs to make customized embroidery.

Customized Designs

You can make custom designs with the machine. It allows you to resize, mirror, or rotate all the given embroidery designs. Also, the micro-rotation function will enable you to rotate the steps by one degree.

You can even mirror the letters and numbers within few seconds. Additionally, you can personalize and add effects in any of the chosen designs as per your project needs.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner; the machine will fulfill all your embroidery requirements. Besides, it comes with an upper thread indicator that will stop the machine if the spool is empty or when the upper thread breaks.

The automatic thread cutter will cut the bottom and top thread automatically as you change the thread color. Also, you can activate the manual cut with a simple key.

With this machine, you can access a huge library to find the perfect design for your embroidery project. Thus, it is a host of multiple features and functions.

How Does Bernette 340 Deco Stand Amongst Competition?

Being a costly sewing and embroidery machine, how does it compete with other machines at the same price? Also, how can you be sure that this is the right machine for you?

This section deals with informing you how Bernette 340 Deco stands out from its competitors.

  • You will not find many models in the same price range with such ample working space. Moreover, it enables you to complete your urgent orders in no time.
  • Not all models can provide you with the 100 feed-dog drops and stitching speed of 750 in a minute.
  • The LED screen allows you to select the design and make the changes conveniently. Further, it is located at the front for easy access.
  • The thread color indicators and built-in charts allow you to pick the specific threads.
  • The automatic thread cutter will also make it easy for you to shift from one thread to another.
  • The free arm feature will let you sew tubular items such as pants, legs, or sleeves.
  • Lastly, the warranty is also better than most models in the same price range.

Why Should You Choose Bernette 340 Deco?

If you search for an excellent and reliable sewing machine, Bernette 340 Deco is your best choice. It includes plenty of features to edit and customize your designs. Thus, it is more helpful for sewing fans who would like to experiment with designing.

That’s not all; you have more reasons to buy this handy sewing machine.

  • Trusted Brand: You can never go wrong with Bernette. The brand makes sure that you receive high-quality in terms of performance, features, and build.
  • User-Friendly: The computerized features are not all difficult to understand and work with. Furthermore, it will take only a few minutes to get started with the design.
  • Highly Efficient: With 100 built-in designs and multiple editing features, you can create custom and trained designs of your choice.

Our Recommendation 

Now, you can judge how productive you find the functioning and features of the Bernette 340 Deco Sewing Machine. Among its competitors, the machine stands out due to its supreme features and ease of use.

No doubt, the machine is known to be a masterpiece that Bernette produced. Lastly, it is reasonable to say that the Bernette 340 Deco is worth trying if your project needs to deal with tailor-made designs.

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