Bandana Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Bandana Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to BuyBandanas look so cool, don’t they? When you wear them in your hair, and they completely transform your look—the soft, bright colors against the white intricate and dainty print. You can wear them any way you like, and it will catch the attention of everyone. This item will always remain iconic, no matter in which fashion era we live.

For the past many years, you can see bandanas everywhere! From Johnny Depp rocking them in his famous Pirates of the Caribbean look to the 90’s celebrities looking ravishing and empowering in the vintage bandanas.

This fabric is available in printed styles and is either made from a combination of silk and cotton or just silk or cotton. The base color usually remains the same; black, blue, and red. The print on the fabric is commonly white but has different patterns and floral designs.

History of Bandana Fabric

Have you ever imagined where did this fabric, that has taken ample space in your wardrobe, originated from? It is believed that in the late 17th to early 18th century, bandanas were designed in India and other Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.

The trade between England and India triggered the use of Bandanas as a fashionable and must-have accessory. It is believed that Martha and George Washington were gifted a beautiful bandana that exuded the patriotic essence as it was dyed in the American flag colors. Philadelphia gave this gift as a gesture of goodwill.

The word Bandana is loosely translated into bond and in textile terms a bound or tied cloth. This piece of fabric boasts about fashion history, trends, and social functions nearly 300 years ago.

Properties of Bandana Fabric

Easily Dyed:

The fibers of this fabric are good absorbers of dyes, and the colors of this fabric do not fade quickly.

Easily Printed:

This fabric can be printed easily, and even it can be sewn on embroidered on without any significant difficulty.


This fabric does not itch the skin, and it feels comfortable when worn.


You can easily breathe in this fabric and not feel trapped or suffocated. That is why many farmers, bikers, and many pedestrians are seen wearing this fabric as a mask to seek protection from polluted air.

Uses of Bandana Fabric:

Head Accessories:

This piece of cloth is worn on the head in many stylish and elegant ways. It looks trendy and chic.


This square fabric is used as a mask that most bike riders and workers wear. It looks more stylish than ordinary surgical masks and provides similar protection from dust.


The design of Bandana Fabric allows it to be tailored as a beautiful and elegant tablecloth.


Sometimes, this Bandana Fabric is used to design trendy clothes, like fancy gowns, skirts, blouses, and even dress-shirts for women.

Furnishing and Decorative:

Beautiful crafts and decoratives are made from this fabric. It is also popular in the making of curtains, mats, and even pillowcases.

Patriotic and Political Campaigns:

The prints and designs of Bandanas are created in such a way that they can depict a political and even patriotic stance.

Caring for Bandana Fabric

To wear Bandana fabric for decades to come, make sure you hand wash it. Use mild detergents and let it hang to dry. Do not use harsh chemicals or heating products. Take good care of this fabric!

Where to buy Bandana Fabric

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