Crepe De Chine: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy


Introduction to Crepe De Chine

If you have a good knowledge of fabrics, then you have surely heard of Crepe De Chine. This fabric is one of the great fabrics in the textile industry, like . It is either made of complete silk weft and wraps or hard spun worsted weft and silk wrap. In both ways, it has a good amount of silk used in it. Moreover, some manufacturers also use nylon, polyester, acetate, or rayon to make this fabric.

Crepe de chineHistory, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy
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It has a three-dimensional texture due to the treatment method and weaving of Crepe De Chine. Moreover, it also has a unique rippling, which is loved by the users of this fabric.

History of Crepe De Chine

As the name itself suggests, Crepe De Chine is a French word. This fabric has been originated in France. However, the time and exact location are still unknown. In the old days, this fabric was mainly used for the production of clothes for females. Additionally, with time, Crepe De Chine’s use evolved, and now using it just for female clothing is considered an outdated fashion as designers are also using it to make clothes for males.

Some other sources also state that this fabric’s history dates back to the middle ages. It was considered the fabric of allied class and the Chinese Imperial family’s privilege. However, this fabric’s actual fame started in the 1960s when the Hollywood stars wore Crepe De Chine on the red carpet.

Properties of Crepe De Chine

Some properties of Crepe De Chine are as follows.

Great Breathability

This fabric has great breathability, especially the ones made of natural materials. This allows it to be

an amazing fabric for warm weather.

Higher Resistance Against Wrinkles

The Crepe De Chine provides superior resistance against wrinkles. In fact, it is considered one of the distinctive characteristics of this fabric.

Super Light

This fabric has lightweight, which is again why most people choose it for making summer clothing.

Festive Appearance

The Crepe De Chine is made of pure silk, which drapes well. It has muted luster. Both of these qualities make it appear superb.

Common Uses of Crepe De Chine

Some common uses of Crepe De Chine are discussed below.


The major use of this fabric is found in apparel, especially for making summer clothing. All people love the dresses and shirts made of this fabric. People choose to wear them, especially during summer, due to their higher breathability.


The Crepe De Chine is also used for making various accessories like scarves and evening wear. Moreover, you will also find some other lightweight clothing items made of this fabric.

Caring for Crepe De Chine

Since the major part of this fabric is made of silk, its care instructions also resemble silk. Dry cleaning is a highly recommended option for Crepe De Chine. While washing it using the washing machine, make sure to select a delicate cycle. You can also wash it by hand. Usage of soft gels is recommended. However, if you use soap powders, the quality might be damaged.

Do not dry it under direct sunlight. Moreover, it is better to soak it using a cotton towel before hanging it under the shade. While ironing it, apply comparatively cool iron on the fabric’s backside.

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