5 Best Fabrics for Handkerchiefs

Making zero waste, reusable handkerchiefs can be a great way to save money and reduce waste. Cotton and linen are usually very popular choices for making handkerchiefs. They are natural fabrics, are strong and durable, are breathable, absorb moisture, and they also are usually quite easy to launder and care for. Linen and cotton are often soft fabrics, which is also important.
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Best Fabric for Handkerchiefs

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Here are our fabric for handkerchiefs reviews

1. Kaufman Library

Kaufman Library Tigers Jade

Quilting cotton is very versatile and can be used for many different projects. Cotton is durable, absorbent, and usually is easy to wash. Quilting cotton might be stiffer when it’s new, but after a few washes, it generally becomes soft. This cotton is quite easy to sew with and has a soft hand right from new.

  • This fabric is 100% cotton and is lightweight
  • Comes in 44” width and is available in over twenty different colors and prints
  • Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low heat

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2. 100% European Hancherchief Linen

100 European Handkerchief Linen Black

This lightweight linen can be a great fabric to make handkerchiefs from. Linen is a good fabric with many different benefits. Linen has a luxurious feel, is very strong and durable, breathes well, and is absorbent. These are all great features for a handkerchief to have. This fabric is quite budget friendly, especially for linen. Linen is also very versatile and it can be used for many different apparel items as well.

  • This lightweight fabric is made from 100% linen
  • Comes in 58” width
  • Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low heat

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3. Nerida Hansen Wildlife Treasures

Nerida Hansen Wildlife Treasures Leopards Pastel

Organic cotton can make some really nice handkerchiefs. Cotton is durable, but soft, washes well, and holds up to a lot of use. Cotton is also soft and this line of fabric has the added benefit of being better for the environment. As a huge bonus, this line of fabric comes in some really fun colors and prints. Cotton is also very versatile and can be used for many other projects, which helps use up any leftover fabric.

  • The fabric is GOTS certification guideline compliant and was dyed using low impact dyes
  • This fabric is made from 100% cotton and is lightweight
  • Comes in 44” width

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4. Cloud9 Forest Jewels

Cloud9 Fabrics Organic Forest Jewels Dark Blooms Navy

Cotton is a very versatile fabric that can be used for many different projects. Cotton is a great fabric for handkerchiefs because it breathes well and is generally absorbent, as well as being durable and soft. While some people find quilting cotton can be a little bit stiff, that new fabric stiffness generally goes away with a few washings.

  • This fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and is lightweight
  • Machine wash cold on gentle, tumble dry low heat and remove right after drying- use non-chlorine bleach only
  • Comes in 44” width

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5. Kaufman Linens Palette

Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend Denim Blue

Linen and cotton are both popular fabric for making handkerchiefs. Linen and cotton are both durable fabrics, but they are also soft, absorbent, and breathe well. This line of linen fabric comes in over thirty different colors to choose from. Linen is also a great fabric to use for many different apparel items, and even for household accents like window treatments.

  • This fabric is a blend of 60% linen and 40% cotton
  • Comes in 53” width
  • Machine wash on gentle and dry to make the fabric soft

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Fabric for Handkerchiefs Buying Guide

Linens and cottons are most popular for making handkerchiefs. It is better to use natural fabrics, instead of synthetic fabrics or synthetic blends. Linen is likely the most popular choice, but cotton/linen blends, and cottons also will work. 100% cotton is going to be one of the best choices when it comes to buying cotton, and option for organic cotton can also be a good choice.

Ease to Make

Making handkerchiefs can be quite easy. Even beginner sewers can make one. Essentially, sewing a handkerchief is just sewing in straight lines. Of course, other kinds of handkerchiefs can be made. Make them as fancy as you like. Some people even choose to add trims or embroider their creations after. Handkerchiefs can be really fun to make as they can be made from cotton, which is usually widely available in many colors and prints.

Budget Friendly

Handkerchiefs are generally made from linen or cotton, which are often quite budget friendly. Sometimes linen can be a little bit pricier, but there are fabric lines that are quite affordable. Linen also has some really great properties that make the fabric worth purchasing. Handkerchiefs are also a smaller project, so that helps stretch your fabric budget even further.

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