Singer M1500 Review Pros And Cons

The Singer M1500 Review Pros and Cons is a lightweight and portable sewing machine. It is an updated version of the Singer Start 1304 sewing machine. The M1500 is a simple, user-friendly tool and is perfect for beginners who are just stepping into the exciting sewing world.

The Features of the Singer M1500– Presser Feet: Comes with an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, and a buttonhole foot
– Stitch Applications: 57 stitch applications for different projects and fabric types
– Stitch Selection Dial: For selecting preset stitches
– Built-In Free Arm: For easy sewing of pants and trousers
– Twin Needle Sewing: For stitching two parallel lines at the same time
– LED Light: To illuminate workspace
Pros of the Singer M1500– Full-sized machine with basic features
– Affordable
– Wide range of stitch options
– Portable and lightweight
– Ideal for beginners
Cons of the Singer M1500– Four-step buttonhole is difficult to learn
– Manual needle threading
– Stitch length and width cannot be changed
– Installing the bobbin can be a hassle
Performance of the Singer M1500– Easy to set up
– Works best with small mends and alters to thick fabrics, not ideal for multi-layered thick fabric stitching
– Sewing buttonholes is challenging for beginners
Comparison with Competition– Wider range of preset stitches than competitors
– Sleek, compact design makes it portable
– Full metal frame for durability
– Affordable with more features than competitors at same price point
RecommendationsIdeal for beginners due to ease of use and basic features. Also recommended as a second machine for quick or small projects. It’s durable with excellent warranty.

Buying the perfect sewing machine is not an easy task. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced sewing artist, your instrument can make or break your project. So, it would help if you chose a machine which is best suited for your needs. 

This article will break down everything there is to know about the Singer M1500 Review and guide you through its features, pros, and cons.

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The Features Of The Singer M1500

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Singer M1500 Sewing Machine Review Pros and Cons

The Singer M1500 is one of the best entry-level machines available in the market. Since it is an entry-level machine, many of its features are basic and bare essentials. As a result, the accessories you get with the Singer M1500 are also extremely useful and easy to use.

Here are some of the Singer M1500’s top features.

Presser Feet

The Singer M1500 comes with three different presser feet. Presser feet are an essential part of sewing, and they make your stitching process easier and convenient. The Singer M1500 comes with an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, and a buttonhole foot.

The all-purpose foot gets used for straight line and zig-zag stitching. You can identify them as the two toe-like parts located on either side of the needle. 

The zipper foot gets used specifically while stitching a zipper, and you can fit it to either side of the needle.

The buttonhole foot helps you add buttonholes to your fabric. It works hand in hand with the one-step or four-step buttonhole sewing machines. 


Stitch Applications

The Singer M1500 has 57 stitch applications, and you can choose a stitch application depending on the project and fabric you’re working with.

Some of the stitch variations are the straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, satin stitch, blind hemstitch, scallop stitch, etc. 

All of these stitches help you work with multiple different fabrics and styles. This simple feature helps inexperienced sewists learn different stitching techniques.


Stitch Selection Dial

Many expensive and complex sewing machines come with digital screens and interfaces. Hence they are not easy to use, especially for beginners, which is not the case with the Singer M1500. 

To select your preset stitch, you have to turn the circular dial. It removes the complexity of selecting the length, width, and other factors for your stitch.

Built-In Free Arm

A free arm is an open space used while sewing. You can easily sew pants and trousers with the free arm. In the Singer M1500, the accessories compartment is easily removable. It leaves you with the perfect free arm.

The free arm helps create a more compact workspace, and you can also wrap small circular items around it. 

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Twin Needle Sewing

The Singer M1500 has twin needle sewing. That means it can stitch two parallel lines are the same time.

This feature gets used for decorative stitching. You may use twin needles to create pintucks, decorative topstitching, and professional-looking hems.

LED Light 

The Singer M1500 machine comes with a LED light to illuminate your workspace. This light turns on when you switch on your machine. 

It’s especially useful to see dark stitches on darker fabrics and come in handy while you thread your needles. 

Pros Of The Singer M1500

The Singer M1500 is one of the best machines available in the market. The Singer M1500 offers some undeniable advantages. It is the perfect start to your journey in sewing.

Each machine comes with its own set of flaws. Some might be deal breakers for you, and some might not. This list will help you identify which cons affect you and whether the Singer M1500 is the best choice for you.

How Is The Singer M1500’s Performance? 

The Singer M1500 Review Pros and Cons have a lot of amazing features.  As a result, they pack a whole lot of performance with them. Let’s break down the performance aspects of the Singer M1500. 

Ease Of Set-Up 

The Singer M1500 comes with all the accessories in the box. The needles, foot controller, bobbins, spool pin felt, and three presser feet are all packed with your machine. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to fully set up your machine. 

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The instruction manual is very easy to understand and will surely help you in setting up. However, Singer has recently gone paperless, so you can access the manual online or print it out.

Stitching Thick Fabrics

The Singer M1500 works best with small mends and alters to thick fabrics. This is not a heavy-duty machine. It would be best if you didn’t use it for multi-layered thick fabric stitching. 

The Singer M1500 sewing machine can work on denim or canvas, provided you choose the right needle and thread. The extra-high presser foot lift can assist you with thick fabrics, but that is not its intended full-time use.

Sewing Buttonholes

Sadly, one of the biggest drawbacks of the Singer M1500 is the four-step manual buttonhole. Other machines have a one-step automatic buttonhole. 

To stitch a buttonhole, you need to determine the length, width and position it. Then, you need to stitch each of the four steps and turn the dial for each stitch from steps one through four.

This feature is simple once you get the hang of it but is fairly tough for beginners. 

How Does The Singer M1500 Fare Against The Competition? 

The Singer M1500 is the most basic entry-level machine you can get. The competition at this level is intense. Evidently, the Singer M1500 still comes out on top. Here’s how it tackles all the competition – 

  • The Singer M1500 has a wide range of preset stitches, which makes it easy for beginners. Other machines usually need you to set your stitch specifications.
  • It has a sleek and compact design which makes it portable and easy to carry around. Other machines are usually too large or heavy to move around.
  • The full metal frame makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. Other sewing tools don’t have this kind of durability or build quality. 
  • The price is extremely affordable and reasonable. The Singer M1500 offers a lot more features as opposed to other machines at this price point.

Should You Buy The Singer M1500?

The Singer 1500 has many reasons for being the ideal purchase. Here are a few reasons why this machine might appeal to you!

  • Ease of use – The Singer M1500 is the easiest machine to use. With preset stitches and an easy dial to make your selections, using this machine is very simple.
  • Perfect for beginners – This machine packs all the essential features needed for beginners. This machine is the best for your journey into the world of sewing.
  • Best second machine – If you need to sew quickly or for small projects, this machine is the best. It packs all the essentials that you will need for any basic project. 
  • Durable – The build quality of the Singer M1500 is like no other. The full metal frame and quality needles and accessories are of the highest quality.
  • Warranty – Singer M1500s comes with an excellent warranty. This warranty is proof of Singer’s quality and care for its customers.


Our Recommendation

The Singer M1500 is the best machine to buy if you are a beginner. It comes packed with features and tools that will help you get better at sewing. The various stitch applications and accessories are extremely easy to use and master. 

This machine does have its flaws, but they aren’t anything that should be a problem for beginners. Manual threading and the complicated buttonhole are the main cons. These cons are easily beat once you get used to the machine and get some practice. 

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Singer M1500 and start your journey into sewing today!

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