Discover the 5 Ultimate Best Fabric for Aprons

When it comes to making an apron, there are many different types of fabric that can be used. Cotton is a popular choice because there are so many different colors and patterns available to choose from. Muslin is another choice that is quite popular for aprons, especially for those for home use. It might come as a surprise to learn that nylon or coated fabrics can also be great for making an apron. Fabrics like leather are also a good choice for industrial or work aprons.
Best Fabric for Aprons– Cotton + Steel Checkers Yarn
– 60″ Cotton Muslin Natural Beige
– QT Fabrics Chef’s Special
– Nylon Pack Cloth
– Polka Dot Red
Why I Love Making ApronsDiscusses personal enjoyment in making aprons due to the comfort, style, stain resistance, color and pattern variety, and durability of chosen fabrics.
Fabric Types and Their Benefits– Cotton: Versatile, durable, breathable, wide range of colors and patterns.
– Muslin: Durable, breathable, versatile, suitable for home use.
– Nylon/Coated Fabrics: Water-resistant, suitable for activewear or outdoor gear.
– Quilting Cotton: Easy to use, available in various designs, suitable for household use.
Fabric for Aprons ReviewsReviews of five fabrics suitable for apron making, discussing their features, versatility, and care instructions.
Fabric for Aprons Buying GuideDiscusses different styles of aprons, how they can save money by protecting clothing, and how adding embellishments can make aprons unique.
Recommended ReadingList of suggested guides for beginners in sewing.

Why I Love Making Aprons

  • Picture yourself effortlessly gliding through your culinary adventures, clad in the softest, most durable fabric known to apron-kind!
  • Experience the ultimate comfort and style as you wrap yourself in a fabric that feels as luxurious as sinking into a cloud.
  • Discover the secret ingredient to effortless stain resistance – say goodbye to stubborn cooking mishaps and hello to pristine aprons!
  • Unleash your inner fashionista with an array of vibrant colors and patterns, ensuring your apron becomes a statement piece in your kitchen ensemble.
  • Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional durability of this fabric, built to withstand countless kitchen escapades without losing its charm or functionality.

What is the best fabric for aprons?

The best fabric for aprons depends on your needs and preferences. Popular options include cotton, muslin, nylon or coated fabrics, and even leather for industrial or work aprons.

Why is cotton a popular choice for making aprons?

Cotton is popular because it offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. It is also versatile, durable, breathable, and easy to work with.

What are the advantages of using muslin fabric for aprons?

Muslin fabric is hard-wearing, durable, breathable, and versatile. It can be used for various projects and is especially suitable for home-use aprons.

Can nylon or coated fabrics be used for making aprons?

Yes, nylon or coated fabrics can be great options for making aprons. They provide water resistance and are often used in activewear or outdoor gear.

 Is quilting cotton a good choice for making aprons?

Quilting cotton is a popular choice due to its ease of use and availability in various designs. It is suitable for regular household use as it breathes well and holds up nicely.

Best Fabric for Aprons

Here are our fabric for aprons reviews

1. Cotton + Steel Checkers Yarn

Cotton Steel Checkers Yarn Dyed Gingham Woven 1 2

Nothing says apron like an iconic gingham fabric. This line of checkered gingham fabric comes in different colors for more choice and variety. This lightweight woven fabric is 100% cotton and is very versatile. It can be used for aprons, but can also be used for making things like window treatments, tablecloths, and many different apparel items.

  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
  • Remember to order extra fabric to match up patterns if required
  • Fairly budget friendly

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2. 60″ Cotton Muslin Natural Beige

60 Cotton Muslin Natural Beige


Muslin and cotton muslin are popular fabrics for making aprons. Muslin and cotton are not waterproof, but they are generally hard wearing, durable fabrics that breathe well and are easy to work with. Muslin is a very versatile fabric and can be made for many different projects including apparel, costumes, toweling, apparel items, utilitarian projects, and more.

  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • This fabric is 100% lightweight cotton
  • The fabric is rough woven and natural


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3. QT Fabrics Chef’s Special

QT Fabrics Chefs Special Utensils Black


For an apron for home use, getting a chef or kitchen-inspired pattern can be quite fun. Cotton is a great fabric to work with, as it is generally quite durable, very versatile, and is often inexpensive to purchase. This line comes in over ten different chef/kitchen/cooking-inspired prints.

  • This fabric is 100% cotton and is lightweight and has a soft hand
  • The fabric is very versatile and can be used for home décor items, bedding, apparel items, and more
  • Machine wash, tumble dry


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4. Nylon Pack Cloth

Nylon Pack Cloth Fluorescent Yellow 1


It might seem strange to think about making an apron from nylon fabric, but nylon is a versatile fabric and can be used to make many different apparel items and can be used for different utilitarian projects. Nylon is traditionally used in activewear or for outdoor gear, but it is also a great choice for those that want something that is water-resistant.


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5. Polka Dot Red

Polka Dot Red


Quilting cotton is popular for many different projects. Quilting cotton is also generally easy to work with. This polka-dot fabric would be adorable for an apron. Cotton also breathes well and will generally hold up. It is not waterproof, which makes it a good choice for just regular or general household use.

  • Apparel items, crafting, household accents, bedding, and more can all be made using quilting cotton
  • This lightweight fabric is 100% cotton
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat


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Fabric for Aprons Buying Guide

There are many different types and styles of aprons. Aprons can be quite easy to sew for more advanced, depending on the style. They can be full-length, or just tie from the waist down. Aprons can be traditional and classic or fun, funky, and modern. Aprons can be more utilitarian for use in shops, workplaces, or outdoors, or they can be less industrial for home use.

Saving Money

Many aprons can be made cost-effectively by purchasing budget-friendly fabrics, but they also help save money by saving clothing below. Industrial-style aprons can help protect the wearer, but even household aprons can save clothes from cooking spills or dinner messes. No one wants to ruin expensive clothing, so an apron is often a great choice.

Adding Extras

Aprons can often be made from budget-friendly fabrics, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain. There are cuts of aprons that are fancier than others, but you can also get creative and add frills or trim to your apron, dressing it up. Many people who make aprons for craft shows or for sale often add embellishments, trims like lace, or ruffles and frills to make their creations unique and fun.

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