Bernette B77 Review Pros And Cons

Bernette B77 Review
Bernette B77 enjoys being the focal point amongst many sewing hobbyists and professionals.
What happens when sewing tools join hands with technology? The results are something beautiful. This model packs incredible features and a pretty unique proposition for buyers. 
Are you still unsure of its performance and quality? A quick read of this review will allow you to make your buying decision. This Bernette B77 review lists the different features, pros, and cons of the product. 
Let’s understand whether the Bernette B77 deserves to be a part of your workstation or not! 
CategoryContent Summary
ProductBernette B77 Sewing Machine
Features– Bright and spacious workstation with four LED lights and a 230mm sewing area
– Easy navigating touch screen and multifunction knobs
– Dual feed for even sewing
– 35 quilting and 133 decorative stitch patterns
– Convenient semi-automatic needle threader
Pros– Lightweight, portable and affordable
– Suitable for a variety of fabrics
– Offers custom stitching patterns storage
– Automatic needle threader, workspace illumination
Cons– Not suitable for beginners due to complex functions
– Some types of fabric may not work well
– Occasional glitches with the LCD screen
Experience– Stylish, modern design with superior quality accessories
– Semi-automatic needle threader, dual feed, touch screen pen enhance user experience
– Extension table for large fabrics, automatic thread cutter, tie-off function for convenience
– Excellent stitch quality with numerous patterns
Competition– Competitive pricing with a bundle of features
– Portable, unlike many premium-quality machines
– Comes with a variety of extra accessories
Verdict– Budget-friendly and portable, allowing for customized stitching
– Convenient features like easy navigation and automatic needle threader
– Recommended for its ingenious construction, design, features, and attractive price point
Bernette B77 Review
Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Understanding the features is essential before you make a buying decision. Does the unit have features you require? Can these features sync with your sewing style? This section will walk you through the different attributes of the Bernette B77.
You can go through the list of features below:

Bright And Spacious Workstation 

Are you aware that the Bernette B77 has four bright LED lights? When you burn the night lamp doing your sewing projects, the unit ensures that the workstation has proper illumination. 
The sewing area on Bernette B77 is around 230 mm. Plus, there’s a free-arm extension table to give you extra room for large sewing materials. 

Easy Navigating Touch Screen And Knobs 

This machine also includes a five-inch colored LCD screen on its structure. You can go ahead and find and customize your stitches using the screen. Plus, navigating through the straightforward interface of the display is a breeze. 
The multifunction knobs also allow you to change the length and width. You can also take the creative consultant’s help for suggestions on the best stitch based on the fabric. 

Dual Feed

The integration of dual-feed makes sure that the machine carries out the process evenly from above and below. It is an easy, engaging feature that will contribute to a positive experience. 

Dual feed is an incredible feature for sewing smooth and delicate materials or several layers of fabric. Neither will they pucker the seams anymore, nor the fabric layers will slip.  

Decorative Stitches 

Of course, it is possible to make zigzag and hemstitch. But that’s not all. The Bernette B77 can deliver more than just utility stitches. 

It offers 35 quilting and 133 decorative stitch patterns. The machine makes sure that your designs are always unique. 

You can save the individual stitch settings for a temporary period. However, there’s also an option to store them permanently in personal memory for future use. 

Convenient Needle Threader 

There’s a semi-automatic needle threader on the unit. The presser foot of the B77 will automatically lower to the ideal position. Moreover, the thread cutter will hold the thread in place. You’ll also find a knee lever to raise or lower the presser foot. 

Bernette B77 Pros 

With a ton of features, all you’ll receive are tons of advantages. Understanding the pros of Bernette B77 will help you to compare it with other sewing machines. Moreover, with knowledge of its strengths, you can squeeze the maximum productivity out of the unit. 

Check out all the pros below: 

  • The B77 is a lightweight and portable machine. You can store it and carry it to different places. 
  • Bernette B77 offers an attractive price point. Budgeted buyers will find it to be beneficial. 
  • You can use this exceptional tool with a variety of fabrics. 
  • The advanced features of the unit make it a good choice for experts. 
  • Users can also store their custom stitching patterns permanently. 
  • This model also has an automatic needle threader. The needle threader saves the user’s time and hard work. 
  • Four LED lights illuminate the workspace for convenient working. 

Bernette B77 Cons 

Even the best-rated sewing machines and premium-end models have flaws. Since you know the unit’s features and pros, you might also be curious about its cons. In this review piece, we’ll also be divulging the snags in the B77. 

Here’s where the Bernette B77 lags: 

  • This unit might not be suitable for beginners. It’s because there are many functions and features that a beginner might not know. 
  • It might not be able to work on some types of fabric. 
  • Some users report glitches with the LCD screen. 

Bernette B77 Experience

If you’re looking for a no-frill machine, the Bernette B77 is it. However, if you expect the Bernette B77 to handle intricate tasks, you will be disappointed. To begin with, the Bernette B77 has a stylish and modern design. It’ll look lovely in your studio, home, or factory. 

We didn’t spot any flimsiness in the needle or the exterior parts of the Bernette B77. Also, the included accessories are of superior quality. Coming to its performance, firstly, the semi-automatic needle is a huge time-saver. 

However, the Bernette B77 needs a little help to thread the needle. As compared to other sewing machines at this price point, it could be a significant setback. On the bright side, it’s better than doing it all manually. 

Next, if you start with the sewing process, the dual feed is one feature that’ll come in handy. When you are stitching fabrics that have more than one layer, this feature ensures efficiency. For example, stitching denim, sleeves, and necklines is easier with dual feed. 

Bernette offers a touch screen pen, which is a bonus.  Honestly, it makes using the screen a much simpler process. The screen lets you customize stitches, select stitching options, and a lot more. However, after a couple of months of rugged use, you might notice the LCD malfunctioning a bit. 

Another aspect that contributes to the overall experience is the extension table. So, when working with large fabrics, you don’t have to worry about the space. Features like automatic thread cutter and tie-off function make sure to eliminate the manual input. 

You’ll also find the stitch quality to speak in favor of the Bernette B77. Plus, there are so many patterns. All in all, your experience with the Bernette B77 is going to be primarily positive. 

How Does The Bernette B77 Stand Against Competition? 

There is a cut-throat competition in the sewing market. You’ll find hundreds of other sewing machines at a similar price point as Bernette B77. So, how does Bernette make sure to buckle up the B77 for competition? Take a look to find out: 

  • Firstly, the pricing of the product is pretty competitive. It’s tricky to find a sewing machine at the same price point with a bundle of features like the Bernette B77. 
  • There aren’t many premium-quality machines that are portable. However, Bernette recognized the demand and acted upon it. 
  • The array of extra accessories that come with the Bernette B77 is endless. Most sewing machine brands do not offer this variety. 

Why Should You Buy The Bernette B77? 

It’s the ultimate decision time! In this section, we will state why picking the Bernette B77 is a good idea. It’ll help you to round up your decision about buying or not buying the Bernette B77. 

  • Budget-friendly: The best part about the Bernette B77 is that it is budget-friendly. So, if you are on a budget crunch, this is the perfect model for you. 
  • Portable: If you simultaneously shift to and fro from the workspace to the home with your sewing machine, you’ll like the Bernette B77. It’s a lightweight machine which you can carry easily. 
  • Customized Stitching: Sewists love machine that lets them explore creativity. Another reason why you should pick the Bernette B77 is that you can customize stitches on it. Yes! Now you can have original designs for your fabulous sewing tasks. 
  • Convenient: A sewing machine that is not convenient can give you a hard time, but not this one. With the easy navigation and features like an automatic needle threader, you won’t be having those problems. 

Our Recommendations 

So, it’s revelation time! Is it a good idea to invest in Bernette B77 or not? In our opinion, Bernette B77 is not the kind of product that will disappoint you. This model has ingenious construction and design. 

With different features onboard, the model brings a whole new facet to the brand’s line. Plus, the attractive price point is another reason for you to grab the Bernette B77. 

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