Acetate Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Acetate Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy
You must have heard how some fabrics are semi-synthetic and made from wood pulp. In this post, we will shed light on one of these fabrics; Acetate Fabric. This fabric is manufactured from the cellulose extracted from wood and then mixed with materials like wool or silk to make it sturdy.
History of Acetate Fabric– Manufactured from wood pulp, making it semi-synthetic
– Sturdy when mixed with materials like wool or silk
– No specific cons mentioned
Properties of Acetate Fabric– Luxurious appearance resembling silk
– Wide range of colors for dyeing
– Incredible drape ability
– Fast drying and resistant to shrinking
– No specific cons mentioned
Uses for Acetate Fabric– Designing blouses, suits, and fancy dresses
– Inner lining in coats, blazers, and jackets
– Suitable for drapes, curtains, bedspreads, and upholstery
– Substitute for wool
– No specific cons mentioned
Caring for Acetate Fabric– Dry clean only
– Avoid exposure to heat and chemicals
– Iron on cool setting
– Requires dry cleaning
– Sensitive to heat and chemicals
Where to buy Acetate Fabric– No specific cons mentioned

History of Acetate Fabric

The component, Acetate, was used in France, but the United Kingdom did its conversion to a fiber. In the early-20th Century, the United States discovered the potential of this fiber and manufactured the Acetate Fabric.

Do you want to know something strange? Many chemists experimented on the Acetate fibers to make sure that some particular pollutants could not fade the color away of the Fabric.

Properties of Acetate Fabric

Acetate Fabric was manufactured and not naturally derived. This proves that it was made and adjusted to suit the needs of the textile market. You will be amazed to see the distinct and unique properties this Fabric has:

 Luxurious Appearance

If you like the appearance of silk cloth, then you must utilize this Fabric too. You may say that it is a precise replica of silk. It also looks expensive and lustrous as it doesn’t even have a pilling problem.

Available in a wide range of colors

The material of Acetate Fabric is more adaptive and accepting of the dyeing procedures. So, if you want to match different clothes or get any garment-dyed of your favorite color, we would highly suggest the use of Acetate Fabric.

Incredible Drape Ability

For fancy fabrics, from which you fashion your garments, this attribute is ideal. This property of Acetate Fabric allows you to add graceful creases and folds in your clothes. This makes your outfit look chic and elegant.

Dries fast and is resistant to shrinking

You must use Acetate Fabric if you are sewing and knitting because it dries speedy and it saves you a lot of time and trouble. You don’t even have to worry about your garments shrinking as this fabric material prevents any additional reduction in the size of clothes.

Uses for Acetate Fabric

This fabric is trendy in the textile market as many designers experiment on it and develop this Fabric to their level. Let’s see how people tailor this fabric to their use:

Design Apparels

People majorly use this Fabric for designing blouses, suits, and fancy dresses for special occasions. It is also used as the inner lining in coats, blazers, and jackets as it has a soft texture, which is also very lightweight. You would love how its velvety surface feels against your skin.

Furnishing and Home Décor

Acetate Fabric has a lustrous appearance, which makes it perfect for your rooms’ drapes and curtains. The customized blend of colors you can apply to it makes it ideal for bedspreads and upholstery. This is one of the favorite fabrics of the interior designers as it adds a certain elegance to the furniture.

Substitute for wool:

This Fabric is used in fine garments instead of wool as it has less fiber content and prevents the shrinking of apparels. So, if you want to enhance the wrinkle resistance of your clothes, and improve the quality of your knitwear, use Acetate Fabric instead of wool.

Caring for Acetate Fabric

If you purchase an Acetate Fabric garment, you will notice a tag that reads “dry clean only”. Because of its chemical nature, you should keep it away from detergents and perfumes even. Experts recommend that you should iron it on the cool setting too.

This Fabric is sensitive to heat and chemicals, so make sure you wash it with care. You would not want to ruin a glamorous looking dress of yours!

Where to buy Acetate Fabric

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