Bernette B37 Review Pros And Cons 

Bernette B37 Review Pros and Cons
Computerized sewing machines like the Bernette B37 offer high-tech abilities and convenience. Quite often, sewists find these units complicated to use. However, there are a few clever machines that can perform straightforward tasks.


  • The Bernette B37 is a user-friendly computerized sewing machine that offers a range of features and convenience.
  • It comes with 50 built-in stitches, including decorative stitches, quilting stitches, stretch and utility stitches, buttonholes, and darning stitches.
  • The machine features an LCD display for easy stitch selection and adjustment, a drop-in bobbin for easy access, speed control for varying sewing speeds, a needle threader for convenience, and a start/stop button for hands-free operation.
One machine that doesn’t sacrifice performance or efficiency is the Bernette B37. Despite being a technology-driven unit, it is easy to set up and user-friendly. So if you finally decide to lock horns with technology, Bernette B37 might be a good starter model. 
The unit boasts affordability and a range of features. But is it enough to deliver quality stitches? You might be having a gazillion questions about Bernette B37. This review aims to explore the good, the bad, and everything in the middle about the Bernette B37. 
Let’s help you make an informed decision!

Bernette B37

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The Bernette B37 dons many fantastic features like speed control, LCD screen, and more.  Many of these features were a surprise. Honestly, the unit performs beyond our expectations in terms of features.

Fifty Stitches 

One of the eye-catchy features of the Bernette B37 is that it offers as many as 50 stitches. These include 19 decorative stitches, seven quilting stitches, 17 stretch and utility stitches, five buttonholes, and two darning stitches. 

Bernette B37 has all these 50 stitches built-in. This selection of stitches can back you up with most of the fabric and sewing tasks. 

LCD Display 

As you know that the Bernette B37 is a computerized unit, it also features an LCD screen. With the screen, you can choose your stitches, alter their length and width, and perform many more tasks. 
For scrolling through the screen, you can use the buttons on the side. Once you have found your perfect stitch, you can halt. The LCD screen will also display the presser foot recommendation and the length and width of the stitches. 

Drop-In Bobbin 

On the Bernette B37, you can also spot the drop-in bobbin feature. You have to look into the compartment lying beneath the needle plate in many units to find the hidden bobbin. However, in the Bernette B37, it is right there in plain sight. 
This feature makes it easy to access the bobbin for rethreading. Also, when you are facing jamming issues, you can check the bobbin without any effort. 

Speed Control 

Speed control is one feature that we appreciate about the Bernette B37. You can alter the sewing speed of the unit depending on your requirements. To change the speed, you have to use the slide lever. The slide lever glides front and back. 

If you have the experience to zoom on the speed, crank the thing up. However, if you are new, you can slow it down. Therefore, easy tasks will be a quick affair, and delicate projects will be effortless. 

Needle Threader

Bernette B37 goes full-on about convenience. It allows the user to skip the tedious needle threading process with an automatic feature in place. For using the needle threader, lift the presser foot. 

Next, pull the threader downwards and take it away from you. It will allow the hook to come out through the needle. Wrap the thread under the hook and around the guide. Then again, turn the thread away and see the magic happen! 

Start/Stop Control 

Unlike most sewing machines, you don’t have to use the foot pedal to run the Bernette B37. You can use the start/stop button that will guide your tool to run and pause.

On the flip side, the machine also comes with a foot pedal. If you feel more convenient working with the foot pedal, there’s an option for that too. 


Bernette B37 Pros 

These are the pros that the Bernette B37 offers: 

  • You’ll find the Bernette B37 relatively easy to set up. Users claim that it takes a maximum of 3-5 minutes to perform the task. 
  • The day-to-day use of this machine is straightforward. Beginners can tackle this model easily. 
  • You have access to various buttonholes, decorative stitches, utility stitches, and more. 
  • This model has many convenient automatic features like a needle threader. 
  • Users suggest that this motor has a noiseless operation. 
  • Bernette B37 has an easy-to-use LCD screen. You can control most of the sewing process with the display. 


Bernette B37 Cons 

Like the other products in the market, Bernette B37 is not free of snags and faults. Here are some cons that come with the Bernette B37: 

  • One of the drawbacks of the Bernette B37 includes its hefty price tag. The competitor sewing machine having the same features cost lesser. 
  • Unfortunately, this unit is not adept at handling thick fabrics. The motor will struggle with them. 

Bernette B37 Performance 

You might be curious how the Bernette B77 performs, besides the intriguing features that would’ve caught your attention. In this section, we’ll cover four performance aspects of the B37. Moreover, it’ll give you a better understanding of the Bernette B37 in terms of features. 


The aesthetics of the Bernette B37 takes the basic approach. However, remember that looks can be deceiving. The exterior of the B37 is entirely white, except for the back, which is black. 

The needle plate equips stainless steel for its structure. As a result, durability is natural to the Bernette B37. Also, the inner working uses metal too. 

Additionally, Bernette also tried to add a modern touch to the B37. It guarantees that by offering an LCD screen with a few buttons. If you’re curious about the screen size, it’s more like that on a toaster oven or small microwave. 

In all honesty, the design is simple and sophisticated. 


In terms of user-friendliness, we’d score the Bernette B37 a 10/10. During our research, we came across many users claiming how setting up the unit is blissful. You don’t need a lot of tools to get the B37 up and running. 

Besides, there’s the drop-in bobbin and needle threader feature too. For this reason, we deem the Bernette B37 to be highly user-friendly. 


Bernette B37 offers a smooth operation. In the first place, you will not spot any jamming or screen freezing issues. It runs as smooth as butter. Our only complaint is that the machine can’t work on thicker fabrics. As a result, it restricts the applications of the Bernette B37. 

Stitch Quality 

Stitch quality is one of the most important aspects of a sewing machine. All things considered, the stitch quality is decent. As compared to the rival models in the market, the stitches are dependable.  

How Does The Bernette B37 Stand Against Competition? 

Choosing the perfect sewing machine is pretty tricky. Even a top-rated unit like the Bernette B37 faces immense competition. However, Bernette makes sure to include valuable features in the B37. These features give the Bernette B37 an edge over its competitors. 

Here’s why you should skip the rival products and choose Bernette B37: 

  • The variety of stitches are more in the B37 than its rivals. 
  • Unlike other sewing machines, the B37 gives you easy access to the bobbins. 
  • Also, it keeps the sound levels lower. 
  • Another reason why Bernette B37 is a better pick is that it is uncomplicated. There are many rival models with similar features but with a more complex operation. 

Why Should You Buy The Bernette B37? 

What makes the Bernette B37 worth a buy? There are more than a handful of reasons why Bernette B37 is your perfect sewing buddy. In this section, we are going to discuss the most important ones. Also, you can make up your mind while going through the end of this section. 

  • Easy Availability: There are many sewing machines on eCommerce sites and online catalogs. However, they might not be readily available. But, Bernette B37 is available in most sewing supply stores, be it online or physical. 
  • Beginner-Friendly: Many people tend to think that the advanced features in the Bernette B37 might be a roadblock. Although that’s a general misconception, it’s nowhere near the truth. This sewing machine is not only easy to use but also beginner-friendly.
  • Top-Rated Brand: The B37 comes from a reputable brand like Bernette. Not to mention, Bernette is one of the industry-leading and top-quality brands. 

Our Recommendation 

The Bernette B37 is a pretty simplistic and uncomplicated computerized model. After going through the features, pros, and cons, we recommend the Bernette B37. If you are not going to use heavy materials, this machine should serve you well. 

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