Combed Cotton Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Combed Cotton

Cotton is one of the most used fabrics throughout the world. You will find different varieties of this amazing fabric. One of its types is Combed Cotton. This version of cotton is extremely soft and comfortable. Manufacturers use two major systems to produce combed cotton, the woolen and the worsted system. It is manufactured by treating the cotton fabric before spinning it into yarn.

Like conventional cotton, this fabric is also famous among all types of users. You will hardly find somebody who does not recognize combed cotton.


  • Combed cotton is a type of cotton fabric that is known for its softness and comfort.
  • It is produced using two major systems, the woolen and worsted systems, and is treated before spinning into yarn.
  • Combed cotton has properties such as being super soft, having greater strength, and being more expensive compared to other types of cotton.

History of Combed Cotton

The history of Combed Cotton is linked to the history of cotton itself. Estimations state that cotton production as a fabric started after discovering cotton around 7000 years back, which may be even older than the history of wool fabric. The cotton which was grown back then highly resembles the features of the cotton grown in America today.

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Moreover, cotton production as a fabric started around 3000 BC from the Indus Valley, Pakistan, where people started growing, spinning, and weaving it into a fabric. While the native in Nile Valley in Egypt used cotton for making their clothes during the same days.

Afterward, various versions of this fabric came with the textile industry’s growth, and one of such inventions was the combed cotton.

Properties of Combed Cotton

The Combed Cotton might be one of the types of cotton, but it has its characteristics and properties, which are discussed below.

Super Soft

The combed cotton is known to be super soft like the Boucle fabric. The technique used in its production makes it extremely soft and better than conventional cotton.

Greater Strength

The strength is a great property of almost all cotton fabrics, and combed cotton is no different. It does not contain short and breakable fibers because they have been removed during production through combing. The strong material and unique spinning increase its strength and enhance its resistance against rough use.


This fabric is comparatively more expensive than the other kinds of cotton. To purchase this, you must have a good budget and a few bucks in your pocket.

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Common Uses for Combed Cotton

The combed cotton is used for making a wide variety of items. However, some major uses of this fabric are stated in the following paragraphs.

Bedding Items

The combed cotton is the famous fabric for making bedding items. The bed linens and clothing made of this fabric are famous among luxury users throughout the world.


Being a main part of the textile industry, the combed and all other cotton types are used in manufacturing various apparel items like a linen fabric. Especially, the softness of this fabric makes it the best fit for making dresses, shirts, scarves, and other clothing items. The combed cotton is famous for making apparel for both males and females. People love the soft feel while wearing any item made of it.

Caring for Combed Cotton

Due to the usage of the same material in the production, combed cotton also resembles the conventional cotton’s care instruction. Don’t worry about damaging its strength; you can wash it using any temperature of the water. Try using high-quality detergent. You can also give it for dry cleaning.

However, make sure not to wash the fabric with darker colors in extremely hot water; otherwise, you will face color bleeding out of it. Higher heat will also cause shrinkage in it. Additionally, you should also use lower heat while ironing it.

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