4 Best Consew Sewing Machines

Best Consew Sewing Machine REviews
An important factor in buying a new sewing machine is deciding what brand to purchase. If you are looking for a professional level, heavy duty sewing machine, Consew has a machine to meet your needs.  Consew’s sewing machines start in the $250-300 range, but industrial level machines for more serious and experienced sewers are also available.  These are not budget machines, but they are also designed to give professional-level results and are packed with features the more experienced sewer will appreciate.

These reviews will help you find the Consew perfect sewing machine to meet both your needs and your budget.

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History of Tricot FabricOriginates from the French verb “Tricoter,” meaning to knit. The first use of Tricot was supposedly in ancient Greece during the fourth century.
Properties of Tricot FabricBreathable, strong, durable, wrinkle and crease-resistant, comfortable to wear, highly elastic.
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Where is Tricot Fabric MadeMostly produced in Asian nations, particularly China.
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Dyeing with Tricot FabricCan be dyed depending on its composition. If made using cotton or other synthetic fibers, Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye can be used.
How to Care for Tricot FabricWash with lukewarm water and gentle detergent. Can be air-dried or tumble dried on low. Iron on the wrong side with low heat setting and a press cloth.
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Best Tricot FabricsIncludes Swimwear and Intimates Lining, 108″ 40 Denier Tricot, 108″ Nylon Chiffon, Pine Crest Fabrics Stretch Tricot Knit Prints, Pine Crest Fabrics Matte Tricot.
Tricot Fabric Buying GuideGreat for lining items and creating a variety of apparel items. Prices range from under ten dollars per yard to around twenty dollars per yard for medium-weight fabrics. Sewing requires some skill due to the stretchiness of the fabric.
ConclusionTricot fabric has evolved from its origins in ancient Greece to become an essential component in modern clothing and accessories production, especially in swimwear and sporting gear.

Consew Sewing Machine Reviews

Here’s our Consew sewing machine reviews.

1. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

The Consew 206RB-5 model is one of the most reliable sewing machines on the market.  It includes features such as a high presser foot lift and a strong motor which make it perfect for heavy-duty projects such as working with leather and upholstery. The walking feet mechanism means even feeding of material, even when using heavy-weight materials such as leather and denim.

  • Walking foot compound feed (triple feed)
  • High presser foot lift
  • Table and servo motor included

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2. Consew CP206R Portable Walking Foot Machine

Consew CP206R Portable Walking Foot Machine

The Consew CP206R model is a portable, yet powerful machine capable of working on heavy duty materials and projects. The walking foot and drop feed is specially designed to work on projects such as furniture upholstery, awnings, and making garments using leather.  This machine is convenient to use because it is portable.

  • Single needle, horizontal oscillating hook
  • Deluxe foot control
  • Drop feed with walking foot

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3. Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Machine

Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Machine

The Consew CP206RL model can be used to sew many types of materials, from light to heavy weight. It has a longer arm to access hard to reach areas such as cuffs and hems and complete sewing projects. This machine features a powerful motor, but is also portable.

  • New style with longer arm
  • Link type thread take-up lever
  • Portable

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4. Consew 75T Portable Blindstitch

Consew 75T Portable Blindstitch

The Consew 75T is designed to work with a variety of weights of material and provide quick, professional results. It is suitable for garment finishing projects including pant cuffs, hemming, and even home decor projects such as draperies. It can work on a wide variety of materials, including woolens, knits and synthetics.

  • Speeds of up to 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Knee lift control
  • Cylinder arm

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Consew Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide

The Consew line of sewing machine offers options which are best suited for sewers who want a more heavy-duty machine.  The more affordable machines are portable, but Consew also offers industrial-level machines which come complete with their own sewing table.  These machines feature powerful motors and are most suitable for work on heavy weight materials such as upholstery materials and even leather.  Consew machines also feature powerful motors which allow for fast sewing with smooth, professional results.

Most Consew machines feature a walking foot, which allows multiple layers of fabric or heavy duty fabrics to be fed evenly as the presser foot moves the top of the fabric and the feed dogs move the bottom layer.  This feature is important for sewers who want to complete quilting projects such as basting and applique, or who want to create garments out of heavy weight materials such as denim or leather. Many Consew machines also offer extended sewing tables or large work areas to facilitate work with bulky projects.

Consew machines are great for sewers who want to work with thick materials. Users report that the higher end Consew machines are powerful enough to make garments out of leather.  These machines are mechanical and not computerized, so users looking for a machine with customizable stitches and many programmed features will not find these in the Consew line.  What they will find is a line of powerful sewing machines at a range of different price points which can be used by both beginning and more experienced sewers.  These machines do come with some built-in stitch options and have the versatility to give professional results on any type of project or material. These machines are designed with professional level home decor and garment production in mind and have the features to make this possible.

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