Cheese Cloth Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cheese Cloth Fabric

Cheese Cloth, people might consider it a fabric made of cheese or something like that. But, it is not what you think. The fabric is called Cheese Fabric because it was used as a wrap on pressed cheese during the early days. Even now, it is still used in the making of cheese. 

This amazing fabric is manufactured using 100% cotton. The cotton fabric’s plain weaves are used in the making of cheesecloth. You can also find various grades of this fabric. Moreover, it also has loosely woven and extremely twisted threads with a slight texture of crepe. 

cheese cloth
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History of Cheese Cloth Fabric

As mentioned above, the production of this fabric mainly started for making cheese. Due to its unique quality, it made a perfect fit for straining. When people in the old times did not have any proper equipment for making cheese, they started manufacturing this fabric to make their work easier. However, later on, the uses expanded, and now you will find Cheese Cloth used for various purposes.

During the 1960s and 1970s, some manufacturers also started producing some specific fabric types used for making blouses and shirts, etc. That’s where the production of modern cheesecloth started. 

Properties of Cheese Cloth Fabric

Cheesecloth has some special properties which make it suitable for various purposes. Some major properties of this fabric are listed in the following paragraphs. 

Greater Strength

The unique texture of this fabric makes it extremely strong and durable, like linen fabric. The strong threads of Cheese Cloth are hard to tear with bare hands. You need some extremely sharp tools like scissors for it. 

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Cheese Cloth is famous for its lightweight. It is because of the 100% cotton that is used for producing it. However, this fabric’s modern production can also be found having comparatively heavyweights, which have been specifically made to make it usable for manufacturing garments.  

Can be Dyed Too

Just like Broderie Anglaise Fabric, cheese cloth also normally has a white color. However, you can also use some quality colors and dye them with the color of your choice. The superior cotton in it makes it extremely color resistant.

High Moisture Absorbance 

This fabric is also famous for its moisture absorbance quality. It can easily absorb moisture. 

Common Uses for Cheese Cloth Fabric

Some common uses of Cheese Cloth fabric are provided below.

Food Production 

This fabric is often very lightweight, making it the best choice for food production, especially in the making and cooking of cheese. 


Some specific types of Cheese Cloths which have heavyweight are often used for making various garments. Famous cheesecloth garments include shirts and blouses etc. 

Cleaning Cloth and Other Purposes

The greater moisture absorbance quality of this fabric makes it perfect for cleaning too. Moreover, people also use Cheese Cloth for those polishing and wiping cloths. While if you iron a sensitive item, like lace or net, put it over the fabric and iron it. You will have delicate iron and well-maintained items. 

Caring for Cheese Cloth Fabric

Cheese Cloth is easy to care for. You can wash it by hand or with a machine; it does not matter. However, make sure you use cold or slightly warm water because hot water will damage its fibers’ quality. Moreover, hang it in the shade because hanging it under the direct sun can damage it. Follow these basic instructions, and you are good to use them. 


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