Swiss Dot Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Swiss Dot Fabric

 The Swiss dot pattern is embroidered onto thin cotton fabric called Swiss Dot fabric. It is a fine cotton fabric with a simple weave that is soft and embellished with needlework or flocking that has dotted designs.

The sequence of dots can be done in several different ways and colors. Dots are placed in a pattern that varies from uniform to uneven design or is a single color or multiple colors. 

Introduction to Swiss Dot Fabric– Soft and embellished fabric
History of Swiss Dot Fabric– Rich history and tradition
Properties of Swiss Dot Fabric– Lightweight and airy
How is Swiss Dot Fabric Made?– Versatility in color and design
Where is Swiss Dot Fabric Made?– Availability in Asian countries and Scotland
Common Uses of Swiss Dot Fabric– Wide range of garment options
How to Care for Swiss Dot Fabric?– Easy washing and ironing
Where to Buy Swiss Dot Fabric?– Availability in fabric and garment retailers, online platforms like Fashion Fabrics Club and Amazon
Best Swiss Dot Fabrics– Variety of options available
Swiss Dot Fabric Buying Guide– Lightweight and unique fabric
Conclusion– Long-standing popularity

What is the History of Swiss Dot Fabric?

In Switzerland, the fabric was woven on looms operated by hand. It is believed that the pattern was created midway through the 18th century in Saint Gallen, Switzerland, becoming known as a center point for textile production in the 15th century.

Cotton was used in its production, and handlooms were used to create a fabric. The dots were initially invented using a procedure known as swivel weaving, which allowed multicolored designs to be stitched onto a foundation fabric.

 This weaving method was progressively phased out in favor of others, such as printing, embroidery, and flocking. In today’s world, mixed fabrics can also be used to form dotted swiss, a popular pattern.

Properties of Swiss Dot Fabric

  • It is a sheer fabric that has a dull appearance.
  • It is not as shimmery as one would expect patterned textiles to be.
  • The fabric is lightweight and airy
  • It has good draping abilities.

How is Swiss Dot Fabric Made?

Swiss dot fabric is originally made using a cotton-based cloth. The original Swiss dot fabric is constructed from cotton batiste, a fabric with a simple weave that is very thin and fragile. The dots are likewise quite diminutive.

The dots on the fabric can vary in shape, arrangement, and size. The method of making the dots on the textile can also vary from producer to producer of the fabric.

 The original Swiss dot fabric was constructed from cotton batiste, a fabric with a simple weave that is very thin and fragile. The dots are likewise quite diminutive.

Nowadays, there is a large variety of color choices for the fabric available. The background might be painted brighter or made from a different material. Instead of being weaved, the dots can now be printed and made larger.

Where is Swiss Dot Fabric Made?

Most Swiss dot fabric is produced in Asian countries and Scotland, the fabric’s country of origin. In addition to the nation of origin, China is responsible for producing the largest amount of Swiss dot fabric.

Most raw commodities are shipped to China to be manufactured into finished products because of China’s dominant position as the world’s leader in the textile market.

Common Uses of Swiss Dot Fabric

Swiss dot fabric is used for various garments along with different products.

Daily wear

This fabric is frequently used to make a wide variety of garments for women, children, and even infants. Dresses for the summer, blouses, aprons, curtains, bridal garb and even infant clothing have been known to use this pattern. 

The everlasting nature of Swiss dot fabric makes it an excellent choice for heirloom products, along with its youthful and revitalizing appearance on the wearer.

Home Décor

The material is an excellent option for use in various coverings, such as those used for window coverings, bed covers, pillowcases, wall art, and other coverings.

Sewing Your Swiss Dot Fabric

Swiss dot fabric is a multipurpose fabric that is easy to sew. The smooth cloth is simple to cut with a pair of fabric scissors and straightforward to sew. 

If one wants to get ideal results with their sewing, one should be sure to employ the appropriate sewing essentials, sewing notions, and supplies.

When sewing patterns and designs on the fabric, use a cotton-based textile for efficient results. The sewing threads used can be all-purpose polyester or cotton, depending on the composition of the fabric. You should use the best sewing machines like the Brother SE600 for the best results.

Swiss dot fabric is a textile that can be sewn in various ways, so long as you keep these minor tips and tricks in mind.

Dyeing Your Swiss Dot Fabric

Even though it may appear impossible, Swiss dot materials can have color added to them. It may be feasible to color the fabric. However, this will depend on the fabric’s composition. The Rit Dye, the best fabric dye for cotton currently on the market, can be used to dye your Swiss dot fabrics.

How to Care for Swiss Dot Fabric?

Swiss dot fabric isn’t as difficult to maintain as you think; it can be cleaned and ironed without too much trouble.

Washing and drying

  • Do not dry clean your Swiss dot fabrics
  • Use cold water to wash the fabric
  • Handwashing is always the safest and most effective cleaning method.
  • If machine-washing the textile set the machine to a normal cycle
  • Fabric softeners can be used
  • You should use a gentle laundry detergent.
  • Avoid the use of bleach.
  • The fabric can be dried by air-drying it on a flat exterior
  • Alternatively, you can tumble dry the garment on low, but be sure to take it from the dryer before drying out.


  • Using a shark steam iron, press the fabric on the wrong side
  • Use a low heat setting and a press cloth 
  • Make use of pins to keep the fabric in place.

Where to Buy Swiss Dot Fabric?

Swiss dot fabric can be acquired from fabric and garment retailers. Clients can also acquire Swiss dot fabric from online retailers and websites like Fashion Fabrics Club and Amazon, which have the best Swiss dot fabric available.

Depending on the vendor, there are a variety of ways to sell it;

  • By the yard 
  • By the inch 
  • Can be cut to your specifications

As the name implies, Swiss dot fabric usually features small dots throughout the fabric. Swiss dot is usually quite lightweight, and is often made using cotton, but can also be made with synthetic fibers like polyester. It is most often used for apparel items, but can also be used for home décor projects and more. Some Swiss dot fabric may have a solid background with dots, but the fabric can also have a print, with dots as well.

Best Swiss Dot Fabrics

Here are our Swiss dot fabric reviews.

1. Telio Swiss Dot Blue

This fabric is very lightweight and semi-sheer. This line of material contains both solid colors and printed fabrics that feature the signature Swiss dots on the fabric. This fabric would be great for making apparel items like blouses and dresses, but could also be used for home décor projects like curtains, bedding, and more.

  • Fabric is 100% cotton
  • Available in 56” widths
  • Many of the fabrics in this line can be purchased for under ten dollars per yard, while all of the fabrics in the line are under twenty dollars per yard

2. Michael Miller Clip Dot

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B09M7PGC27″]

Swiss dot fabric is sometimes also known as “clip dot” fabric. This fabric is lightweight and perfect for a variety of projects. Make dresses, blouses, or sew heirloom apparel, or use the fabric to add an extra touch of elegance to home décors like curtains or bedding.

  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat
  • Fabric is 100% cotton
  • Available in 56” widths

3. Lawn Swiss Dots Ivory

Our Pick

Black Swiss Dot Chiffon – 91015 | Fashion Fabrics

black swiss dot

-Polyester chiffon with a swiss dot design
-Weight: Lightweight
-Transparency: Sheer
-Hand: Slightly textured, dry
-Stretch: None
-Drape: Flowing Drape
-Luster: Matte
-End Uses: lined blouses, dresses, skirts, overlays, scarves and more
Compare to $11.00/yd
Suitable For
Apparel, Blouses, Dresses, Overlays, Special Occasion
Specific Fiber Content
100% Polyester
Care Instructions
Machine Washable
Specific Color

This ivory Swiss dot fabric is made from 100% polyester. The fabric is semi-sheer and features signature Swiss dots embroidered throughout the fabric. This drapes well, which makes it a great choice for apparel items like blouses and dresses. This fabric can also be used for household projects like bed skirts, curtains, and more.

  • Fabric is very lightweight
  • Available in 58” widths
  • Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low heat

4. Telio Dotted Swiss Cotton Wild Rose

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This beautiful rose-hued fabric from Telio is made from 100% cotton. The fabric is lightweight and semi-sheer and features Swiss dots throughout the fabric, giving it a unique texture. This fabric is great for sewing blouses, dresses with a lining, or for heirloom projects, and is versatile enough that it can also be used for household projects like curtains or dust ruffles.

  • Fabric is very lightweight
  • Available in 54” widths
  • Machine wash on cold, air dry after

5. Telio Swiss Dot Embroidery Branch Butterfly Black/Blue

This gorgeous fabric from Telio features dots throughout, but it also has branches, butterflies, flowers, and birds embroidered on it, which makes it simply stunning. The fabric is quite sheer, which makes it a great choice for making blouses, dresses, skirts, and other apparel items, as well as accessories like scarves.

  • Fabric is very lightweight
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Available in 58” widths
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Swiss Dot Fabric Buying Guide

If you are looking for a lightweight, unique fabric to make apparel items, Swiss dot is a great choice. This fabric is great for making dresses, and blouses, especially, and can be an excellent choice for heirloom sewing projects. Swiss dot is also versatile enough for many home décor items. It comes in many different colors and prints, but the signature dot pattern will always be there. Some Swiss dot fabric features other prints and even other embroideries, making it quite a unique and interesting fabric to work with.

Durable and Versatile

Most lines of Swiss dot fabric are quite durable. Even though the fabric can be very lightweight and is often sheer or semi-sheer, the fabric does usually hold up well to washing and wearing. Swiss dot is normally made from cotton, which is a great fabric that has many awesome natural benefits, one of them being durability. It is quite versatile as well and can be used for anything from apparel items to accessories like scarves, to home décor as well.

Sewing with Swiss Dot

Many people find that Swiss dot is quite easy to sew with. Cotton is often a less difficult fabric to work with. Some have recommended that Swiss dots be sewn with a zig-zag stitch, just because the raised dots on the fabric can be harder to sew with a straight stitch, but that is not always the case. There are different lines of Swiss dot fabric, and the dots might differ from line to line. Some might be more raised, some embroidered, while others more a part of the fabric with less texture.

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As far back as the early 18th century, the Swiss dot fabric was used for clothes and apparel, and it continues to play a vital role today.



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