Floral Fabric: History, Properties, Use, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Floral Fabric

Floral fabrics are materials with exquisite designs and patterns printed on them. These designs comprise flowers, hence the name “floral.” The fabric comes in various types and has been preferred by men and women alike.

Floral fabrics are so popular because they are so inexpensive and widely available. When it comes to fashion, floral prints are a great option because they can be either darker or brighter depending on the type of customer’s taste and preference.

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What is the History of Floral Fabric?

Floral fabrics didn’t come from a single spot, as we know. Instead, many countries developed methods for incorporating floral motifs into their textiles. Flowers were a common motif in Chinese textiles. Bold colors and fine details characterized several of the photographs. 

As a symbol of riches and respect, peonies were frequently used to decorate Chinese fabrics. A phoenix would frequently accompany the bloom. In the fifteenth century, lace was used to add floral patterns to textiles.

As we know it now, Chintz was first introduced to Europe in the 17th century due to trade by the East India company. Eventually, around 1759, local producers discovered how to produce their copies of floral-print fabric. Flower-print fabrics were in high supply during the 19th century.

In the Nineteen twenties and thirties, floral prints were very popular. It became increasingly popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s due to the emergence of the “Flower Power” movement. Floral designs reemerged in the 1980s in a more vivid and vibrant form.

Properties of Floral Fabric

  • Is breathable
  • It has a textured surface 
  • Light and airy
  • Medium weight

How is Floral Fabric Made?

The floral fabric is made in textile factories throughout the world. The raw fabric can be made using the best silk fabrics, cotton fabric, or any other fabric that is easy to print on. Then they are sent to the printing area. For printing designs and floral patterns on it.

Types of prints

Flower themes, such as the tulip, jasmine, roses, sunflowers, and shoe flowers, are frequently used in printmaking, as are other plant motifs. Another pattern type that may be seen in this location is the Bamboo pattern, which is also found alongside leaves and thorns. 

Floral patterns are among the most popular textile designers, and they have been reproduced for hundreds of years in various forms. These printed fabrics may be utilized in an incredibly wide range of applications.

Favorite of designers, it can be found in everything from apparel to home decor to decorative fabrics. A variety of designs are possible, including tossed, one-direction, two-direction, filled, and border designs.

Where is Floral Fabric Made?

The floral fabric is made in textile factories throughout the world. It has origins in India, China, Japan, and throughout Europe. Thus, it is a widely produced fabric. As with other fabrics, floral fabric has the highest production in China. Which is the market leader for textile.

Common uses of Floral Fabric

Floral fabrics are used for a wide range of products and accessories.

Daily wear

The fabric can make t-shirts, shirts, dresses, leggings, children’s dresses, and even knitwear.

Home décor

Full-length drapes or a statement headboard can benefit from a large floral fabric. If you’re looking for a piece of flowery upholstery fabric, go for something with a bigger pattern. They can make a statement while still allowing the pattern to be seen.

On the other hand, smaller blooms are more suited to house decor. There is nothing cuter than tiny floral patterns on cushions and lampshades. 

Sewing with floral fabric

Floral fabrics are easy to sew with. The fabric can either be sewed using hand sewing needles or by sewing machines if you are using sewing machines. The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9985 will do justice to your work. It is the best sewing machine currently in use.

Hence, you can customize and design your floral fabric using colorful sewing threads and pretty patterns.

Dyeing with floral fabric

Even though it may be unheard of, floral fabrics can be dyed in an over-dyeing process, dyeing over already dyed and printed fabrics. The process is useful for designers and consumers with unique styles and preferred designs.

The floral fabric can be dyed depending on the composition of the fabric. If made using cotton, nylon, wool, and silk, the Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye can be used as the best fabric dye available.

How to care for Floral Fabric?

Floral fabrics aren’t so hard to care for and can easily be washed and ironed without a hassle.


  • Use cold water to wash the fabric
  • Use a detergent for cold water cleaning
  • The machine setting should be set to a delicate cycle
  • Fabric softeners can be used
  • It can be machine dried as well as hung to dry.


  • The fabric must be damp to prevent damaging it
  • Using a shark steam iron, press the fabric on the wrong side
  • Use a low heat setting and a press cloth

Where to buy Floral Fabric?

Flannel Fabric can be bought at fabric and garment shops. Customers can also buy it through online retailers and websites like https://amzn.to/4b6kxLB and Amazon, which have the best floral fabric available—ranging from the simple Robert Kaufman Cotton Lawn to the gorgeous Hummingbird Bouquet by Elizabeth Studios.

It can be sold in several ways depending on the seller;

  • By yard
  • By Inches
  • Can be cut to order
Floral fabrics come in nearly innumerable options. Floral fabrics can be made with natural, synthetic fibers, or a blend of both. Floral fabrics are extremely versatile and can be used for many projects. Make home décor accents like curtains, table cloths, toss pillows, bedding, and more. The best part about floral fabrics is that they are also a great choice for apparel items. Whatever you can think to make, there’s a floral fabric that is bound to be a great choice!

Best Floral Fabrics

Here are floral fabric reviews.

1. FreeSpirit Fabrics Kaffe Fasset Shaggy Red

FreeSpirit Fabrics Kaffe Fasset Shaggy Red


Designed by Philip Jacobs, this fabric features big blooms in tones of orange, pink, and green. This fabric is 100% cotton and is very versatile. Sew apparel items, home décor accents, or use the fabric for quilting. Whatever the project, this fabric is sure to add a splash of color to any room.

  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat
  • Fabric is lightweight
  • Available in 44″ widths and can be purchased for under ten dollars per yard
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2. Hummingbird Bouquet by Elizabeth Studio

Hummingbird Bouquet by Elizabeth Studio

This beautiful fabric features realistic flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds on a neutral background. The fabric would be a great choice for unique apparel items or beautiful home décor accents. Of course, this fabric could also be used for quilting and other bedding as well.

  • Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry on low heat
  • Fabric is 100% cotton
  • Fabric is lightweight and is available to purchase in 44″ widths
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3. Robert Kaufman Cotton Lawn

Robert Kaufman Cotton Lawn


This wonderful line of cotton fabrics by Robert Kaufman comes in nearly twenty unique, bold, fun, trendy, and funky prints. This fabric is perfect for those who would like florals, but done in a more illustrative, artistic way. This fabric is great for making tons of different clothing items, but could also be used for quilting.

  • This 100% cotton lawn fabric is finely woven so that it is very soft
  • Machine wash with cold water, dry in the dryer on low heat
  • Available in 44″ widths
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4. Michael Miller Magic

Michael Miller Magic


This line of fabric features florals, unicorns, mermaids, and more! The line features both soft pastels and darker, bolder colors. This fabric is versatile enough to use for making clothing, home décor projects, and for quilting and bedding.

  • Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry on low heat
  • Fabric is lightweight and is available in 44″ widths
  • Fabric is 100% cotton
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5. Hoffman Digital Print Proud as a Peacock

Hoffman Digital Print Proud as a Peacock


This incredibly gorgeous fabric features realistic looking flowers, peacocks, peacock feathers, and more. As the name implies, the fabric is digitally printed. This line of fabrics would be a great choice for unique clothing items that really stand out, for home décor items, and more. Try pairing these fabrics with choices like solid blues, purples, or greens for even more exciting options.

  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
  • Fabric is lightweight and is 100% cotton
  • This fabric is 43″ wide and can be purchased for under fourteen dollars per yard
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Floral Fabric Buying Guide

Floral fabrics are versatile and come in many different prints. Florals can be realistic, artistic, funky, small, large, or a combination of many of those options. Florals can be just floral, or can be blended with animals, insects, mythical creatures, and more. Floral fabrics don’t necessarily have to be blooms or flowers either. There are tons of different fabrics that are under the floral category that you wouldn’t think of as necessarily floral. These fabrics might feature leaves, swirls, or even things like vegetables. When it comes to florals, the choices are extremely varied.

Florals on a Budget

Floral fabric can be purchased for just about any budget. Floral options are literally almost limitless. Many floral fabrics can be purchased for between five to ten dollars a yard or around ten dollars per yard. Others, depending on what fibers they are made from, might be more expensive and range in the fifteen to twenty dollar-a-yard mark, but there are definitely tons of options  in both natural or synthetic fibers that can be purchased quite inexpensively.

Paring Floral Fabrics

Pairing floral fabrics with other solid colors, especially if the floral fabric is more expensive, is a great way to stretch that fabric just a little bit further and set off the different colors in the floral fabric. Florals can be paired with just about any solid color, or even with other printed fabrics. Florals are really fun to pair together, or with other prints, especially for projects like quilts, toss cushions, table cloths, curtains, and even apparel items.

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Several fashion houses have included floral fabrics in their upcoming collections, making them a recurring trend on the runway. Floral prints are currently a popular choice for women who want to express their femininity while also being bold and eye-catching.

The floral fabric has been around for a long time, having a wide range of uses ranging from clothing and apparel to home décor. The fabric has sustained its use for decades and continues to do so


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