Charvet Silk Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Charvet Silk Fabric

Unlike other fabrics such as wool, which were introduced in ancient times, Charvet Silk is a comparatively new fabric. This fabric is woven of acetate or silk in a rib weave on the warp face. It has reversed types of reps, including the double ridge effect. 

Charvet is not an English name. It was the name of a Pakistan shirt maker. Charvet means clever, and it got its name due to its clever and frequent use. Like all other silk types, it also has a shiny and soft appearance and has excellent draping. 

charvet fabric
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History of Charvet Silk Fabric

The history of Charvet Silk is not very old. The first signs of production of this fabric were found in 1715 during the Duke of Orleans’ regency named Philippe II. The description of the current Charvet Silk highly resembles those of Regence, which was named during Philippe II. However, during the end days of the 19th century, people in the United States changed this term’s context and started using it in a broader context. 

The current signs of Charvet Silk are found in the early 20th century in Pakistan, where it got its name. That’s when this fabric got its recognition and eventually became an important part of the textile industry throughout the world. 

Properties of Charvet Silk Fabric

The major properties of Charvet Silk are those of other silks due to its production and the use of silk fibers in it. These properties are discussed below.

Extremely Soft and Comfortable

This fabric is super soft. It feels extremely comfortable while wearing it. Both the softness and greater comfort make the Charvet Silk Fabric suitable for various attire types, especially gowns, nightwear, lingerie, and much more.  

Shiny Appearance 

The Charvet Silk has a shiny appearance. It is hard to identify it from other silks at a single glance. 

Strong Build

This fabric has very strong fibers. Unlike linen, which can be torn easily if used roughly, the Charvet has great resistance against tough use. The strong build makes it very durable too. 

Common Uses for Charvet Silk Fabric

Some major uses of Charvet Silk are discussed in the following paragraphs.


A major use of Charvet fabric in menswear is found in ties and mufflers. The weave in this fabric is extremely suitable for the creation of faint diagonal stripe effects. This effect is considered essential for the production of ties. 

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Another use of Charvet Silk is in women’s wear. The scarves, lingerie, nightwear, etc., made of this fabric are famous. Moreover, the extra comfort due to its silk-like texture makes it perfect for nightwear too. 

Other Uses

During the 20th century, this fabric was also used in making semi-formal clothing. However, this usage has been reduced now. You will find only a few producers making semi-formal clothing. You will also find some bedsheets and other bedding items made of Charvet Silk.

Caring for Charvet Silk Fabric

Charvet Silk is one of the quality silks; however, you should properly take care of your items made of this fabric. Make sure you do not machine wash it with your other fabrics as the fibers might get destroyed. The most desirable method is hand washing but makes sure you don’t use hot water for it. Use suitable detergent for this purpose. Rinse gently and clean the fabric with your hand.

After you are done washing it, make sure you properly hang it somewhere. Do not use iron on it as it might damage the color. 


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