5 Best Fabric Paints

Fabric paint also known as textile paint affords you the ability to create beautiful designs on your fabrics. Great fabric paints offer high adaptability to a wide range of both natural and synthetic materials. Fabric painting in itself is an awesome and engaging activity for individuals, groups, and families, and not much is needed but the paint and a few supplies.

Below, we have compiled some of the best fabric paints for you to choose from.

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Best Fabric Paints

Here are our fabric paint reviews.

1. Apple Barrel PROMOABI, Assorted Colors 1 (18 pack)

Apple Barrel PROMOABI, Assorted Colors 1 (18 pack)


This Acrylic fabric paint boasts impressive reviews and superb customer satisfaction. It yields a long-lasting, fade-resistant coating that will remain even after extended exposure to sunlight and can be washed. This acrylic fabric paint can be used on any fabric with either a brush or a spray gun.

  • Impressive reviews
  • Durable and fade-resistant
  • Great adaptability with a wide range of fabric types and surfaces


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2. Acrylic Paint Set 12 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL

Acrylic Paint Set 12 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL Perfect for Canvas, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric. Non Toxic & Vibrant Colors. Rich Pigments Lasting Quality for Beginners, Students & Professional Artist


This product can be used on not just fabrics alone but on wood, ceramic, canvas, etc. It comes in a set of 12 vibrant colors that are non-toxic and possess rich pigments to ensure long-lasting quality. Each painting will retain elegant brush strokes and give your work an awesome texture. This product is inexpensive and very easy to use.

  • Rich pigment that ensures long-lasting quality
  • Great texture and color variety
  • Inexpensive and easy to use.


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3. Neon nights x UV Fabric Paint Set Fluorescent for Clothing

neon nights 8 x UV Fabric Paint Set Fluorescent for Clothing - Vibrant Ultraviolet Textile Black Light Paint for Projects, Glow Parties, and Events - Set of 8 Bright Colors - 0.7 fl oz / 20ml Each


This product glows in the dark and stands out under ultraviolet lighting, although it is quite noticeable in daylight too. This product is perfect for parties and events when the lights are dim. It is long-lasting, can be washed and resists sunlight fading.

  • Glow in the dark
  • Very visible on all fabric texture
  • Withstand wash and sun exposure


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4. Tulip 17373 Dimensional Fabric Paint 4oz Metallic Black

Tulip 17373 Dimensional Fabric Paint 4oz Metallic Black


This fabric paint comes in easy to squeeze bottles that are suitable for all ages. This product is very user-friendly; it is designed to be applied directly to the surface of your fabric. You don’t have to worry about painting supplies. It is inexpensive and durable and will yield awesome on all types of fabrics.

  • Easy to squeeze bottles
  • No extra supplies needed
  • Inexpensive and durable


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5. Jacquard textile color paint

Jacquard Products Textile Color Fabric Paint, 2.25-Ounce, White (TEXTILE-1123)


This product boasts of good compatibility with both light and dark fabrics. It is thick and retains brush strokes, leaving your fabric with a smooth and elegant texture. The jacquard textile color paint can be thinned out with water for a more dilute solution and yields great results on all types of fabric and other materials.

  • Can be thinned with water
  • Great on all fabrics both natural and synthetic.
  • Excellent texture


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Fabric Paint Buying Guide

Whether for a party or following a trend, fabric paints are a great way to take fabric elegance up a notch. Fabric paints can be used on both natural and synthetic fabrics either custom made on a sewing machine or store-bought. Good fabric paint should also yield excellent results on other materials like leather, wood, plastic, etc.

Our buying guide reviews the best fabric paints on the market and outlines a set of factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Which is better acrylic or alcohol-based fabric paint?

Fabric paints are usually either acrylic or alcohol-based. Acrylic paints are the most effective and commonly used fabric paints for the best results. They yield a permanent coating and bond well with fabrics. Acrylic paint does not lose its saturation and enables more accurate painting. It is water-resistant and won’t fade from exposure to sunlight.
Alcohol-based paints on the hand are ideal for fabrics will extremely small pores or thread space. It yields a transparent look to your fabric compared to the rich pigment saturation of acrylic paint. It also isn’t wash-proof and can fade when exposed to sunlight.

Which fabric paint is more transparent?

Acrylic paints yield the best opaque effects while alcohol-based paints for the more transparent effect.
This gives a measure of how easily light can pass through the paint after it’s been applied to the fabric. For darker designs, you’d want to go for opaque fabric paint and for lighter designs, a transparent or opaque paint will do the job well.

How do I get a thick consistency with fabric paint?

Paint consistency defines how uniform the paint is on the fabric once dried. If you prefer a ‘water-color like’ texture on your fabric then thin or dilute paints are great. Heavy and thick paints, on the other hand, are ideal if you want to add a very uniform thick layer above the fabric. Heavy paint can be thinned out with additives like water.

Are fabric paints washable?

Whether you want to be able to wash the fabric depends on the material. Acrylic paints offer water resistance. However, some paints have special formulas that take this quality up a notch.

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