Colorfast Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Colorfast

Introduction to ColorfastExplains the need and desire for colorfast fabrics, a quality that allows fabrics to retain their color over time despite wear and tear.
History of ColorfastTraces the history of colorfastness back to 1916 when designers and experts sought to create fabrics that could withstand excessive washing and sunlight.
Properties of ColorfastLists the features that make colorfast fabrics desirable: Great Color Retention, Dyes Fast, Easily dyes in any color, Durable.
Common Uses for ColorfastDetails the typical uses of colorfast fabrics, including apparel, bedding, mats and rugs, and curtains.
Caring for ColorfastGives advice on how to care for colorfast fabrics – primarily avoiding harmful detergents during washing.

Don’t you just hate it that whenever you invest in an expensive dress, it fades over time and starts to lose its charm? If you begin exploring your granny’s closet, you will love the vintage clothes and the timeless prints, but the colors would have washed away. It is so sad to see clothes age like people.

Don’t you wish you could wave a wand and rejuvenate them? Well, we have something similar to that for you. Colorfast: now, this isn’t a fabric that you are looking for, but it is a well-admired property of premium fabrics that I am sure every one of you would love. Let’s learn more about it.

History of Colorfast

This term was first tossed in 1916 when known fashion designers and experts experimented with different fabrics to create the perfect fabric that would fight the impact of excessive washing and sunlight. A fabric that will retain its color no matter how bad the conditions are.

For many years before the successful experiment, experts struggled to perfect this property. However, it seemed like a lost cause and kind of an impossible achievement. Though, with the perfect blend of fibers, many different fabrics were manufactured that boasted this characteristic. And since then, this property and fabrics that possess this feature are the ones that have caught the eye of every well-reputed designer.

Properties of Colorfast

Though colorfast itself is a property, many features make it your favorite part of the dress. Let us unravel these!

Great Color Retention

The colors are permanent. No matter how hard you wash, how much you expose it to the sunlight, or wear it roughly, the colors will not give up.

Dyes Fast

You wouldn’t have to wait for ages to get the fabric dyed in your favorite color, as you can easily dye such fabrics in nearly no time at all.

Easily dyes in any color

No matter how light, dark or shimmery the color is, the colors retained by such fabric do not wear off easily. You can say that the colors are permanent.

Common Uses for Colorfast

Because of this remarkable property, all the fabrics that possess this property are used widely. The most common and prominent uses are:


Your day to day clothing, fancy dresses, occasional gowns, and many typical garments are also made with this fabric.


Common bedsheets, pillowcases, and quilt covers are also made with this fabric.

Mats and Rugs

Table mats, carpets, and rugs are made using this fabric because of its sharp and mellow colors.


Premium quality and branded curtains are made from such fabric as they do not get dull in sunlight.

Caring for Colorfast

Perspiring is normal and one of the major reasons you throw away your clothes frequently into the laundry. And since this property shields the fabrics against the harmful effects of excessive washing and water, you have to be cautious and careful. You cannot be careless about this fabric.

Though it will last in the corners of your shelf for years on end, try to make sure that you do not use harmful detergents while washing it. Other than that, you can relax because this fabric will not give up easily. You can wear it casually and then pack it for your grandchildren because it will outlast the rest of your closets.

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