10 Best Mini Sewing Machines

Mini sewing machines are great for the beginning sewer, either an adult or a child who is interested in taking up sewing as a hobby.  They are also extremely light in weight and portable and most can be operated using battery power, making them a great option for completing projects on the go. These machines also tend to be low in price, but still come with features needed to work on projects like quilts and hemming jeans.
Mini Sewing MachineProsCons
Michley-Tivax Lil’ Sew LSS505Portable, low price, suitable for beginners and childrenLimited features, straight stitches only
Varmax Mini Sewing MachinePortable, extension table, double threads for durabilityLimited speed options
Magicfly Mini Sewing MachinePortable, battery or power cord operation, extension tableStraight stitches only, limited stitch options
Singer 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Portable Sewing MachinePortable, double stitch design, includes accessoriesLimited to mending projects, simple projects only
Suteck Beginner Sewing MachineAffordable, portable, foot pedal or button operationLimited speed settings
Neala Mini Portable Sewing MachineLightweight, portable, 12 stitch patternsSmall size may limit use on larger projects
MDPQT Mini Sewing Machine with Extension TablePortable, large extension table, can use power cord or batteriesLimited stitch options
NEX Portable Sewing MachinePortable, adjustable curved stitches, battery or power adapterLimited speed settings

Best Mini Sewing Machines

Here are our mini sewing machine reviews.

1. Michley-Tivax Lil’ Sew LSS505

Michley-Tivax Lil’ Sew LSS505

The Michley-Tivax LSS505 model is a great sewing machine at an affordable price point, with many of the features of a full size sewing machine.  It comes programmed with eight different stitch patterns, which are easily selected using a dial on the machine.  It also comes with a bonus 100 piece sewing kit and electric scissors, to make all your simple sewing projects a breeze.

  • 100 piece sewing kit included
  • Low and high speed functions
  • Double thread design
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2. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

The Varmax mini sewing machine comes with a variety of features which make it the perfect sewing machine for beginners and sewers looking for a great portable option. It comes with an extension table, which makes it easier to work on larger projects without bunching or gathering and also stabilizes the machine. A low/high speed button allows you to select the perfect speed for your level of experience and project.

  • Cuff slot for sleeves and trousers
  • Included extension table
  • Double threads for extra durability

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3. Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

The Magicfly Mini sewing machine is a great little machine at a great price. It produces straight stitches only, but with its double thread design it will give durable results on any project. It is suitable for beginners and children, or anyone who wants a sewing machine they can pick up and take anywhere with them, whether or not there is a power outlet available.

  • Can use power cord or batteries
  • Double thread design for stronger stitches
  • Extension table and light included

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4. Singer 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Portable Sewing Machine

Singer 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Portable Sewing Machine

The Singer 01664 Stitch Sew model is designed specifically to complete mending projects on the go. It is portable, yet has a double stitch design for increased stitch durability. It can be used on all types of household materials and on a variety of simple projects.

  • Two thread design
  • Cordless, battery operated
  • Includes thread, bobbins, needles, and thread spindle

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5. Suteck Beginner Sewing Machine

Suteck Beginner Sewing Machine

The Suteck beginner sewing machine is designed with affordability and portability in mind. It sews with double threads for enhanced durability and can be operated with either a foot pedal or a button.  It also includes an extension table for added stability and to make work on larger projects easier.

  • Foot pedal or push button operation
  • Two speed settings
  • Includes extension table

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6. Neala Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Neala Mini Portable Sewing Machine

The Neala mini sewing machine may be small in size, but it’s packed with great features at an affordable price. It comes programmed with 12 different stitch patterns, which you can easily select by turning a dial. Beginners will find this machine easy to use, and even children can use it with supervision.

  • Light weight and small size make it portable
  • Non-slip bottom pad for safety
  • Dual speed

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7. MDPQT Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

MDPQT Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

The MDPQT mini sewing machine is a great option for anyone wanting portability, while still being able to produce high quality work. This machine includes a large extension table, which makes it easier to use with larger projects without bunching or gathering. It can either be used with the included power cord or with batteries.

  • Built-in lamp
  • Portable size
  • Can be operated by button or foot pedal

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8. Crystaller Mini Sewing Machine

Crystaller Mini Sewing Machine

The Crystaller mini sewing machine is a great option for beginners, children (with supervision), and anyone wanting a lightweight machine that can go anywhere.  It can be used with four AA batteries or the included power adapter.  It is suitable for a variety of simple projects, such as hemming and small sewing projects.

  • Portable mini size
  • Double stitch and two line option for increased durability
  • Built-in lamp

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9. Sew Mighty Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Sew Mighty Mini Portable Sewing Machine

The Sew Mighty mini sewing machine is the original powerful, small sewing machine. Its two speed motor can be controlled by hand or with the included foot pedal. It is ideal for children (with supervision) or anyone who wants to start sewing simple projects.

  • Portable and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a variety of accessories

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10. NEX Portable Sewing Machine

NEX Portable Sewing Machine

This mini sewing machine is great for beginning sewers and for more advanced sewers who want a portable, light-weight machine which still has a number of great features.  This sewing machine can sew both straight and curved stitches, and the width of the curved stitches is adjustable. It can also be powered either by battery or with the included power adapter.

  • Two speed selections
  • Double needle design
  • Foot pedal included

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Mini Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide

Best Mini Sewing Machines Reviews

There are a number of features to be considered when purchasing a mini sewing machine.  All of the mini sewing machines in this guide come at a very affordable price, so the sewer can consider what features they want without being concerned about the price.  All of these machines are also easy to use and suitable for beginning sewers, even children with proper supervision. Many of these machines also include a variety of helpful accessories, such as bobbins, extra needles, and even extension tables.

First, it is important to consider where you want to use the machine and whether it will be necessary to use battery power. Most of the sewing machines in this guide run off of both battery power and a power adapter.  Some include the adapter and some do not, so it must be purchased separately. Some of the machines in this buying guide also include a lamp to provide extra light for the work area..

Another feature to consider is the size of project you want to work on.  For larger projects, such as quilts or curtains, a sewing machine with an extension table is a good feature to have.  The extension table also adds stability to these machines, which tend to be smaller. A foot pedal can also be helpful for bulky projects to free both hands to work.  Some of the machines featured in this buying guide include foot pedals as well as hand controls.

Many of these sewing machines also include two speed settings so that you can choose how quickly you want to work. Some also have a double needle design to produce a more sturdy stitch.  Whatever your sewing needs, this buying guides produce great results on a wide variety of simple projects.

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