5 Best Indoor Water Fountains for Crafting Rooms

Best Indoor Water Fountains for Crafting Rooms If you’re looking to add a nice touch to the ambiance of your crafting or sewing room a nice water fountain feature may do the trick. After all, you don’t want to just have a sewing desk and sewing machine in there.The mix of lights with some as well as soothing trickling water gives a great sense of tranquillity.

A water fountain can add an interesting dimension to the decor and feel of your project room.

It can aid with how you feel as you sew or craft.

I have selected these as the top five indoor fountains to add character and calm to your space.

Best Indoor Water Fountains

ImageIndoor Water FountainRating
Alpine-WCT202-Tiered-Column-Tabletop-Fountain1. Alpine WCT202 Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3-Candles99%
Bits-and-Pieces-Indoor-Water-Lily-Water-Fountain2. Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain96%
Kenroy-Home-Waterdrop-Natural-Slate-Tabletop-Fountain- 3. Kenroy Home Waterdrop Natural Slate Tabletop Fountain92%
Alpine-WIN316-Rock-Waterfall-Fountain 4. Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain88%
Sunnydaze-Cascading-Caves-Waterfall-Tabletop-Fountain5. Sunnydaze Cascading Caves Waterfall Tabletop Fountain85%
I’ll start with the…

1. Alpine WCT202 Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3-Candles

Alpine WCT202 Tiered Column Tabletop FountainThis small tabletop water fountain does not occupy a lot of space.

It has three candles which are included with the package.

The textured finish on the outside gives it a natural feel.

As the water pours from one pillar to the next, the sound creates a very soothing effect.

The package is complete with the included river stones to finish off the natural effect of the fountain.

If the look of your room is vintage or if your taste is antique, this little fountain is your perfect accessory.

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Another option for a water fountain is one crafted from metal work.This next one is the…

2. Bits and Pieces – Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain

Bits and Pieces - Indoor Water Lily Water FountainThis fountain also takes up very little space and stretches to a height of 10 inches.

It is only about 8 inches wide and the lily pad and leaf designs have been etched out of copper.

The size makes it easy to fit into almost any space in your craft or sewing room.

The lilies and leaves are housed inside of a black plastic bowl which holds the water pump.

The water then flows from the upper most flower down to the lowest flower in three tiers.

The flow creates a soothing and relaxing sound which adds balance and calmness to any crafting or sewing room.

The 6 foot cord gives you options in terms of where you would like to place the fountain.

For a personal touch you can add river stones at the base of the lily pad.

You will have to purchase these separately as they not included as a part of the package.

This fountain truly is a picture of serenity.

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If you would like a water fountain which has a more contemporary than traditional appeal, try this next piece.Its design is very modern and blends well into a now themed space.

It is the…

3. Kenroy Home Waterdrop Natural Slate Tabletop Fountain

Kenroy Home Waterdrop Natural Slate Tabletop Fountain One of the first things that struck me about this water fountain is its weight.

This model is made of slate and has copper elements and weighs a whopping 23 pounds!

It towers to a height of 19 inches, is 10 inches wide across and 6 inches from front to back.

The rectangular shape of the fountain has a series of five copper pipes alternating from top to bottom within the rectangle.

River stones are included to complete the look.

The slate exterior has a multi coloured natural finish effect which gives it great visual interest.

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If you would like to have the effect of water flowing naturally from within the rock face of an actual water fall look no further than the…

4. Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain with LED Light

Alpine WIN316 Rock Waterfall Fountain My first impression of this fountain was how natural and real it appears.

I was surprised to learn that it was actually made from resin or fibreglass.

It has truly been skilfully crafted and designed.

It gives the effect that a miniature waterfall was lifted from nature and placed right into your crafting or sewing space.

It gives a real feeling of tranquillity and peace.

As the water flows down each successive tier, it creates a foamy effect in each rock pool.

This mimics perfectly what you would see in a naturally occurring water fall.

A pump included somewhere in the design but is hidden.

Included in this design are LED lights to provide illumination and add interest.

I like the fact that the manufacturers have covered these lights under a three year warranty.

Be sure to keep your receipt in a safe place to avail yourself of this benefit should it become necessary.

The soothing and rhythmical flowing of the water creates a lovely atmosphere.

This piece really serves as a very interesting point of focus for your sewing or crafting room.

The dimensions of this fountain are 23 x 18 x 40 inches and it weighs just over 47 pounds.

It is very durable and will not disintegrate because of repeated exposure to the elements.

It can be conveniently placed near a window if you choose and the sun will not affect it.

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The final fountain which I will review is another one which mimics nature.This last fountain is the…

5. Sunnydaze Cascading Caves Waterfall Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights

Sunnydaze Cascading Caves Waterfall Tabletop FountainYet another artfully crafted water feature, this one is also made from polyresin / fibreglass.

It has the alluring look of a waterfall formed within the trunk of a weathered tree bark.

The weathered wood finish also makes it appear convincingly real.

It comes with three LED lights included to provide gentle lighting especially as it begins to get darker.

The pump is low noise and is cleverly concealed behind a door at the back of the fountain.

The dimensions are 9 x 14 x 7 and it weighs only 7 pounds.

This is significantly much lighter than the previous two high end fountains.

The base comes with slots to fit the included rubber pads.

These pads help to protect any surface on which it is placed from scratches and scuffs from the fountain.

The manufacturers provide a one year warranty along with the purchase of this piece.

When using just ensure that the pump is properly covered with sufficient water.

To change the water just pour it out of the base and replace with fresh water.

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