Basketweave Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Basketweave Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy
Have you ever noticed square patterns appearing in the fabric due to a particular weaving method appointed to manufacture the fabric? If yes, then you are familiar with Basketweave Fabric! The warp and weft are woven in a simple crisscross pattern that they create a chessboard effect.


  • Basketweave fabric is a unique and versatile fabric that features a crisscross pattern, creating a chessboard effect.
  • It is known for its stunning vintage look, pliability, strength, breathability, and wrinkle resistance.
  • Basketweave fabric has a wide range of uses, including draperies, monk’s clothes, garments, outerwear, and decorative crafts.

History of Basketweave Fabric

If you begin reading about the history of man, the term Basket weaving will appear in the initial topics. Baskets skillfully woven were found in Egyptian pyramids, and its fragments were discovered with ancient pottery. Around 12000 years ago, the first basketweave technique was developed.

This technique was employed to weave baskets made out of rattan and even durable fabrics. This was the origin of Basketweave Fabric. People began admiring how this sort of weaving appeared on the surface of fabrics and looked gorgeous. This is how Basketweave Fabric made its debut in the textile industry.

Properties of Basketweave Fabric

Unique Pattern:

The knitting pattern of basketweave is so unique and different that it caught the attention and admiration of designers worldwide. It gives the fabric a stunning look and vintage effect that customers crave.

Available in Many Colors:

The yarn of Basketweave fabric can easily be dyed into a plethora of colors so you can showcase your favorite item of this fabric in any color you like. The colors are etched deep into the fibers and minimize the risks of color and grace fading away.

Pliable and Strong:

Unlike a plain weave fabric, Basketweave Fabric is flexible and very sturdy. You no longer have to worry about outgrowing your favorite dress as this fabric has got you covered!


This looseness of fabric illustrates how breathable and comfortable the fabric is. It doesn’t stick to the skin, and it won’t make you feel trapped in an attire.

Finished Fabric:

Basketweave is a fine fabric that needs no further finishing or refinement. It is readily available for use and tailoring after it has been processed. The fibers and yarns used depict the finesse of the fabric.

Beautiful Drape:

Basketweave has an excellent drape and fall that looks ravishing in a gown or even in curtains tailored from this versatile fabric.


This property of the fabric saves you from the trouble of ironing the clothes over and over again and worrying if the wrinkles have ruined the look of your outfits.

Uses of Basketweave Fabric


The gorgeous drape and fall of Basketweave Fabric make it the ideal cloth used in making of lavish curtains and covers.

Monk’s Clothes:

This fabric has been used widely since its manufacture, to make the monks clothes and shawls.


Many causal-wear dresses and undergarments are made from this fabric. It has made its way into the wardrobe of every person as a standard and essential garment.


This fabric is used to design beautiful, fancy gowns and formal wear dresses. You must have come across any of your acquaintances looking spectacular in a Basketweave Fabric cocktail dress.


Many household items and decorative crafts are made from this fabric because of its distinct, vintage appearance that enhances the look of every ordinary room.

Caring for Basketweave Fabric

This distinctive and unique fabric requires care and attention. It is sturdy and durable enough to endure your non-serious attitude towards its maintenance, but we strongly recommend taking good care of this fabric.

Make sure you wash this fabric regularly on a gentle cold wash cycle with mild detergents. Minimize the use of heating products and hang them neatly in your wardrobe. There is no match for this fabric!

Where to buy Basketweave Fabric

We recommend buying Basketweave fabric at

Best Basketweave Fabrics

Here are our basketweave fabric reviews.

1. Premier Prints Luxe Outdoor

Premier Prints Luxe Outdoor

This line of outdoor fabric’s prints have actually been screen printed onto polyester. The fabric is both water and stain resistant and is also designed to resist up to a thousand hours of direct sunlight. This durable fabric is also very versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects. Make accents like toss cushions, chair pads, tote bags, table top décor, and more.

  • Fabric can be cleaned by spot cleaning with mild detergent, upholstery shampoo, or dry cleaning solvent as long as it is mild- fabric should never be put in a dryer or dry cleaned
  • Fabric is medium weight and is made from 100% polyester
  • This line of fabric comes in over twenty-five different, unique, and fun prints

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2. Richloom Style: Birdwatcher

Richloom Style Birdwatcher

Basketweave fabric is perfect for making all sorts of projects that require a medium to heavier weight fabric. This line of fabric can be used to make window treatments, toss cushions, or for many different upholstery projects. This fabric is quite budget friendly and can be purchased for around ten dollars a yard.

  • Dry clean only
  • Fabric is medium to heavyweight and is made from 100% cotton
  • Comes in 54” widths

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3. Genevieve Gorder Style: Tropical Fete

Genevieve Gorder Style Tropical Fete

Basketweave fabric is perfect for a wide range of projects. This particular fabric is made from cotton, which is a durable, versatile fabric. Basketweave fabrics can often be used for many different upholstery projects. This fabric can also be used to make window treatments, matching accents, bedding, and more.

  • Dry clean only
  • Fabric is medium to heavyweight and is made from 100% cotton
  • Available in 54” widths

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4. P Kaufmann Style: Arboretum

P Kaufmann Style Arboretum

This line of basketweave fabric features a digitally printed design, which makes the colors more vibrant. This fabric is made from cotton, which is a durable, versatile fabric. It is perfect for a variety of projects including window treatments, upholstery projects, matching accents, and more.

  • Fabric is 100% cotton and is medium to heavyweight
  • Fabric should be dry cleaned only
  • Available in 54” widths

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5. Magnolia Style: Brighton

Magnolia Style Brighton

This basketweave fabric is actually an upholstery fabric. The fabric’s back is made from polyester. This unique fabric can be used for a wide variety of upholstery projects, but it can also be used to make matching accent pieces as well. This fabric is quite affordable and can be purchased for under ten dollars per yard.

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Basketweave Fabric Buying Guide

Basketweave fabric can be made from different fibers. Both synthetic and natural fibers can be used to make the fabric. Basketweave fabric is an extremely popular choice for household décor projects. The fabric is generally quite versatile and often can be used to make anything from window treatments to furniture upholstery projects, matching accents, and even for bedding.

Caring for Basketweave Fabric

Every fabric line is going to have their own care/laundering instructions, but it’s important to note that many basketweave fabrics are dry clean only, or should be spot cleaned with a very mild detergent. If you would like a fabric that can be laundered easily and often, in a regular washer and dryer, basketweave is usually a dry clean only fabric.

Budgeting for Fabric

Basketweave fabric can be quite budget friendly, with many different kinds and lines priced at under ten dollars a yard. Some lines can be more expensive, at thirty or forty dollars per yard, so you will just have to decide what your budget is. When it comes to larger projects like reupholstering a sofa or making window treatments for a large window, the price of fabric might need to be taken into account.

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