Aertex Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Aertex Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy
Aertex is a woven fabric, and the British company, Aertex, owns its trademark. This fabric gained so much popularity that it was named after the company itself. You may find this cloth may either from natural or synthetic fibers. But it surely has been a breakthrough in the textile industry since its invention.
  • Aertex fabric is a woven fabric that gained popularity and was named after the British company, Aertex.
  • It is a lightweight and breathable fabric, making it comfortable to wear in any weather.
  • Aertex fabric has been used in various applications, including clothing, sports-wear, and military uniforms.

History of Aertex Fabric:

Aertex company is founded by a famous politician and an affluent mill owner, Lewis Haslam, in 1888. He and his colleagues experimented on a cloth that trapped air between the warp and weft of the fabric. This aeration proved to be successful and resulted in the making of Aertex Fabric.

By the 20th century, an Aertex garment had made its way through every American man’s wardrobe and had become increasingly popular.

Properties of Aertex Fabric:

You must own a garment fashioned from this fabric, and you would love it for its unmatched properties. Let us review some of its characteristics:

Light-weight and Breathable:

Aertex is a relatively thinner fabric that has tiny holes that make it breathable. You don’t feel suffocated in your Aertex garments, and you can casually wear them anywhere. This fabric is also very light-weight, so you can easily carry it and even use it to make your undergarments.


If you read about the weaving of threads in the weft of Aertex fabric, you will see that the fibers and threads are held together firmly. This makes the fabric durable and highly resistant to any tear or snag. You can wear it to do strenuous exercise or on a hardworking day, and this fabric wouldn’t lose its appearance.

Suited for any weather:

This may be the best property of this fabric. Wouldn’t you love to flaunt your outfit both in summers and winters? Aertex fabric’s threads and fibers are woven in a distinct way that allows the fabric to trap air. This way, your body stays warm in the cold winters and cool in the warm summers.

Best in sweaty situations:

If you want to avoid the sweaty situations and get embarrassed quickly in them, then Aertex garments are ideal for you. It has fibers that maintain distance between the fabric and skin. So, you don’t have to worry about having sweat patches ruining your outfit charm.

Uses of Aertex Fabric:

Aertex is a versatile Fabric that has many applications like:


Since Aertex fabric was bought into existence by Aertex Company, it is strictly used for clothing. But in this vast field of apparel, it is used to make many different types of garments.

If you are a gym freak or love swimming, you must be familiar with this material. Because of its sturdy and breathable quality, it makes excellent swimming costumes and gym clothes. Aertex has become surprisingly popular is sports-wear too. Many uniforms of popular sports are made from this fabric.

Aertex is ideal for the lining of garments. As it is breathable and light, you won’t feel trapped in your outfit, and you could comfortably wear it without any hassle. It has recently made an entry into the fashion garments too.

Did you know?

The properties of this fabric are so unique that it was used in World War II to make the uniform of all the British Land Forces and Women’s Army. This speaks of the exceptional quality and versatility of this fabric.

Caring for Aertex Fabric:

Aertex is a nice fabric. It can withstand high temperatures and strenuous work, but make sure you wash it thoroughly. It is ideal not to hang dry this fabric.

Where to buy Aertex Fabric

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