5 Best Fabrics for Curtains

In any building, be it at home or the office, curtains are one of the most important accessories to have. They double as shields to block excess light from entering the building and for decoration. Choosing fabrics for curtains requires going for the best quality to ensure that the curtain(s) serve its purpose and last a long while.To help you make a proper choice, and save some time, we have compiled the best fabrics for curtains on the market.

Best Fabrics for Curtains

Here are our curtain fabric reviews.

1. Crypton Home Birch Velvet Cavalry

Crypton Home Birch Velvet Cavalry

The Crypton Home Birch Velvet Cavalry comes in plain colors is a thick fabric that will yield excellent light obstruction. It is easy to clean/wash and it is built for impressive durability and comes with a soil-release feature and is odor resistant. Its beautiful velvet material makes it ideal for decorative purposes.

  • Highly durable.
  • Highly appealing velvet material.
  • Comes with soil release and an odor resistance feature.
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2. Eroica Candytuft Jacquard Storm

Eroica Candytuft Jacquard Storm

This curtain fabric designed by Eroica enterprises is made from jacquard material. It comes with beautiful patterns that are sure to appeal to you and visitors in the room. This makes the ideal choice if you are looking for a decorative curtain.

  • Comes in different colors including tan, olive green, burnt orange, black, and brown.
  • Made from polyester for a lightweight material enabling high portability and easy cleaning.
  • Woven material that is highly durable.
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3. Premier Prints Towers Black/White

Premier Prints Towers Black/White

The Premier Prints fabric for curtains is a high-quality fabric made from 100 % cotton. It is made from lightweight material for easy cleaning and is adorned with black and white pattern screen printed on it for visual appeal.

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4. Covington Whimsy Mardi Gras

Covington Whimsy Mardi Gras

Created by Covington Fabrics and Design, this material is a multicolored fabric with ornate designs that are very attractive. It stands out with its elegant color options that include coral, turquoise, ivory, and grey.

  • Easy to wash and durable.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • The perfect balance of durability and portability.
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5. Iridescent Dupioni Silk Fabric

Dupioni Silk Fabric Iridescent Platinum

This curtain fabric is made entirely of silk. Naturally, silk is soft and light-weight as such this fabric feels so nice to the touch. It forms regular folds when it is draped, and this makes it ideal for use in a curtain.

  • Beautiful iridescent colors for aesthetic appeal
  • Lightweight, soft, and easy to wash.
  • Comes in several color options.
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Fabric for Curtains Buying Guide

You might be interested in getting a curtain, and you might know the particular type of fabric that you want, but this knowledge alone is not enough. There are some factors to be considered before going ahead to make a purchase.

Our buying guide reviews the best curtain fabrics on the market, giving you a basis to compare them and go for the best material that suits your needs

Window/Door Size

Whatever opening it is that you want to cover with a curtain, be it a door or a window, it is important for you to know the size of that opening. You need to know the exact dimensions to avoid overspending or buying fabric too small.

Measurements can be taken using regular tape. From them, you would know whether to buy a ready-made curtain that suits that particular size, or order for a custom-made curtain to be made to the exact size. Also, if a material is too big, it can be resized using a sewing machine.

Ideally, it is always a great choice to buy a little more fabric to allow for possible errors.

Interior Décor Style

Another factor to consider before buying a curtain is the nature of decorations within the room that is being outfitted. You may need the skills of an interior designer on this one but if you’re feeling positive, ensure to go with shades and tones that will fit well into the room.

Washer-friendly or Dry Clean

Some fabrics can be washed in a washing machine without issues, while some other materials need to be dry-cleaned. So, it is best to consider the appropriate washing method for any material before going ahead to purchase it.

The present cleaning facilities or machines you have will help you with this.

Curtain Rods

Most importantly, a curtain needs a rod to support it, and the proper rod length should overlap the ends of the window and be a little longer. Some interior decorators recommend a length of 10 inches, while others maintain 5 inches.

Depending on what you want, your curtain rod should exceed the window’s edge by anything within the range of 5-10 inches. Also, care should be taken when fixing the rods unto the wall. The curtain should not be too high or too low when compared to the height of the window or door. For the best results, a professional should be employed to fix the curtains.

Curtain Accessories

While curtains are important and can look good alone, there are some additional accessories that help curtains and your room in general, look better. The most important accessories include tiebacks, rings, clips, holdbacks, and finials.

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