Ardass Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Imagine you are walking by the street and you look to your left. A beautiful silk gown caught your eye. Its vivid colors, lustrous appearance, and soft texture make your heart sink, and you rush to the glass window to examine it carefully.

But what is that? The price tag – Oh! The price is too high! What would you do?

You must have been caught in this dilemma more than once in your life. Unfortunately, there is always a dream dress tailored from fine silk that puts your pocket to shame. But ever wondered why the price of that fabric is skyrocketing? It is because of the fine Silk used to make that exceptionally attractive dress.

Majorly, Ardass Fabric is used widely to make fancy, ceremonial gowns, which is very expensive because of the high-quality of fibers and threads used to develop that fabric. It is a type of Silk that is of premium quality.

History of Ardass Fabric

The development of this fabric seems to be from the textile map, but it is assumed that this fabric has been in existence for quite some time now. Possible for centuries even. The conventional, ordinary Silk that originated in China goes as back as 2000 BC.

Ardass was developed a long time after it but gained increasing popularity in no time and was used globally. It was soon labeled as a symbol for the elite class and extravagance.

Properties of Ardass Fabric

Aesthetically Pleasing:

This fabric looks like a surreal Van Gough’s painting that makes you look ethereal. No matter what you pair it with, this fabric always outshines its rivals.


The fibers of Ardass Fabric as weaved in a taut way, and they have high tensile strength. They don’t go slackened under strenuous pressure and can be passed down generations without any change.


The air permeability is high in this fabric, and it is breathable. You can look ravishing and be comfortable at the same time.


This fabric has high elasticity, and it doesn’t tear or snag easily.

Luxurious and lustrous:

The appearance of this fabric is unmatched, and it looks like the worth of its money.

Uses of Ardass Fabric


This high-quality fabric is mainly used for ceremonial dresses. It is used to make fancy gowns, wedding dresses, and high-end apparel. This fabric is seldom used in the making of casual wear.


This application is quite minor as this expensive fabric is not used much in the field of fashion accessories. But some scarves, wraps, and headbands are made from this fabric.


You may not see a popular use of Ardass in homewares due to its high price, but it is used to make durable curtain, bed covers, and decorative.

Caring for Ardass Fabric

You want to make the experience of wearing you Ardass Fabric’s dress worth all that money you paid for it. So, it is an obligation on you as a person who follows modern fashion, that you take good care of the “divine Fabric”.

Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly, given on the tag. You should go through all the care labels. Do not use bleach (chlorine) at all costs. Do not dry it in direct sunlight or iron it in high-temperature settings.

Make sure you check it for colorfastness. However, this fine Silk’s color won’t fade away, but don’t risk it. Wash it with mild detergents and take good care of it.

This fabric is expensive and precious. Make sure you keep it correctly in your wardrobe. Otherwise, you will be committing a fashion crime.

Where to buy Ardass Fabric

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