Canton Crepe Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If you have been following how well the west used and transformed silk fabric into a breathtaking gown and statement dresses, then you will enjoy this read. Sild doesn’t just come in one single version; rather, it is available in many other editions. And one of the most popular types of it is when crepe weaving is applied to it.

You can think of it as a three-dimensional texture that creates a kind of ripple effect. Crepe is being manufactured in the same way as it was centuries ago. This fabric has a smooth matter finish, unlike silk. But this difference arises due to a different weaving technique employed. However, its feel is quite similar to that of silk. So, let’s learn more about this fabric!

History of Canton Crepe

Canton Crepe has been in the fashion industry for quite a long now. Though there is no solid date marked in the calendars, it is believed that soon after the invention of crepe fabric, this lightweight version came into existence.

It is also known as Crepe de Chine. It is believed that it was initially produced in China, and then it was distributed in other Asian countries. Soon the entire world picked on the elegance and grace of this great fabric.

Properties of Canton Crepe

The most common properties and characteristics of Canton Crepe are:


This Crepe is so light in weight that you can easily wear and carry it all day long without getting tired.

Gorgeous Drape

This fabric has exceptional drape. Its fall is fine and so gorgeous that most high-end designer gowns are made from this fabric.


Canton Crepe will seldom get wrinkles. You wouldn’t have to worry about ironing this fabric, and it will save you a lot of time and effort.


This fabric is breathable enough so that when an individual is wearing a garment designed out of it, he wouldn’t feel suffocated or trapped.

Festive Appearance

Canon Crepe has a luxurious look, which means that it is essentially used to design formal wear and party gowns. People use this fabric to make their special days even more special by wearing beautiful and fine dresses from Canton Crepe.

Common Uses for Canton Crepe

Because of its unique and distinct qualities, this fabric has limited use only. Some of its most prominent and notable uses are:


Many gowns, female tops, and formal dresses are designed from the canton crepe fabric because of its gorgeous outlook and unmatched texture.


Stylish scarves and lightweight undergarments are made from Canton crepe. This fabric is perfect for this purpose as it has a soft texture and is light.

Caring for Canton Crepe

If you own a crepe fabric, you will notice that along with it is a “dry clean only” tag; this suggests that it is advised that you must dry clean such garments. This way, the fiber composition of crepe fabric remains protected and uncompromised.

This Crepe is made from silk, so this means that it is highly susceptible to shrinkage. This means that you have to be careful while washing it or soaking it in excessive moisture. Follow the guidelines that are written on the tag or care label. Make sure you pass this fabric in a gentle wash and do not toss it in the drier. Let it air dry and avoid tumble dry if you can. After you have washed it, it will require blocking so that the Canton Crepe Fabric gets back to its original shape. So, follow these instructions blindly as you cannot mess up with this fabric.

Where to buy Canton Crepe Fabric

We recommend buying Canton Crepe fabric at

Best Crepe Fabrics

Here are our crepe fabric reviews.

1. Heavy Crepe Back Satin

Heavy Crepe Back Satin

This fabric is quite unique in that it has a both a crepe side and the other side is satin. The fabric has a full bodied drape and is medium weight. Because it is a heavier crepe and because of the unique sides, this fabric can be used for apparel items, formal wear, and bridal wear. This line of fabric is very budget friendly as an added bonus.

  • This fabric comes in over twenty-five beautiful, solid colors
  • This fabric is medium weight and is made from 100% polyester
  • Comes in 58” width
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2. Telio Pebble Satin Crepe

Telio Pebble Satin Crepe

Crepe fabric is known for its texture. This lightweight fabric is soft, has a textured surface and a delicate sheen. Crepe fabric is perfect for making flowy, lightweight dresses, blouses, skirts, and shirts. Generally, these items will need a liner underneath. Crepe is also great for making scarves and this fabric line has some great prints that would make beautiful scarves.

  • This lightweight fabric is made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex for a slight stretch along the grain
  • Hand wash and let drip dry
  • Comes in 58” width
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3. Fabric Merchants Bubble Crepe

Fabric Merchants Bubble Crepe

This crepe fabric is lightweight, but is less transparent than some other lines of crepe, but dresses will still need a lining. This fabric would be perfect for making dresses, skirts, blouses, and more. Like all crepe fabrics, this line of crepe is textured.

  • This fabric is lightweight and is made from 100% polyester
  • Comes in 58” widths
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
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4. Fabtrends Wool Dobby Chiffon Fabric

Fabtrends Wool Dobby Chiffon Fabric

Even though this fabric doesn’t sound like a crepe, it is indeed a crepe and features the signature texture. The fabric has a is beautifully transparent and silky feeling. It also has a fluid drape that is perfect for making blouses, dresses, skirts, and more. Like most crepe fabrics, items require a lining.

  • Fabric is very lightweight and is made from 100% polyester
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
  • This line of fabric comes in over twenty different prints and colors
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5. International Designer Viscose Crepe

International Designer Viscose Crepe

This beautiful line of crepe de chine fabric is lightweight and is made from 100% viscose. The fabric features a matte sheen for a touch of luxury. It feels wonderfully silky and has a fluid drape that is perfect for making dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, and more. This fabric also requires a lining for most items.

  • This line of fabric comes in over twenty-five different colors and prints
  • Fabric can be dry cleaned, but can also be machine washed on gentle and hung to dry, or hand washed and hung to dry
  • Comes in 58” widths
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Crepe Fabric Buying Guide

Crepe fabric is wonderfully versatile and can be used for a wide variety of apparel items and even for accessories. Crepe can be used for every day wear, formal wear, and even for bridal wear. Crepe fabric is usually quite affordable and is readily available in a multitude of different prints and colors. Generally, crepe fabric is fairly easy to care for and can usually be machine washed on gentle.


One of the best things about crepe fabric is that is has a ton of great qualities and features and can often be purchased quite inexpensively. There are some premium lines of crepe that are more expensive, but generally crepe is fairly well priced. Crepe fabrics look great, they flow and drape well, and can even be quite luxurious, all without the expensive price tag that some other fabrics carry.

Sewing With Crepe

While crepe can be a little tricky to cut, and even sew, crepe fabric is perfect for making apparel and can be used to make some beautiful pieces, even when working on a budget. Crepe  is such a beautiful fabric and there are many tips and tricks that can help make sewing it a little bit easier. If you’re uncertain, there are tutorials and blog posts that specifically explain how to work with crepe, even if you’re just starting out with it.


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