Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Embroidery Review

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Review
The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X will probably be the most innovative embroidery machine to ever hit the market. It packs the latest and the most advanced in embroidery technology in a very durable and compact body, and lets you go well beyond what the traditional embroidery machines could ever offer.
Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Embroidery Machine Review
– 10-Needle Powerful Operation
– Amazingly Versatile
– Lots of Advanced Features
– Ultimate sophistication in the embroidery world
– Power, versatility, and creative edge
– Neat features for small business owners
– Wireless connectivity and mobile app
– Color sorting functionality
– Advanced zoom functionality
– Seemingly expensive price tag
– Learning curve expected
– Pro X PR1055X offers more built-in designs and customizations
– Pro X PR1055X is more powerful and versatile
– Pro X PR1055X has advanced functionalities
– Future of the embroidery world
– Best investment for serious embroidery projects

Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Features

So let us review it in detail as you might as well find your embroidery partner for the life!

10-Needle Powerful Operation

There are few embroidery machines out there that can match the kind of power, speed or creativity that the Pro X PR1055X brings to the table with its 10-needle operation.

The Pro X PR1055X employs 10 high-speed, powerful needles to help you work through your large sewing projects much faster than you thought was possible. No wonder it offers a speed of up to 1,000 stitches per minute!

But speed and power aren’t the only thing you get here. The 10-needle operation helps you take your creativity to the next level – and coupled with all the other advanced features the machine offers – it increases your sewing possibilities well beyond what traditional embroidery machines could offer.

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Amazingly Versatile

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X will be a perfect option for both super creative sewers for their big and ambitious home projects, as well as for small businesses who like to get the best of both worlds in the form of productivity and performance.

The large 14” x 8” work area makes it perfectly able to work on large projects, including demanding quilting projects as well. The 10 needles, on the other hand, pave the way for creating multi-color designs surprisingly easily, something that can otherwise get very challenging with other embroidery machines on the market.

Lots of Advanced Features

The Brother Entrepreneur  X PR1055X packs a ton of advanced features in a fairly compact body. From live design previews to the advanced positioning marker to high speed background scanning, there’s pretty much nothing that this beast of an embroidery machine doesn’t have to offer.

These features enhance not only greatly enhance your embroidery possibilities, but also make the quality of your work and designs significantly better.

There’s also a large library of 29 useful video tutorials that go a long way in helping you create the best possible results with every embroidery project you work on. Then there are also as many as 1,184 built-in embroidery designs which includes a great variety of different designs and pattern combinations, as well as 40 embroidery letting fonts that offer size customizations as well.


The Pro X PR1055X machine is  the ultimate sophistication in the embroidery world.

It has the power. It has the versatility. It has the creative edge to please both experienced sewers and small business owners.

As for business owners, it offers some pretty neat features like wireless connectivity, a mobile app to make things much more efficient for them, the color sorting functionality that takes a lot of challenge out of the process for business owners, and the advanced zoom functionality that allow them to stay on top of their designs and avoid any kind of wastage or failed projects.

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Similarly, the tremendous number of built-in designs, size-customization functionality for embroidery lettering fonts, ability to draw patterns or embroidery art directly, a notification system that makes tracking the required changes during the process much easier, a super fast stitching speed, and more make the Pro X PR1055X an excellent overall choice for experienced sewers as well who are into embroidery.


To be honest it’s too early to comment on the cons while it still hasn’t released, but an obvious thing which might disappoint a few potential users is the seemingly expensive price tag.

But again, we wouldn’t expect such a sophisticated, advanced and powerful embroidery machine to be available for anything cheaper.

It may definitely have some learning curve to it too, though. After all, with that many features and the kind of sophisticated we expect it to have, it cannot be without a learning curve.

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But we are sure there would be a ton of YouTube videos on it – and coupled with the YouTube tutorials the machine itself would come with – all it should need is some time before you can use it to its full potential.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X vs. the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X

It’s time for some comparison between the previous version of the Brother Pro X PR1055X. Now, the Brother Pro X PR1050X is definitely a sophisticated commercial embroidery machine too.

But the newer Pro X PR1055X comes with some major improvements that make it worth the upgrade.

Is the Pro X PR1055X worth the price?

The built-in designs and customizations is one of the major areas where the Pro X PR1055X manages to offer a lot more than its previous version Pro X PR1050X.

There are way more designs and much better customization options in the Pro X PR1055X. Similarly, the Pro X PR1055X is more powerful, and can handle a greater variety and sizes of embroidery projects. As a quilter I find this a major advantage in creating projects for memorial quilts.

What makes the Pro X PR1055 X the best commercial embroidery machine?

The technology aspect is stronger in the Pro X PR1055X as well. There are many more advanced functionalities, and the operation itself is smother. Did we mention the 10 needles? Beautiful and complicated embroidery that is first class and able to compete with commercial brands.

That’s not saying the older version of this machine isn’t good enough, though. But the Pro X PR1055X definitely comes with some pretty appealing upgrades.

Conclusion – The Beast of the Future

We can see the Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X being the future of the embroidery world for quite some time. We doubt if we would get another comparable embroidery machine on the market anytime soon. This machine is definitely for those wanting to start a commercial embroidery business as it is rugged and comes with all the bells and whistles that will launch your business ahead of others.

If you’re looking to do some serious embroidery projects or build a solid embroidery business, and have the money to spend on a machine that might last you a lifetime with everything you need, then we would say make the best investment of your sewing life with this machine!

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