Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine Review

Varmax Multifunctional Sewing MachineLooking for a basic sewing machine for your home? The Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine is an excellent option for domestic use. The sewing machine offers various user-friendly features and basic functionality that allows you to handle all your sewing projects with ease. The Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine is quite versatile and can handle all types of sewing easily.

Features of the Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine

The Varmax sewing machine offers various useful features that can help your sewing such as:

12 In-built Stitches

The Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine offers a wide range of 12 in-built stitches for all your sewing projects. It offers 4 straight line stitches, 2 zigzag or overlock stitches, 2 DIY pattern stitches, buttonhole sewing, zipper sewing, hemming, etc.

Reverse Function

The sewing machine features the reverse sewing function that allows you to sew in reverse. This lets you secure the stitches at the start and end to prevent them from unraveling.

Sewing Buttonholes

With the Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine, you can sew buttonholes very easily by making use of zigzag stitches. You just need to place the button in the buttonhole foot of the sewing machine and it will sew the perfectly-sized buttonhole.

Cuff Slot

The sewing machine is equipped with a cuff slot that helps to sew legs and sleeves conveniently.

Varmax Stitches Zigzag Stitches

The Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine offers zigzag stitching, which is a great solution that offers sufficient stretch to finish holes, repair patches and sew knit fabrics.

Replaceable Presser Feet

The sewing machine comes with a default presser foot, which is the universal presser foot. You can change the presser foot to a professional one like the zipper foot, zigzag foot, etc.which will help to improve your efficiency when you sew.

In-built LED Light

The sewing machine is equipped with an inbuilt light that illuminates the work area and allows you to see your work clearly.


  • The Varmax sewing machine offers 5-layer sewing, stronger stitching power compared to other small sewing machines.
  • The sewing machine can work on electricity, by connecting the adapter to the power supply or it can also be battery operated.
  • The sewing machine comes with a 3-month guarantee, which is sure to give you peace of mind in case you have any problems.
  • The sewing machine is quite simple to set up and use. The instructions that come with the machine are very easy to follow.
  • The Varmax sewing machine is very compact, it does not occupy a lot of space and the space-saving design makes it very easy to store.
  • The machine is extremely lightweight. Weighing just 5.4 lb, it is easy to carry around or move from one room to another.
  • Not very expensive, the Varmax sewing machine is a budget-friendly buy.


  • It can be quite difficult to get the bobbin holder of the sewing machine out of the handle.
  • While sewing, the thread comes out of the needle and you need to keep rethreading, which is quite tiresome and time consuming.
  • The thread gets knotted and breaks very often.
  • The motor of the sewing machine is not very powerful and the machine may not be suitable for heavy-duty sewing projects.
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The Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine is a compact and lightweight sewing machine that is excellent for domestic use. The machine is very durable and reliable and has a range of useful features that offer good functionality to handle all your everyday sewing projects with ease. And, the best part is that the inexpensive price of the machine makes the Varmax Multifunctional Sewing Machine an excellent value-for-money buy.

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