5 Best Spray Adhesives for Fabrics

Spray glues are generally found in aerosol cans, but can also be found in pump spray bottles as well. The advantage to using a spray adhesive over traditional fabric glue is that spray adhesives are quick and can cover a huge section of fabric very quickly. Many of these fabric glues are only temporary adhesives, which is great for projects like quilting or appliques which might need to be adjusted if placement isn’t quite right.
ProductKey FeaturesBest Used For
Odif USA 505 Spray And Fix Temporary Fabric AdhesiveOdorless, Colorless, Doesn’t get gummy or sticky, Temporary adhesionQuilts, Applique, Basting, Hemming, Embroidery, Other Sewing and Crafting Projects
Krylon Easy TackRepositionable, Does not wrinkle fabric, Low odour, Acid freeSewing and Quilting Projects, Works on a variety of materials like wood, glass, paper, etc
Scotch Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray AdhesiveStrong Durable Bond, Dries quickly, Moisture resistantFabrics, Cardboard, Wood, Plastics, Metal
Aleene’s Spray Pump Fabric FusionNon-toxic, Dries quickly, Remains flexible and soft after dryingSewing projects like applying trim, Other Sewing and Crafting Applications
Polymat 777 Upholstery AdhesiveExtremely durable, Heat resistant, Does not show through fabricUpholstery Projects, Can be used on a variety of materials including wood and paper

Best Spray Adhesives for Fabrics

Here are our spray adhesives for fabrics reviews.

1. Odif USA 505 Spray And Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive

Odif USA 505 Spray And Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive

Odif USA 505 Spray is a perfect adhesive for fabric, batting, or even paper. It is a temporary adhesive, which is perfect for all those quilts, applique, basting, hemming, embroidery, or other sewing and crafting projects. The spray adhesive is a great alternative to spending tons of time doing frustrating pinning on all different sizes of projects.

  • Odorless and colorless and will not cause stains
  • Does not get gummy or sticky on sewing needles while sewing a project
  • Temporary adhesion makes sewing projects easy and if you don’t like placement or design, just reposition

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2. Krylon Easy Tack

Krylon Easy Tack

Krylon Easy Tack is a repositionable adhesive spray, which means that if a mistake is made, or different positioning is desired, sewing and quilting projects can be changed up and changed out. Even though the adhesive bond is temporary, it is precise and strong, which makes it a great choice for sewing projects like quilting and appliques. The adhesive is also great for a wide variety of other projects.

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3. Scotch Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

Scotch Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

This spray adhesive gives a strong, durable bond which dries and adheres quickly. The adhesive will work on fabrics, but can also be used on a wide variety of other materials and products including cardboard and paper, wood, plastics, metal, and more. The spray is a handy catch all which helps eliminate the need to buy other products for other projects.

  • Spray adhesives make easy, quick work of applying adhesives
  • Dries quickly which is handy, but may require a steeper learning curve for placement
  • Dries clear and is moisture resistant once dry

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4. Aleene’s Spray Pump Fabric Fusion

Aleene’s Spray Pump Fabric Fusion

This adhesive comes in a pump spray instead of an aerosol can, which eliminates mess, over-spraying, and helps with precision. A huge benefit of spray adhesives is that a large amount of surface area can be covered quite quickly, which saves tons of time on projects. This adhesive is perfect for sewing projects like applying trim, but can also be used in a wide variety of other sewing and crafting applications.

  • Non-toxic means that the adhesive can be easily washed off with soap and water before it dries
  • Dries quickly and will not stain or yellow
  • Remains flexible and soft even after the adhesive is dry

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5. Polymat 777 Upholstery Adhesive

Polymat 777 Upholstery Adhesive

This adhesive is especially strong. It is very durable to the point where it is considered to be an industrial style adhesive. The adhesive dries quickly and remains soft and will not show through fabric in lines or wrinkles after it dries. The adhesive is heat resistant. While it is not a great choice for sewing projects, it is a great product to have around the house for upholstery repairs and so much more.

  • Great for use in upholstery projects of repairing upholstered furniture
  • Can be used on fabrics, but can also be used on wood, paper, carpet, and other materials
  • Extremely durable

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Spray Adhesives for Fabrics Buying Guide

Why choose spray adhesives? If you haven’t used spray adhesives before, they might seem like a little intimidating, but don’t be daunted. They are an excellent choice for all different fabrics and for a ton of crafting and sewing projects. Spray adhesive lets a large surface amount be covered quickly. Some bond permanently while others have a temporary bond for adjustable placement. If you’ve ever tried pinning a quilt with batting in between, you probably know what a long, frustrating process it can be. Spray adhesives can get the job done quickly, in just a few seconds!

A Wide Range of Applications

Spray adhesives can be used for a wide variety of applications. Already mentioned, it is an excellent choice for quilting projects. They are also a great choice for appliques, which can often be next to impossible to keep positioned and can be frustrating to sew, especially for beginners. Spray adhesives are great for attaching trim like lace or hems, even just temporarily while they are sewn, or permanently, and require no sewing. There are more industrial uses for spray adhesives as well. They can be used quickly and easily around the house to fix upholstery or in new upholstery jobs. They can even sometimes be used on carpet or things like wallpaper or drawer liners or quick fixes. Spray adhesives often work on other materials besides fabric, which make them extremely handy to have in the house.

Prepare Ahead

Spray adhesives are a fabulous product that really can save a ton of time and even money. The one drawback some spray adhesives might have is that they can tend to be messy. It’s best to use them in an area that has some air flowing or is well ventilated. Also, prepare for some overspray by lining your work area and wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. It is often recommended to wear a mask and even use gloves, though it depends on what kind of spray adhesive you are using as some are low odour and non-toxic.

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