Consew P1541S-CC Review Pros And Cons

Looking for the Consew P1541S-CC review for the pros and cons? Sewing on leather, vinyl, and other heavy fabrics is a breeze using the Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine. So, if you’re someone that regularly works on tough materials and is searching for a new lockstitch device, this is an excellent option to check out.

As there are plenty of options for sewing machines available online, buying one that suits you ideally can be difficult. Whether you are an experienced sewer or a beginner, you have to get a suitable machine to succeed at your craft. But don’t you worry, as we’re here for you!

Below you will find a detailed review of all the features of the Consew P1541S-CC. Along with that, we’ll also focus on the pros, cons, and how the device handles competition. Let’s delve into the details!

Consew 1541S-CC Review Pros and Cons

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Features Of Consew P1541S-CC

The Consew P1541S-CC is a feature-rich device that will make sewing sessions more productive and creative for any sewer. This section will take a closer look at the essential features that make the device so popular.

Built-In Bobbin Winder

The bobbin is one of the most critical components of a sewing machine where the thread is wound. Sometimes, your device may run out of thread, and you’ll need to wind up a new yarn. To make things easier for you, this machine has a built-in bobbin winder.

This device lets you wind up the thread quickly and also distribute it evenly. It also keeps the thread and the tension in sync. As a result, you get better stitches that look very precise. The mechanism also keeps the bobbin in shape.

Adjustable Stitch Regulator

Regulating stitches is necessary while sewing to control their length and speed. It is done for more accurate stitching and better designs. With this machine’s adjustable stitch regulator, you’ll be able to do all that with ease. It comes with a regulator dial to control all your stitches conveniently.

This feature also ensures that the speed of the stitches is even with the fabric’s movement. When both these speeds are almost equal, you’re bound to get neat and tidy stitches of equal proportions. As a bonus, you get a Take-Up Thread Guide for enhancing your loop timing.

Automatic Lubrication System

A prominent feature of all Consew devices is their Automatic Lubrication System. You need to properly oil mechanical sewing machines to keep their internal parts running smoothly. However, you might miss out on oiling your device, and hence the parts may remain unmaintained.

The machine’s lubrication system oils the internal parts of the sewing tool regularly. Moreover, the Large Horizontal Axis also keeps the hook oiled.

So, no more maintenance worries for you! And a well-oiled machine also leads to more efficient designs.

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Reverse Stitching System

Want to stitch in reverse but looking for a convenient way to do it? Look no more, as the Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine is here to help you out. It has a button for easily switching to sewing in reverse. So, whenever you want to stitch in the opposite direction, press the button to get started.

Reverse stitches are sometimes needed during the beginning or end of a stitch. Also called reinforcement stitch, these will enable you to secure the shape of the fabric’s seam. The process makes the seams stronger and prevents them from unraveling.

High Presser Foot Lift

It is another excellent feature of the Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine that will assist you while quilting. You have to manually lift the presser foot via the lever and hold it at a high position. This way, you can easily hem a pair of jeans or work on a quilt sandwich. You can raise the presser foot to 16 mm.  

What’s more? There’s a Quick Release Knee Presser Pedal that allows you to do all this smoothly.

Pros Of Consew P1541S-CC

Now that you know so much about the Consew P1541S-CC, you might be curious about its benefits. Well, it does offer a lot to any sewist with such unique features. Check them out here.

Cons Of Consew P1541S-CC

There’s no sewing machine in the market that’s perfect and has no flaws. Similarly, our Consew P1541S-CC also has some drawbacks. But don’t let the details throw you off just yet. Taking a look at the cons will give you a bit more clarity about the sewing tool.

Consew P1541S-CC Performance

We now come to a very important section of our Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine review. To understand if a machine will work smoothly for years, you need to focus on its performance. That’s what we’ll do in the following section. Let’s start!


To keep any machine running for years, you need regular maintenance. And for sewing machines, oiling the internal parts is the ultimate maintenance. The machine has got your back here, as the lubrication system oils it from within and keeps it in shape.

Maintaining your threads is easy, too, with the built-in bobbin winder and side plate. Using these features, you can conveniently clear the dirt and lint out of the bobbin. So, you can wind up more thread quickly. As a result, the machine will perform better and run smoother.


A machine that runs smoothly will stitch faster and help you enhance your craft too. The Consew P1541S-CC offers you a very smooth operation via its high-speed needle and motor. Firstly, it has a speed of 2.0 stitches per minute for smooth sewing. You’ll complete your projects in no time.

Secondly, the machine’s servo motor increases the efficiency of the device by consuming less energy. Furthermore, it offers you more speed control, making your stitches look better.  


As mentioned earlier, the sewing machine is capable of working on multiple types of materials. Lightweight, medium weight, and thick – it handles them all. It has features like reverse stitching, high needle bar stroke, enhanced feeding motion, and an adjustable climbing device.

Therefore, you can work on various fabrics and sewing applications such as appliqué, embroidery, and quilting.


Is the machine long-lasting? Yes, it is. The Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine is a heavy-duty and sturdy machine built using a metal frame. Along with a metal sewing table and the servo motor that comes with it, this is a durable setup.

As maintaining it isn’t much of an issue, you are sure to enjoy many hours of uninterrupted sewing for years!

How Does The Consew P1541S-CC Sewing Machine Handle Competition?

The Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine has faced a lot of competition from similar machines in the market over the years. But how has the device managed to tackle all of it with style? Let’s find out in the following section.

  • The lubrication system, bobbin winder, and bobbin slide plate make it very easy to maintain than other machines
  • It has a speed of 2,800 stitches per minute, which you won’t find in many devices in this price range
  • The feeding motion has been improved to support a wide array of fabrics and even complicated sewing projects
  • It has an adjustable stitch regulator which will enhance the quality of your stitches

Why Should You Buy The Consew P1541S-CC Sewing Machine?

The Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine has all the features to impress any sewist. Before you make the final call of buying it, look at these features to make a well-informed decision.

  • With such outstanding features, the machine comes at a reasonable price
  • It has a durable design and high-quality internal components
  • High-speed stitching and efficient service
  • The servo motor makes the machine energy efficient and operates at low noise levels

Our Recommendation

The Consew P1541S-CC sewing machine is going to be a fantastic upgrade to anyone’s existing lockstitch machine. If you’re stuck while learning its controls, don’t forget to check out the user manual.     









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