Cupro Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cupro

If you are an environmentalist or an activist, you will fall in love with this fabric. If we begin to quote statistics, we wouldn’t be left with enough time to talk about the Cupro fabric. But just as an overview, thousands of tons of cotton fabrics are discarded each year. All these end up in landfills; though they decompose, they still contribute to the waste.

But someone wise found a smart way to recycle all of the discarded cotton garments. These were used to make a textile known as Cupro. This fabric is made entirely from recycled fabric and is exposed to a few chemicals to be hardened and further refurbished.

History of Cupro

Though this fabric’s origin story remains a mystery, we know that somewhere in the 1890s, this fabric was launched into the textile industry. It originated in Japan, but after looking at its impact on the environment and its versatile use, other countries also started their production and manufacturing.

It was initially made with discarded cotton and was blended with other fabrics. However, no animal by-products were or are used in its making.

So, it is cruelty-free. When it was first manufactured, it was named “Cuprammonium rayon.”

Properties of Cupro

Cupro is one of the favorite fabrics of designers and fashion experts mainly because of its contribution to its sustainability. It also has so many unique characteristics; any other fabric cannot match that.


This fabric’s elasticity is truly commendable as it has enough space to stretch according to your physique and body. It doesn’t feel tight or suffocating. Because of its stretchability, it doesn’t tear or rip easily.


Unlike other cotton fabrics, Cupro is anti-static. This way, you don’t have to worry about your garments sticking together.

Super Durable

You will hardly find an edition of cotton fabric that is more durable than this.

Dries Quickly

You wouldn’t have to worry about this fabric drying because just as well as it retains water and moisture, that easily it dries too.


Because of this amazing feature, Cupro is super comfortable to wear. This fabric is highly breathable, and it lets the airflow in and out. You wouldn’t feel suffocated or trapped.


You cannot get possibly allergic to this fabric. There is no chance as it is highly fine and is made purely from cotton.

Easily Dyed

As this fabric is made from sheer cotton, its ability to retain color is excellent. You can dye it in whatever color you like and not worry about the color fading.

Soft Like Silk

You may consider this fabric to be a luxurious version of cotton. It is soft like silk, and it drapes just as beautifully. You can hardly discern between this and silk.

Common Uses for Cupro

The numerous features of this fabric make it popular, and therefore, it has many uses. To name a few:


In the making and designing of clothes, this fabric is usually involved in every category. From t-shirts to formal dresses, many clothes are designed from this fabric. It is most commonly used to make nightgowns, casual shirts and trousers, gym wear, sportswear, and intimate apparel. Blouses and tank tops are also included in this list.


This fabric is perfect for making bed sheets, pillowcases, quilts and covers, as it is a soft textured fabric that is highly breathable.

Caring for Cupro

This fabric is quite sturdy, but you must take good care of it. Avoid excessive washing, harsh detergents, heating products, and machine wash. You steer clear of these, and you are good to go.

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